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  1. my hope is receding faster than my hair line. :facepalm:


  2. C'mon why can't it be 2:30 already?

  3. I've been gone for a while, like three years. Have I missed much?

    1. 4skers89


      A lot of important developments.  We got a new coach post-Pelini, you may have heard of him - Scott Frost.  He coached UCF to an undefeated season 2 years after UCF had a winless season. Tonight is his first game as Nebraska's HC and thunderstorms are expected.  That's it for important developments.

  4. Hooray!  I remembered my login:thumbs

  5. You would think a group of fans, that went through four years of hell after firing a 9 win coach would learn their lesson.

    1. CornHOLIO
    2. husker B-rent
    3. jsneb83


      Whoa man, you asking me to think? That ain't happening.

  6. well, I've been filling in the oil field, rough neckin, don't like the hours

    1. illnino


      I worked the oil fields for about 3 months before a better opportunity came up. Can't say I miss it much.

  7. As Joe Pa just broke the all times win record, I got curious and looked it up. TO would have broken the record next year had he kept coaching at the same wins per season that he had when he retired

  8. Tries to get cute with the play calling, no halftime adjustments, can't answer big scores to regain controll of the game. Didn't we just fire a coach for this stuff

    1. NUance


      Yup. Fired a whole staff of coaches.

    2. Rep The 402

      Rep The 402

      I miss Marvin Sanders

  9. Just now turned on the audio feed at huskers.com. Will be interested to hear Bo's post game pc

  10. Its good to be back on HB!

  11. For those of you on twitter I found a bunch of Huskers including Cody Green. LInks in the big red lounge

  12. New Years Eve. Huskerboard? Check! Beer? check! Beastie Bboys? Check! Life? um...

  13. oregons championship game uniforms http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/24156338/26444827?ttag=gen10_on_all_fb_na_txt_0001 facepalm at the socks and sleves

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    2. HuskerfaninOkieland


      Oregon....the "Lady GaGa" of college football

    3. Husker Richard

      Husker Richard

      I'm fine with them getting crazy with their uni's, but at least stick to your school's colors.....

    4. CornHOLIO
  14. I don't think KOZ has a chance, but I'll be cheering for him only becuase Canadians are EH Holes

    1. Frott Scost

      Frott Scost

      Georges St. Pierre is the man! Kos is an a-hole

  15. I'vebeen thinking and I've come to this conclusion. The people who want wats fired are the same type of people who were calling for TO's head.

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    2. carlfense


      The same people who wanted Cosgrove fired.


      The same people who wanted Callahan fired.


      I'm thinking it's more similar to those last two. Consistent mediocrity and a litany of excuses.

    3. husker B-rent

      husker B-rent

      agreed kansas husker. its the modern crybaby syndrome as well, some people think like babies they think if they cry enough they will get what they want and that they are always right....continuity tends to work out better in the long run.

    4. suh_fan93


      I'm no baby, just sick of almost zero offensive production when it counts. Too much disparity between the offense and defense and it's cost Nebraska in losses. Not to worry though, your offensive 'guru' *cough* isn't going nowhere. Great ready for the big offensive breakout in 2011!


  16. If I'm reading the new rules about posting newspaper material, all I have to do is wait 95 years and than post as usual. I can do that

    1. rawhide


      :) don't ya just luv what attorneys have done for society except for AR of course :D
    2. HUSKER 37

      HUSKER 37

      newspapers? What's newspapers?

  17. Not enough rumors, how about something really juicy TO pondering comming out of retierment to take Indian job. Carl Pelni found to be involved with wikileaks faces charges. Pearlman to fire both Bo and Osborne head coaching search starts with Kevin Cosgrove. Jus throwing some more at the wall seeing if it sticks.

    1. zoogs


      This offseason = too much juice

    2. kansas husker

      kansas husker

      The scary thing is it's not even the off season yet.

    3. zoogs
  18. Sean Callahan just tweeted that Martinez is for sure the starter. The rumors are put to rest now how about a husker win!!

  19. Well so much for SC pulling the upset, bet cacti is happy

  20. Can't sleep tonight to pummped for the big 12 championship.

    1. HUSKER 37

      HUSKER 37

      Me two ...except I'm "too pumped"



      Worked all night. So fired up I cant sleep.

    3. mmmtodd


      so what shall we do? its a long time til kickoff....

  21. Is very tired of the rumors and ready to watch the game already

    1. HuskerNLimbo
    2. cornhuskerfan1988
    3. huskerscott


      I cant wait for saturday night to be over with.... we can finally move on.

  22. Is trying to avoid going inot the "Another Rude Texas Fan" thread, but I'm sure I will end up in there.

    1. GSG


      Come on in, the water's fine! lol

    2. Frott Scost

      Frott Scost

      Dude GSG, your full of awesome lines lately! Another classic from the one and only Arthur Spooner

  23. The more that comes out about Dan Beebe the angrier I get.

    1. omattian09


      it will all be over in 2 days. thank god

    2. jjamuss
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