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  1. Yeah, and no mention of RG44 whatsoever, what the f*ck are they smoking in Bristol... The SEC's ****!
  2. Oh man, can't believe I missed this thread. Oh well. Probably better that I did because a majority of my comments would have gone something like "Damn it, why would they change that?" "The books where so much better." (Which is true, especially the last episode. ) Even with all the head scratching changes it's my favorite show on television at the moment. And now we must begin the long wait until season 5.....Brutal. Speaking of the books being better, here is a vid that sums up that feeling of nerd rage perfectly.
  3. 9 out of 10 americans don't know their ass from a hole in the ground, that doesn't mean that the Ukrain is irrelevant just that most of the U.S. is ignorant as hell. I don't believe we should be invoved militarily for many reasons. First being that we haven't proven to be very damn good at it, and two we have far to many problems in our own country that are being willfuly ignored. Sorry Hooked on Huskers but the fact that your wife and daughters have never heard of the Ukraine or the Crimea speaks less about their relevance than it does the vacuum that far to many americans are living in today.
  4. ErmmK? Because NU has never recruited a 4 LB from Georgia before? I have pretty high hopes for Warren myself, but lets hold off until... oh IDK, a few of these kids actually sign with us first maybe. On a seperate note, this guys name is just begging to be immortalized in a new Key & Peele CFB collegiate bowl sketch. Especially after the graduation of NU's All American Eqqsquisitine Buble-Schwinzlow
  5. Q.O.T.S.A- I Sat By The Ocean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOXaUjGk-yY
  6. This sucks. Now a new Ghost Busters movie is almost certainly not happening. Thanks Bill Murray!
  7. This is a pretty good women's BB team NU has, but they are definitely lacking some "talent" IYKWIM

    1. Foppa


      That's true. I didn't even see Iykwim play. Don't even know her first name.

    2. huzkerbob


      Yeah most folks don't. She's still a little known backup to Caty this season, but no doubt she'll be a household name in seasons to come

  8. Always has been. Ha, on paper maybe!
  9. I've been a big fan of Amy Poehler since her U.C.B. days, but Parks & Rec has to be the most overrated comedy on television #fireaway

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    2. beanman


      I like it too. Not my favorite though.

    3. B.B. Hemingway

      B.B. Hemingway

      The Office was TV magic...

    4. Hoosker


      what are you fav comedies, huzkerbob?

  10. "I'm looking like a boss though in head to toe Costco!"

  11. "I'm not saying I'm pro bully but at what point does the anti bully campaign just start bullying the cool kids?"

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    2. Hoosker
    3. teachercd


      Man, don't get me started on the bullying stuff!

    4. NUance


      When the anti bully campaign start giving atomic wedgies to bullies and writing on their faces with Sharpies, then it's gone too far.

  12. Yet another reason why I can't believe I ever survived without DVR. Was able to fast forward through most of it to get to Q.O.T.S.A. Too bad they cut the end for some more friggin commercials Worst part of the show though had to be that stupid hat Farell was wearing. It looked like he stole it off some drunk park ranger!
  13. Guarantee I've never said this in my life. Looking forward to watching the end of the Grammys tonight... Queens Of The Stone Age w/ Dave Grohl and N.I.N closing the show .

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    2. C N Red

      C N Red

      Ya i need to teach her how to correctly do the horizontal mamba.

    3. Foppa


      Going to Queens and NIN in March, can't wait.

    4. tschu


      QOTSA is so awesome live

  14. Did you really just try to mock me with the "wrestling guy" vid? Not gonna work cause that sh#t cracks me up every time. I've made a lot of beer money off of marks like him. Seriously though, you really have no idea what you're talking about here because 9 times out of 10 the "props" wrestlers use are very real. Just because you don't understand how the magician's trick works doesn't mean the rabbit they just pulled out of their hat isn't real. It just means you don't understand the trick is done. Saying that, it's probably best you stick to what you know, snarky one liners and goofy GIFs and the like...
  15. In todays buisness enviroment it probably breaks down something like 2.3 million for equipment and another 10 mil or so for "expert consultation".
  16. Ha, fake folding chairs? That's funny. Please tell me where you find those, the ACME folding chair company? Admittedly pro wrestling is an easy target for mockery, but that doesn't mean you should talk about what you don't know about.
  17. Watching the freedom riders doc on PBS. I'm both inspired and saddened at the same time... Wow

  18. Thanks guys, some good info here. Should have been a little more specific about price, but yeah a 4 br in the 150-200 range is where I would like to be. Seems to be quite a few options available in that range. This job is really pushing the time frame on me pretty quickly. Flying me to Lincoln for a face to face on Monday, so I may end up going the relater route out of sheer necessity. There's just no way I'm getting into something by the end of the year. Especially not the "right" place. Looks like it could be a crazy couple weeks for me and this will give me some things to look into for sure. Appreciate the help fellas and I'll keep you updated if I hear more.
  19. Well she was a Bama fan...
  20. Devnet probably shouldn't have set his gramps up on a tee for you, but it did come off like you where dogging the old guy a little bit when you say... Then again I could be wrong, it's happened before^^^^
  21. This comes with being paid over 3M and being in the public eye. If he can't take that part of the job then he needs to resign and stop embarrassing the university with his tirades. What recruiting class? Hell he is using the same mantra that Frank used to put this program in the shitter in the first place and that is not actively recruiting during the season. It seems as if Bo is a genius, don't recruit well enough to have depth, so when the injury bug hits as it does every team, you have a built in excuse for losing another 4 and possibly 5 games a year. You wonder why we had to play RKIII? Well we turned Jamal Turner into a WR so TMart could still "grow" into one day maybe being a servicalbe QB, and then we put all of our eggs into the Bubba Starling basket knowing full well that he was going to play professional baseball. That isn't bad luck, that is bad recruting/coaching. Good point. I completely forgot about this. He could have been a great option QB if given the chance. But we'll never know. Then what about our WR depth? Or the fact that TA was clearly a better option at QB than Turner when they both arrived in the same class? turner arrived one year before TA. That's true, my mistake.
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