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  1. I ride a lot in wilderness areas. I actually live next to one. Have ran into a mountain lion, missed it by about 20 foot. Sliding at her at a high rate of speed, and yelling like heck, it took off like a shot. Also nearly hit a bear cub at night, missed it by about a foot. Quit riding at night alone after that one. Appreciate the info on how to read her actions. I saw mine for about 10 seconds. We have a group of them living around are small community. They have become quite brave, and I think hungry. Fires have destroyed so much of their habitat. They come into town an
  2. Alert, non Nebraska football related. After watch the video I am far more concerned about this. Crazy stuff happens in Utah and Arizona. Camping there for four days. Headed out Thursday morning. Trying to grow eyes in the back of my head!!!!!!
  3. So in other words, you are tired of the losing, expect them and have moved on already. We're saying the same thing. Will it destroy my day, not a chance, as it used to. Will I be sad about the loss, of course, but Nebraska football does not mean the same things it used to. And as others have said I am hoping Coach Frost returns us to being respectable. I have never expected championships or wins. Just to be competitive in every game. I know Osborne wasn't in every game, but we did expect that.
  4. I would rather see us become relevant in the West before we added more road blocks. Two more losses a year is not something this program can stand. We have one chance at getting back to meaning football and that is Coach Frost. If he doesn't make it, we will never be competitive in the West let alone the conference as it stands today. Wishing and a hoping is not the answer.
  5. We will see a week from now I guess. No one hope's I am wrong more than me. Next Saturday I have a 33 mile mountain bike ride in one of the most beautiful places on earth, I am going to enjoy it and not even concern myself with football. Pretty sure I won't have internet access until Monday. I will come back and eat crow, and happily do so. But if past history is an indicator of how much improvement we make, I doubt many are going to be happy a week from Sunday.
  6. I have drunk the kool aid for the last 20 years. Swallowed gallons of it last year. Are they better, who knows? No one. Prove it on the field As stated I made these plans before the season was reestablished. Not changing plans for what I feel will be another rout. I will check in after the game and see where we are at. Hopefully he has turned it around, but thinking other programs do not improve at the same rate or faster rate than this team is what got us here in the first place. I hate doing this, but I will make you a bet. Ohio State wins by thre
  7. I will be mountain biking the Rainbow Rim trail on the north rim of the Grand Canyon that day. I drove back to Nebraska to watch the Ohio State game last year, not making that mistake again. More important things in life than watching a giant a$$ kicking again. Hope for all that feel differently it turns out your way. Until I see a corner turned, I am enjoying my last few years doing what I like. Watching Nebraska getting jack hammered has become too often and too regular. ' Again, hope I am totally wrong, but plans were made before the restart.
  8. I actually drove to Lubbock for the game. Friend lived there, that was not a huge football fan, by the end of the evening, he was dancing around Guns Up so much I thought I was going to kill him.. But the fans were cool about it. I know Leach had said the week prior that it would be no problem handling Nebraska, he was quite confident. I also remember the fans yelling for Davis and it happening. I think it destroyed the kid
  9. If I remember correctly, they put one of our worst whippings on us. 70 something to 10 under Callahan. Leach may give Saben a run for his money as he gets more talent. We know they have the money to buy it. I would have rather seen him go to Ole Miss, don't really know why. Have always liked that name for a college team. Not a fan of Ole Miss's new head coach.
  10. They did not like him all that much when he left for Nebraska. The wife is a big O fan, so lightened up a little prior to this. I have always liked Leach and glad he did so well in the first SEC game. Maybe opened some eyes that the Pac 12 isn't quite as wrong about football as some think. Not a Pac 12 fan, but they have talent and he did well with it. I would guess he has more talent now than he has ever had. Would be fun to see him throw a wrench in the Bama spokes.
  11. So he is dropping out of college in Boulder, buying/renting a house in Durango. A good junior college in Durango, but not connected with CU, or at least it wasn't when I was involved in that area. Be a bit of a commute. I was there a couple of weeks ago on a mountain bike ride. Headed back again on October 4th. Riverside county has lessened restrictions for restaurants, the hospital counts are way down. One death at the local hospital during the whole ordeal. Only had 18 patients at the high point. Just two as of the other day. Frantz are you s
  12. I don't think calling him lazy or that TCU is an easier work load is fair to either side. He was not happy here. For me he let the team down, you finish what you start, but I wish him luck at TCU. I think he is possibly facing tougher competition overall. I do agree the talent level at Nebraska is not where it should be and hasn't been for a long time. Might have been the bright and shiny penny. Who knows. We will have a better idea as the season goes on, and if he moves up and TCU plays to their potential. Again I hope he finds what he is looking for.
  13. Play games, win games, quit whining and respect will come. We have a long ways to go.
  14. And you expected him to say anything different? Talent makes defenses good sometimes in spite of coaching. I am burying the hatchet on Pelini. I wish him luck, because I like Orgeron. Hoping it works out well for him and for Bo.
  15. What does this have to do with football. Move it please.
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