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  1. So what is the new word on this kid ?
  2. We should try to get Russell Wilson to transfer to NU that would be great he has 1 yr left!

    1. Minnesota_husker
    2. Judoka


      With only one year left, not likly.

  3. so today he had a pretty great day at WR i have heard and truth to that ?
  4. Real Classy Tressel real classy !

    1. NUance


      The guy is a class act. No wait. I meant to say ass hat.

    2. huskered17


      If he gets one than you must also pass them out to the 5 players, who knew what they were doing. Big aas hats for them...

  5. would this kid walk on here ?
  6. Is he still going to vist USC this weekend ?
  7. how has turner looked so far ?
  8. One of the JRs is TE Hill he is hanging them up !
  9. Whats the word on this kid how is he looking in practice ? I realize he is going to redshirt.
  10. Our D-line got it handed to them today !

  11. The Big 12 should review its review process because that was a fumble by Gabbert !!

  12. SDSU a 0-2 team coming into the game which got pushed around in there first 2 games came in and pushed a 6th ranked team around what is going on ? Our D-line got pushed back off the ball 4-5 yards on alot of plays and when we need to get presure on them we couldn't!

  13. Bradley should not be in the game right now !!

  14. We ar currently under Big 10 transfer rules so no he wouldn't have to sit out 2 years.
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