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  1. Kinda nice being a spectator this time around...
  2. Converse.... and Dad's root beer...it's the only root beer my old man would drink because it had his name on it.
  3. Yeah...and we have quality guys already on the team to replace them without scrambling after a bunch of guys in the transfer portal. Maybe try developing the people you already have...
  4. Not to change the subject but who recruited these crap players who have to be replaced by someone from the transfer portal? Is it the same bunch who are in charge of finding players in the transfer portal to replace the crap players they initially recruited? Don't think I would trust their judgement too far...
  5. Hey all you people who say money is ruining college football...tell me again why Nebraska left the Big 12.
  6. The SEC...that's what has ruined football. Bunch of pussies who won't come north of the Mason Dixon line to play football after September cuz they might catch cold. Then they play in a playoff or bowl game at sites they can drive to in an afternoon to play some team that had to fly in from bum-f*ck Washington on an expensive charter and who gets two days to acclimate themselves to the change from -10 degrees and snow to 80s and high humidity. THEN...they play in front of a stadium packed with their fans because none of their opponents fans are there because they couldn't afford a flight, couldn't find a flight, couldn't get a week off from work, to whatever. Make the SEC go to Montana or Michigan to play outside in January for their bowl games. Then we'll see how tough the mighty SEC is.
  7. You're getting Spencer Petras. You heard it here first.
  8. Ohio State says there is no virus so there is no virus.
  9. Yeah...I think some of the players have caught on to the Scott Frost line of crap. What they are probably seeing is the head coach throwing his coach buddies under the bus (guys who were only coaching based on how their leader said he wanted it ran) along with discarding their team captain and leader who Frost kept throwing out on the field regardless of future health consequences, topping it off with attempting to convince a decent and experienced player into sticking around another year by downgrading his chances to make the NFL all to keep the bankroll coming in for another year. That is probably a totally wrong take on things but if I was a decent Click Bait Journalist, that would be my story.
  10. Little decals for the helmets when the players do something good...that's how Ohio State gets all their recruits.
  11. If you think the BIG is better when Nebraska is good, send over some linemen, a kicker and a QB or two...and a couple of coordinators...and some recruits. Just think of how great the BIG will be then!
  12. If it makes you feel any better...Breece Hall just set the record for most consecutive games with a rushing TD at 24. Record was 52 years old.
  13. You're going to need at least two transfer QBs...one to fill in for the one that gets crushed because you didn't concentrate on transfer offensive linemen...
  14. Smothers isn't going to play...Frost is going to tape him into his locker, steal his uniform and start the game so he can show us all how great his offensive scheme is when a REAL quarterback runs it.
  15. Yeah...cuz the go-fears did such a good job of beating them this year...
  16. I learned that the Big 10 would make more money if the just name Ohio State the Big 10 champions at the beginning of every season and then just have big concerts at the stadiums every weekend.
  17. The power running game and offensive line play brought back memories of the good old days of Husker dominance. i don't like the new uniforms with the W on the helmets though.
  18. Take out everyone's nonconference games then redo the figures. Bet the results will look a lot different.
  19. Garret Riley...he has done a good job at SMU, has a good coaching pedigree and is tough enough to kick Frost's a$$ when he tries to take over the offense...which I have no doubt he will try to do
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