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  1. Dude, this was two weeks ago. They should have played like they were on fire last week.
  2. Im not saying that the coaching is great, but at some point the players need to get sick of getting their a## kicked and play smarter and tougher. They need to get self motivated and be a team out there.
  3. Well coaching changes havent done crap for 20 years, so shut up and keep blaming coaches for everything.
  4. This ones on the players. They dont care. Coaches can only do so much. The players need to excecute and play with some heart.
  5. I wonder if the kids on all the teams the last 20 years just let the pressure of being at Nebraska get to them.
  6. ScawFraw


    That's a good way to look at it actually.
  7. ScawFraw


    I honestly think the progress shown has more to do with our opponents than it does us. Last year's schedule was brutal, this year not so much.
  8. Im falling asleep watching this snoozefest. Where are the halftime adjustments???
  9. You ready for this hot take? Here we go.... This will backfire and Trump's approval rating will skyrocket.
  10. Which reminded me of the "soaking cork" skit.
  11. Gonna have to do a lot better than "They are serious now".
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