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  1. T-BONE

    SIGNED CB Charles Jackson

    So what is the new word on this kid ?
  2. We should try to get Russell Wilson to transfer to NU that would be great he has 1 yr left!

    1. Minnesota_husker
    2. Judoka


      With only one year left, not likly.

  3. T-BONE

    SIGNED QB/ATH Jamal Turner

    so today he had a pretty great day at WR i have heard and truth to that ?
  4. Real Classy Tressel real classy !

    1. NUance


      The guy is a class act. No wait. I meant to say ass hat.

    2. huskered17


      If he gets one than you must also pass them out to the 5 players, who knew what they were doing. Big aas hats for them...

  5. T-BONE

    Aaron Earnest

    would this kid walk on here ?
  6. T-BONE

    SIGNED RB/DB Ameer Abdullah

    Is he still going to vist USC this weekend ?
  7. T-BONE

    Under Armour Game

    how has turner looked so far ?
  8. T-BONE

    2 juniors playing their final game?

    One of the JRs is TE Hill he is hanging them up !
  9. T-BONE

    Is Norvell at OU?

    Yes Novell is at OU!
  10. T-BONE

    SIGNED QB Brion Carnes

    Whats the word on this kid how is he looking in practice ? I realize he is going to redshirt.
  11. Our D-line got it handed to them today !

  12. The Big 12 should review its review process because that was a fumble by Gabbert !!

  13. SDSU a 0-2 team coming into the game which got pushed around in there first 2 games came in and pushed a 6th ranked team around what is going on ? Our D-line got pushed back off the ball 4-5 yards on alot of plays and when we need to get presure on them we couldn't!

  14. Bradley should not be in the game right now !!

  15. T-BONE

    rumor of a new transfer.

    We ar currently under Big 10 transfer rules so no he wouldn't have to sit out 2 years.