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  1. Ok...you convinced me. He's the greatest of all time.
  2. Yeah up 29 to nothing against Stanford and the score 2 touchdowns in the 2nd half. Not the defense.
  3. He's not that good. He lost 8 games last year. We would have beaten them with a mediocre quarterback.
  4. He would be an excellent choice, always willing to have a drink with the boosters. Might even consider Carl Pelini...he has connecions.
  5. Yeah that's his agent talking trying to scam more money from the idiots in Minnesota...they're not hiring Fleck.
  6. Sharp is full of himself and prone to being wrong.
  7. Reggie was NIL before NIL was legal
  8. I think he would be an excellent choice. There are quite a few drinking establishments near by, not sure if they have a golf simulator.
  9. Ernie Hausman made the right decision.
  10. Your suggestions make to much sense, they will never be adopted.
  11. We landed one, his first name is Dylan
  12. Meanwhile in Scottsdale Arizona an unshaven, drunk, fallen Nebraska icon stumbles from a local drinking establishment is heard slurring “I could have done better”
  13. Agreed officiating was bad for both sides
  14. Scott isn't doing anything...maybe we can get him back
  15. Game management\play calling today was Frost like.
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