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  1. Has the Ohio Governor agreed yet that there will be football. A week ago he stated that decision was still a long ways off for Ohio State. I don't think the NCAA or AD's have the final decision on large gatherings. With all these people running in the streets, if this virus is as deadly has some on here seem to think, we will surely have a rise in all categories in a month or so.
  2. First hand knowledge on a daily basis. Not from the local or national media. I am hearing that a very large percentage are nursing home related. Most fatalities are over 60 years old. Yes there are exceptions. The wife just released a 20 year old female that was on a vent for 21 days. But they saved her. She was late in coming to the hospital. Late in calling her doctor, and the doctor failed to contact her very quickly. Tele appointments, no doctor will actually show up at the hospital. Most have not been there since the virus started. ER docs have though. A different breed for sure. Currently they have a few Covid patients, all from a nearby nursing home. Unfortunately all are too far along with the sickness. Catching it early is the number one factor for the elderly it seems. Catching it early for anyone showing serious symptoms is the key. The hospital is using HDQ in the early stages and it helps most get over it. Using it late in the sickness seems to be near useless. None have died from the supposed complications that the media continuously mentions. Her comments are a competent nursing staff will see the reaction and correct the dosage or stop it. There number one fight is to keep the patient off the vent. They go to the vent, survival chances drop drastically. I am relatively certain we will see a rise in cases in the next couple of weeks. California has truly gone wild, and this weekend indicates most have said, if I get it, I get it. Life goes on. Or it doesn't. Living in Riverside county, they have done away with masks being a requirement. A lot are still wearing the masks. Most businesses and parks are open. But was just told access to National Forest hiking trails are closed in the Idyllwild area. Kind of surprised by that. Tests tell you where you are on one day, that is it, you could be positive the next day. We can not test every person every day. Tests are really for the hospitals and CDC to know what is going on with the individual patients. Anti body tests are the only one that means anything over time. I don't think they have enough of them. Now to the subject. California was dragging along for quite awhile, LA is a cesspool, like New York City, Chicago and other large metropolises. But they are now talking about school and summer camps opening during the summer. If they get the schools back open this July, I think there will be football in this state. Being the largest populated state, that should carry a lot of weight. I want to see Nebraska play this year as bad as anyone else, just want it to be safe for everyone. It appears to me things are moving positively in that direction, but I think a lot will be decided in the next couple of weeks, due to the opening of all the states.
  3. Ohio Governor just stated no decision on football at Ohio State and it was a long way off before it would decided. I need to go in the house, the sky is falling. Let me know when the media says it is safe.
  4. Both sides are correct. The disease/virus is terrible if you actually get it. It certainly can kill you and quickly. Some young people have died no question. But hiding under a rock is not the answer. Personally if they play it will be fine with me. If they don't pretty much the same. Far more important things going on with this, than football. I deal with it daily, 6 days a week unfortunately. Wife is on the front line. CNO with a far different opinion of doctors after this event. ER doctors are gods in her eyes, the rest could go piss up a rope. Most are useless and terrified of the virus. The terror from this disease is so overblown it is beyond belief. What we have done is like killing and ant with a bulldozer. Makes no sense at all. Our community has had two deaths at her hospital from Covid. Both in their 80's and waited far to long to show up at the hospital. Why? Doctors are not taking calls, patients are terrified to go to the hospital or the Doctors office because of the continuous media claims they will die if they go out side. People are dying in our community of heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, drug overdose, spousal abuse, and just about everything else under the sun because of the continuous terror program thrown on this country. by the news media. Many are not having surgeries that are needed because the surgery is considered non essential. The hospitals are going broke because of this. We should have attacked the source and protected the weak. Easy to say now in hindsight. But when the medical field can control something they will jump at the chance to do it. I offered a different opinion from a Chair head at Stanford. He has a completely different opinion of what is going on. He says the virus has been here since late October early November. A lot of people here think they have had it. Me for one, was never so sick in my life as I was in early November. But not allowed to take the antibody test yet. I think when that is allowed in California we will find out if Dr. Atlas is correct. I am out every single day, and have been since this all started. I work in communications and spend most of my time on mountain tops. If not there I ride my bicycle 25 to 30 miles a day. I am a high risk individual. 73 years young. Two heart attacks and other problems, but still face every day as an opportunity to improve my self physically. A Jar Head thing. It just never goes away. lol All of us want this thing to end, but we have to be smart about it. There isn't a need for LA to be locked down until we have a vaccine. California has lost close to 3000 people out of 45 million. 3000 is not a satisfactory number by any means, but this lock down here will end up killing more people than the virus, is my guess.
  5. Hoping they get this figured out. I am more worried about this country surviving this and the political and media hype attached to it. Being a Marine for 26 years, I don't adapt well to cowering in a corner any where. Which I have not done for one single day. I deal with the virus on a daily basis and my wife is on the front line of it and has been since this started. I have many friends that have lost their jobs, their businesses and most likely will lose their homes. People that are so terrified they will not go out side for any reason. I take groceries to ten older couples in my area. They will never be the same. This country will not survive 36 months of this. I live in SoCal and it appears most are over this, they are opening their businesses. Going back to work one way or another. A friend that is a California Fire Fighter, tells me every single death, no matter the cause is first listed as a Covid death. It can be removed, but supposedly the state gets money from the Federal Government per case and per death. No idea if this is true, but a very easy way to increase numbers for fear mongering. Social distancing is not working in New York. 56% of the current cases are from in shelter people. How does that add up. You die if you go out, you die if you stay inside. Old people, sick people are the largest numbers of death. Obesity is a major cause, as Hyper-tension, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes all seem to accompany most over weight people. I think Florida got it right. Protect those that are on the edge. Again, I hope we have a football season. Oregon says no football in September, California Governor says he does not see large events happening in California until next year. They all seem to want to out do the other, one way or another
  6. If people would listen to this guy we would have football. https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/494034-the-data-are-in-stop-the-panic-and-end-the-total-isolation
  7. I would wait till the last minute. We have a lot of older fans that attend games, and with the virus, they maybe more willing to set at home this fall, if we have games. You can always find tickets outside, and normally at face value or below I have been told. Been a long time since I did that, so can't really say it is reality anymore. Again, they may be harder to get if they put social distancing into the mix. Who knows! If you make the game, hope you enjoy it, you will get razzed a little, but all is in good fun. The fans will welcome you with open arms, all of us are sure of that.
  8. IN the state of California. There is a difference, even though California is the most populous state. Every news cast is based in terror. Control. I know a lot of people have died in New York. But each state is different. Most of us don't live in apartment buildings 10 stories high, living in filth. We don't ride filthy subways too and from work. We don't walk thru crowded streets where you can not even see the pavement. Most of the Stanford information does not get highly publicized as it normally does not fit into the terror pattern the news media wants to promote. The cure for this is turning out to be worse in the long run. All of this was to flatten the curve, of the expected 1.2 to 2.2 million predicted to die from it. That has been attained, with far less deaths than the medical field predicted. But some states are extending the stay at home orders, making masks mandatory. It seems to me to be about power. We seem to be following like sheep.
  9. Doctors from Stanford, earlier this evening, stated the chance of dying from Covid in the state of California is .003%. Too many crying wolf me thinks. Doctors are always over protective, and they are running the show. The good point I guess, traffic deaths are down, murders are down, robberies are down, but the sad part is spousal abuse, suicide is way up. Hydro-Choroquene is being used on the front lines, and it helps tremendously if given during early on set of the virus. This is fact. I deal directly with a CNO in Riverside County, CA. Very small chance of heart damage if the patient is monitored. Quit buying what all the doctors are spewing. Hell 90% of them won't go near a patient. Most are setting at home doing phone appointments. This is killing the hospitals, no money coming in for elective surgeries, IE knee replacements, hip replacements, heart attacks, stroke. People are dying at home because they are terrified to go to the hospital because it is so overhyped, the nation may never recover from it. Hell the world might not due to the stupidity of this.
  10. With the comments coming today, that the winter season could be even worse, the only way they play in the fall or spring is with a vaccine proven and tested. Although, in Riverside County, California they are ending some of the restrictions. Hiking trails, bike trails, lakes and parks are opening up, or are open as of yesterday. Parks are opening, but no parking. Same as the beaches in Ventura County. Ouray, Colorado is stiffening their quarantine rules somewhat. Received a letter stating if I came back to the summer house, I would have to self quarantine for 14 days. Monitored I guess. Fines the whole deal. Was planning a mountain bike trip to the area for mid May. Looks like that will be cancelled. I think most in SoCal are over the stay at home order, and it seems are already beginning to ignore it. My job is essential so I have been out and about on occasion. It seemed to be way busier this past Sunday. Many on hiking trails and bike trails, city streets with traffic. I haven't seen the local news for today. It maybe completely different who knows.
  11. Los Angeles mayor just stated he did not see large gatherings in the state until 2021. Including concerts, and pro football. He did not specifically mention college football. I personally don't see it happening this year. But like the rest of you hope they figure a way of doing it.
  12. If the kids aren't back in school before fall of 21, I would suggest taking Chinese as a second language.
  13. The last post gives me a larger reason to stop frequenting this site. But mostly the continuous pop up adds drive me crazy. For those of you that seem to spend your life on this site, how do deal with it?
  14. California is a catch and release state now. Not a violent crime, they walk the same day. Stolen cars, running from the police, stealing a body in a hearse, out the next day. Just had an employee on his motorcycle hit by an uninsured, illegal alien, no drivers license and he never he got a ticket, nor was he arrested. He drug the kid 50 , broke his arm, shoulder and massive road rash. Nothing we can do about it at this time. This state sucks and is really getting worse. Headed to Utah in another year, can not wait to get out of here. Sanctuary states are just wonderful. I am glad this has not totally destroyed his life from a legal side. He has a chance to get things back on track. I hope he does, but have my doubts.
  15. Could we just flush this and forget about it. We have enough negatives without following two losers that are no longer part of the team, my last comment on this as I won't open it again.
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