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  1. Yeah, I remember it...Pelini was right. But, I am sure Walker got like 2,000 dollars for his choice.
  2. Okay...Put your money down now...Nebraska or Michigan...who has the higher ranked class this year? I am going to say that NU gets the win 23 to 25

    1. tschu


      Nebraska is going to take 5-6 more commits, so it's probably us just by volume

  3. The Huskers are living right... Catch the Illini without Rice Catch Wisky without their PG Catch MSU without their best player
  4. Okay...well you guys know that most of my Big Ten basketball picks are cash money...so here it goes... The refs will keep the home team in this game (as they tend to do in all Big Ten games) Husker fans will still bitch like little girls that the refs are not being fair even though MSU will be called for 10 more fouls Husker will lead at the half by 4 But...Huskers lose this game in the end...66 to 59
  5. What time do you think? I am kind of hoping it is at 2pm
  6. I think the tickets are just 10 dollars
  7. This is a great idea...the ONLY issue is...you need to get as many of those "open" kids here. Obviously that is the hardest part.
  8. Exactly... More experienced staff for NU: Check Better player development for NU: Check More recent success: Check Coach that will probably leave in 3-4 years for the NFL at Michigan: Check
  9. You forgot the Pacific Islander, racist! Ha! That is right!
  10. You want... White guys Black guys Super religious/preachy Laid back cool Young Old
  11. That's laughable in an embarrassing way. All of them learning and teaching on a job, while their leader is learning how to be a first time head coach and run a football program. To me it speaks a lot about the talent that comes into Lincoln to win at least 7 to 8 games each year. Every season. Coaching either helps improve, maintains, or sucks. The communication from head down must have been ridiculous. This is why I see next year as a huge jump...A staff with tons of experience at getting players ready...NU already has good talent...The combination screams success. 2015: 11 wins!
  12. I just can't see Riley losing Jones, Neil and Snyder...it won't happen.

    1. Mavric


      I think we keep Neal and Snyder. Lose Jones.

  13. I am loving this thread! What about...Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  14. Don't jinx it. However the lines are weird and I feel its a lot easier to bet B1G because I know everything about all the teams Trust me, I know what you mean about the jinx...but Big Ten refs don't let the jinx happen! There has already been more "travels" called in this game then the entire season! Cha-Ching!
  15. There is nothing easier than bettering Big Ten Basketball...you get super low lines for the home team but super amazingly bad refs for the road team. Thank you Mr. Bookie...No cheap dinners this week!
  16. This game is already over... Easy money tonight! Also...UK
  17. I agree...but I am sticking with it. I am even thinking 41 in the first half
  18. I have not been wrong much with my NU basketball picks. Huskers 71 Gophers 59 This one is close for about the first 3 minutes...Gophers shot their wad the other night...give up the 2 points and enjoy your money.
  19. Big score! Southern recruiting...nice connections...probably a bit of a shock that they could even nab him this late in the game.
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