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  1. Anybody else think Clarett was on steroids while at OSU. He looked about 20 pounds heavier before he went to prison.
  2. I have mixed feelings about a kid from California playing QB when everybody else wants him to play Saftey. I don't mean to say this kid can't play, just nervous about our recruiting at the QB position.
  3. I feel like even though ESPN ranked us that high, it's not likely that coaches view us as a top 10 coaching job. NU has some of the most unique obstacles compared to the other programs that not many coaches may be experienced to handle. I have a hunch that a lot of coaches could be leery of this job because they may believe that Bo is doing about as well as he can for a program with our kinds of challenges & they feel they may not be able to do much better for a fan base that expects more. Disclosure: if not apparent from my user photo I am a staunch Bo supporter, more-so than most. I don't mean to put you down for supporting Bo. I support Bo also, just not as much as I suspect you do. I suspect that by "unique obstacles" you refer to the media pressure. There are few college coaching jobs in the country with as much media coverage as NU. The compareable jobs would be at places like Alabama, Texas, OSU, and OU. Places that are able to hire coaches with a good resume. I have no doubt NU would be able to hire a qualified HC who is not afraid of too much media pressure.
  4. Is it just me that is upset with Eichorst's statment? Shatel was right it was lawyer gibbirish. Open ended comments that won't stop our speculation. I am going to support Bo as long as he is HC, I like him. I see the reasoning of people who want him gone also. Eichost could have stopped all this talk at any time and he still hasn't. It is your job to make a decision, do your job. It is your job to answer questions every once and a while, do your job. Eichorst seems like a sleeze ball right now. Back and forth riding along the fence.
  5. Not according to recent mock drafts, see my post a few weeks ago; It's really hard to project out baseball drafts especially this far, but the latest mock draft I have seen show him going 30th overall to the Red Sox, just for context, last year the 30th overall pick was a high school shortstop who signed and got a 1.9m signing bonus. (Which was a bit above the "slotted amount" mlb recommends) I have seen another mock draft that has him missing the first round. So I would say we would have a better chance of.getting him than bubba who was a lock as a top 5 pick. Bubba was no chance. Monte is little chance.
  6. Randy Gregory? Doesn't have have just two years of eligibility left? He's going to spend one of them on the bench, leaving him just one more year to play because of Bo? I don't see it. leaving 4 NFL
  7. Iowa was 4-8 last year. NU is not like Iowa. There is clearly a higher standard at NU. Kids these days, we will have 2 transfers this year if Bo stays. Last year we had Green, Rome, that OT from Florida, and that OG from Illinois, and Todd Peat. They may not have all been last year, but you get my point. Yes we could lose 5-10 along with about 5 recruits. It is what happens when you start over and it could be worth it, nobody knows.
  8. I have never been on-board Bo must go guy, but I have been on the fence. I have tried to compare what Bo has done to what Callahan did. It is not the same. Callahan's teams quit, died. What ever happens from here on out Bo's D is going to get better and his teams won't quit. I think he earns another year by end of year.
  9. Cross is a problem. He's not getting it done, period. I just think he is one of those guys who looks the part, but is just too slow. I am really down on him. When Cross comes in is also when Beck gets pass happy. I would like to see Newby get some carries, and this is also where Braylon Heard hurts.
  10. AA is a stud. Cross needs to be more productive with the touches he gets. The offense changes in a bad way when AA comes out.
  11. I want Bo to win. That said these 2 home games remind me of Callahan vs A&M and OkieSt. Need W's Bo.
  12. A series with Indiana would be exciting, might not be bad to miss them though. Good that Minnesota series won't be in the dome.
  13. Some with firsthand knowledge of the situation when he was offered the Co-OC job here would argue with you here. That's all that you focused on? I said other things too. LOL Bo's resume at the time he was hired was clearly better than Frost's. Bo has coached with, and consulted with a very impressive list of coaches as well. If you are looking for someone to get us to "the next level" it isn't Frost. The only reason people even think he's a decent candidate is because he played two years here. Do I think he's going to be a good head coach some day? Yes I do. If we chose to make a change this year should he be on our short list? Under no circumstances unless nobody else wants the job. Which I could actually see. Don't understand how nobody else would want the job. NU is one of about only 20 who can pay a coach 4 million a year. That's what it's all about. Petersen has turned that down, Briles would take it, and same with sweater vest. Seeing what Kingsbury has done at TTU has me curious, but NU is not TTU.
  14. At least he didn't write that Nebraska can never be Nebraska again.
  15. I really like Bo. I think he runs a program the right way. Kids stay out of trouble, kids graduate. He has embraced the walk-on program and it has paid dividends. I really want Bo to succeed, and 2 years ago I thought he would. I don't know what has changed. Could have been Carl leaving and Bo selected poor coordinators on D and O. Bottom line, Bo needs wins and not embarassing losses. I hope the wins come and quickly. If Bo is canned I have no doubt in NU's ability to pay a quality coach 4 million dollars and there are only about 20 schools that can do that. I have no doubt in the ability to get a quality coach. T.O. had the ability to tell the fan base Bo as a D-Cordinator is the guy. Eichorst has to reach higher. Art Briles, Jim Tressel NU could get these guys.
  16. I went 2 years ago, great trip to make. You will have a great time.
  17. I think this is a problem. It shouldn't take year 6 to realize the need for a non-coaching staff recruiting coordinator. Someone who can break down film and organize visits. An assistant coach should be too busy to devote enough time to this.
  18. Martinez is a 5th year senoir, 4 year starter. I like him, seems like a nice guy. He deserves a great senoir season. I feel bad about it, but. I am stoked to see Tommy Armstrong start on saturday vs Illinois.
  19. Well at least somebody likes Maryland and Rutgers. Just depends on if you see the stadium half-full or half-empty.
  20. Is Tony Dungy interested in coaching at NU?
  21. Many husker fans have stated that recruiting needs to improve in order for NU to reach it's goals. In my opinion the last 4 years under Bo have been the best recruiting period since mid 90's under T.O. which weren't that much better. With a good number of scholarships we should be 15 give or take. What can NU expect?
  22. Kaz has a tough job. Getting the young guys up to speed. There is talent there, and Eric Martin was a break out at DE last year. I think the D-Line is coming along for how young they are. I am giving him some slack. Iowa had more D-Lineman that were developed besides Clayborn who I haven't heard from since he got drafted.
  23. What exactly does a NCAA punishment mean now? If it were to go the other way could they increase the punishment? Reggie Bush and Pete Carrol have left USC, should they get less of a punishment? Just confusing.
  24. It wont be about the number of wins/loses, but how he loses. 2 more blow outs and I want him out. No way Bo fires his cordinators, he would quit before that. I like him and want him to succeed. There is just something not right with these teams and the way they go down hill really quickly. This is on Bo.
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