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  1. The YOLO pass giveth and the YOLO pass taketh away.
  2. haahahahahah... It is just one of those games. Good lord that was an AWFUL throw.... For a year that we have had a lot of bad breaks, maybe it is coming up roses.
  3. Maryland is just so bad. Nebraska really isnt playing that great but have taken advantage of Maryland just handing them points. Defense looks weak up front. Offense lacks creativity yet here we are.. up 17-0.
  4. Watching Gophers game and PJ Fleck movie for them was the Lion King, comparing them losing to Iowa like Simba having his dad die... Good lord. 

  5. No Kanawai Noa, Wan'Dale Robinson either... Good lord today might be ugly.
  6. Yes, he could grow taller, but I am more thinking about the muscle they will put on him. He wont be back to basket, they will keep him athletic but when he gets down low, he will be hard to move. He is someone who with the right coaching could be really good.
  7. It has to be in between the ears... maybe the coaches could toss toss it on film to see if there is something wrong with their form but I guess at this point its on the players to figure it out. You could easily be 3-1 if you make your free throws. Getting to the line is huge but cant miss the give-me's.
  8. I think you will see him potentially go after some guys in the 6'8-6'10 range, think guys like Baylor always has--- not back to the basket type guys, more athletic/lanky bigs who can run the court. He is looking for all his guys to rebound. That being said, the french kid will be a guy who will play much bigger than his height.
  9. First Burrow*, now they want to take this from us.... Those bastards. *I am aware we never were in for Burrow.
  10. At this point, I think we need to give the guys consistency. New DC every year or two is hurting our ability to grow. I dont know if Chinander is the best but at this point, I want to hold on for a bit to see if one voice for more than 16 months can help the team be better.
  12. They are trying to make me create a "free" account.... NOT HAPPENING NY TIMES
  13. Not surprising. I am interested to see what they do future with it. Hook people in and then rate increase? Netflix is already losing money in how they do things but now some people might pick Disney+ over Netflix...
  14. The big thing I am seeing right now is great tempo, but with great speed comes more chance for errors. I only listened to the game on Saturday, but honestly it just feels like the guys arent executing at the moment. I thought we had a bit more talent than what we have seen but hard to forget these were all last minute additions. the team will blend... It wont happen this year, but I do believe this team will be fun in 3 years. Go fast and make your easy shots. I like some of the guys. Patience is hard at the moment.
  15. The first 5 minutes of the game they looked good. It sort of felt like the rolls just werent happening. Plenty of high percentage looks that just didnt drop. For me, it is still concerning how little we scored. For a team that is fast paced, that is pretty worrisome. It will take time for guys to find their roles. The flow wasnt good. From what I have heard, Banton could be a pretty big step up for us talent wise for next year. I am a bit concerned about our shooting. Outside of Kavas, it seems like we have a lot of inconsistent shooters but guys who arent scared to shoot. That is ok but we have little for rebounding. I trust Hoiberg will get it turned around and teams wont shoot as well from 3 as UC Riverside did.. they just couldnt miss for stretches.
  16. This would be a HUGE get... I think this one will go on for a while and a lot of other teams will be vying for him(already are). Are they allowed to do an official visit this far in advance?
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