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  1. I agree that good coaching will allow recruiting to come. We haven’t had good all around coaching since. ………I don’t even know.
  2. I would say so, but I just don’t see it happening. With the teams remaining on the schedule, I’d be shocked if we won 2 more. Plus I think Trev will have someone by mid November.
  3. I’ve never not given a f#&% about NASCAR more than right now.
  4. I have about 2-3 coaches who I would really like to get for the Nebraska job. Then when I listen to MJ and I equally like the fact that he's in the HC role now and I don't want that to end. Like MJ says, it comes down to W & L. Time will tell.
  5. Isn’t his wife from AZ? Maybe there’s a reason for him to want to be down there.
  6. I’d bet Wisconsin is looking at Aranda. I would imagine his name is coming up with coaching searches more than Leonhard. This firing now, points towards giving them a chance to appeal to “Coach X” before someone else (NU maybe) grabs him.
  7. I partially agree. He clearly doesn’t know his assignment and that he needs to stick to it. But he does struggle on the edge, with the physical part too. Would he be a better guard?
  8. Instead of having a right tackle, we may be better off having a two back set with Rhamir as pass pro. Only 50% kidding. I hate to bag on the kid but on pass plays, 54 is a liability.
  9. My point was “fans “ firing coaches. Kind of like so the last shiny toy on the shelf doesn’t get bought by someone else.
  10. Sorta like when NU fans fired Mike Reilly so we didn’t lose out on Frost going to another school. That worked out well for us.
  11. Wisconsin’s D seems to have taken a few steps back this season. Maybe it’s because the offense sucks, but I’m not sold on Leonhard. So, naturally I hope they retain them.
  12. I only got to see the 2nd half. But for a player who didn't appear to have gotten any better, didn't look like Reimer easily had his best game of the year? Maybe he was dinged up and the bye helped, but dang...he was ball'n
  13. I agree. And it’s one of the reasons Nebraska is a good job. Maybe USC and UCLA changes that somewhat, but they’ll hopefully get the same “new kid on the block” treatment we endured.
  14. I was intrigued by Wake Forest’s HC, Dave Clawson, but they’re currently down 7-0 in the first quarter. So clearly he sucks, and I think we need to look elsewhere.
  15. If you made $6 mil a year, would you worry about state income taxes?
  16. A. Definitely. We’ve been dumb for >20 years. It’s time for that to stop.
  17. He’ll go somewhere and tear it up again. And we’ll all be here arguing about why we didn’t consider him. I can see it now. If it plays out that e, Hopefully it leaks that Trev did approach him, but he wasn’t interested.
  18. That portion of the fan base can f#&% off. This is football, not church choir. Urban is the best available coach out there period.
  19. What are your thoughts on Bronco Mendenhal?
  20. I’m not talking wins and losses. The coaching and administration/ ADs for 20 years have sucked, but they have no bearing on the next hire. Nebraska, as a job doesn’t suck.
  21. There’s absolutely no, zero, zilch reason an existing HC wouldn’t be coming. We don’t suck as much as so many on this board believe we do.
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