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  1. That's why he's the top coach in the country.
  2. Let's hope he's not the second coming of Xavier Betts
  3. Won't work, Deion is a Nike guy and Nebraska is locked into Adidas
  4. The pass was indeed going to be short and likely incomplete.
  5. He still might get his education on the states dime.
  6. Admo is right ...Casey is a better quarterback and it's not close. Both have lost games they should have won and if given the choice with the game on the line I'll roll with Casey over the turnover prone and soft Adrian.
  7. Not possible, once a douche bag always a douche bag...just ask Troy Dumas.
  8. Oh great...I was hoping Benning would stick to abusing women now he's going to abuse the radio fan base.
  9. Right. How is he an excellent fit ? How did things work out for him in Arkansas ?
  10. Remember Scott was going to take a more active role in the O-line this year...it's going to take a while to remove his stench.
  11. You have to be kidding me right ? PJ Fake and Minnesota are a turd in a punch bowl
  12. Dude you have my vote for rookie of the year poster.
  13. This would be the hire of the century.
  14. Yeah I would take it, but I would try to offer some value for what they paid me. At minimum he should have tried to keep Scott from screwing up.
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