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    Grew up in Omaha and moved in 1976. Lived in MO at Lake of the Ozarks. Went to college at Missouri State. Live in Euless, TX, close to Dallas. Enjoy recruiting forum the most. Am a Chiefs fan. Love to run, play tennis and golf. Have run seven (7) marathons and run 25-35 miles a week. I track all my runs here on Strava ... https://www.strava.com/athletes/23127676/

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  1. Covid numbers are trending well with chart ...

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    2. BigRedN


      @NUance, I caught a virus after being on a cruise in early February ... sickest I'd ever been.  Knocked me out for about 21-22 days.  Over the past year I've had a weak/compromised immune system and get have caught most anything.  I've never gotten sick but a few years back after losing my folks, then my marriage of 25 years, working through an addictive mind, I discovered my body was in "adrenal exhaustion" and I was at level 6 heading to the final level.  Had to even stop running as I was depleating myself in some of my core resources.  So, I'll be curious to see how things are in a month or two for folks like me.  I'm experiencing incredible peace and each day is full of love, life and liberty.  Be well, enjoy the day.

    3. RedDenver


      1295 for Mar 26th compared to 800 in the article, so they weren't very close as their projection was over 50% lower.

    4. BigRedN
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