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  1. My gawd you guys are still going on this. You can find an expert that contradicts every expert. No one knows the answer, and I am to the point I don't really care if we have a season or not. Kids are bound to get sick during the year, and possibly enough to have a major affect on the performance of the team. I am far more worried about the people that are living in terror of this disease. More concerned about the people that are not being treated for things that need to be treated. Wear a mask to protect them not for a f@#%ing football game.
  2. I always call it as I see it. It is getting bad in SoCal. Seeing it at our hospital. I don't see a season happening. Wear your mask, but understand everyone is going to get this. Face it head on.
  3. No season, means more mountain biking in Utah for me. Getting to the point where I enjoy it more anyway.
  4. It is true that hospitals are filling up, but last night the Governor of Florida was on TV saying they were still in a good situation bed wise and that a lot of the fill was from prior elective surgeries, cancer treatments and a host of other medical problems. The beds are not full of Covid patients, like the media twists the story. No one can blame Fauci, he had no idea of what this disease was or even is still at this point. They are learning that it isn't as deadly as first thought, except to the elderly and those with other health problems. USC has stated no person to person classes this fall/year. I am guessing with no large gatherings allowed in the state of California, the Pac 12 will be hard pressed to have a season. If Garcetti and Newsome have any choice, there won't be I would bet on it. The only chance of football in the Pac 12 is if the death toll/rate keeps falling, which I think it will, but these idiots may hold us under their power until after the election. Franz, is your hospital using HCQ in early cases. Ours has and it seems to help quite a bit.
  5. Somehow you guys seem to think that the NCAA has control over this, or the AD', Commissioners.. The Governor's will make the final decision on any games being played. If the mortality rate keeps going down and only young people are getting it, then the Political side will make the choice. Our Governor has already cancelled Cochella and Stagecoach, which were rescheduled to October, Three years ago they brought over 710 million dollars to the Indio area. Every year it gets bigger and bigger. We need the death tolls to continue like Dr Atlas says they will. The only chance they line up and play
  6. This guy has been talking about this for a long time. Seems to be closer to correct than most of the others. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6169738032001#sp=show-clips Give it a couple of weeks and see if the death toll goes up percentage wise. I hope he is correct.
  7. Harvard just announced that all classes will be on line for the 20-21 school year.
  8. Heard this last night. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-07-02/usc-will-move-most-undergraduate-classes-online-cancels-reopening
  9. If USC, UCLA, Stanford and Cal can't play, I doubt the Pac 12 plays. Local restaurants were closed for indoor dining effective today. I am not sure if that is state wide or not. Haven't heard the news today.
  10. As to major conferences playing. I don't think the Pac12 will have fans in attendance if they play. Our Governor has stated no large crowds until a vaccine is found or at least until 2021. Taylor Swift concert has been cancelled. Cochellla has been cancelled and that had been moved back to October. Football with no fans is possible, as most never come close to selling out an event other than Oregon.
  11. We have different opinions. I tend not to believe the supposed experts that have been wrong as much as they have been right. I pray for all that have lost family members due to it. But I deal with it daily, I have the danger at my door every single day. The front line worker I am married to sees it every single work day for 10 to 12 hours a day. If you have the same scenario feel free to call it what you want. If not your opinion really does not matter to me.
  12. First hand knowledge of the disease. It does not sound like another single person has had it on this site. The sky is falling at all times, and the only positive hope on this site is that we hope we have a football season. Sheep it seems to me. I do not know a single person that has contracted Covid. Not one. Just returned from a major mountain bike trip to Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Nevada and still no Covid. Now I don't lick door knobs, I do wear a mask when I am around people I don't know. Just trying to give a different outlook than all the doom and gloom. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  13. I am afraid the media is going to keep the football season from happening. That and Dems wanting control. The more testing the more they are going to find. Just the way it works. Some feel it has been here since last October, me for one. Wife has dealt with it since the start, no second timers so far. Had one nurse get sick/slightly missed three days of work because CDC required it. Mortality rate is falling rapidly, most that get it don't even know they have it. No spikes in Riverside County that she is aware of. Says most of the uptake is coming from Mexico. US citizens that live in Mexico and returning to the US for tests and treatment. Her comment just a few minutes ago was the general population (Media Scare) is far more worried about it than the health officials in the local area. Really sorry so many are so afraid of this. It has not affected my daily routine in any way. Other than I could not eat at my favorite restaurant for a couple of months. 73 years old and numerous other factor supposedly to be concerned about. Just finished a 22 mile bike ride, average heart rate for 1 hour and 26 minutes was 130, max 148. Average speed on a mountain bike 14.2 and high of 29.3. If I can be out and about every single day, live with a person that faces it every day of the week you guys should be safe. When we finally start to feel safe, the chance of football may come back. The way it is now, no chance of a season for the Big Red in any of the major sports. Sad for those that have lost their lives, due to poor information and treatment, especially by cowardly doctors that would not even physically see patients. Mine being one of them!!!!!
  14. Has the Ohio Governor agreed yet that there will be football. A week ago he stated that decision was still a long ways off for Ohio State. I don't think the NCAA or AD's have the final decision on large gatherings. With all these people running in the streets, if this virus is as deadly has some on here seem to think, we will surely have a rise in all categories in a month or so.
  15. First hand knowledge on a daily basis. Not from the local or national media. I am hearing that a very large percentage are nursing home related. Most fatalities are over 60 years old. Yes there are exceptions. The wife just released a 20 year old female that was on a vent for 21 days. But they saved her. She was late in coming to the hospital. Late in calling her doctor, and the doctor failed to contact her very quickly. Tele appointments, no doctor will actually show up at the hospital. Most have not been there since the virus started. ER docs have though. A different breed for sure. Currently they have a few Covid patients, all from a nearby nursing home. Unfortunately all are too far along with the sickness. Catching it early is the number one factor for the elderly it seems. Catching it early for anyone showing serious symptoms is the key. The hospital is using HDQ in the early stages and it helps most get over it. Using it late in the sickness seems to be near useless. None have died from the supposed complications that the media continuously mentions. Her comments are a competent nursing staff will see the reaction and correct the dosage or stop it. There number one fight is to keep the patient off the vent. They go to the vent, survival chances drop drastically. I am relatively certain we will see a rise in cases in the next couple of weeks. California has truly gone wild, and this weekend indicates most have said, if I get it, I get it. Life goes on. Or it doesn't. Living in Riverside county, they have done away with masks being a requirement. A lot are still wearing the masks. Most businesses and parks are open. But was just told access to National Forest hiking trails are closed in the Idyllwild area. Kind of surprised by that. Tests tell you where you are on one day, that is it, you could be positive the next day. We can not test every person every day. Tests are really for the hospitals and CDC to know what is going on with the individual patients. Anti body tests are the only one that means anything over time. I don't think they have enough of them. Now to the subject. California was dragging along for quite awhile, LA is a cesspool, like New York City, Chicago and other large metropolises. But they are now talking about school and summer camps opening during the summer. If they get the schools back open this July, I think there will be football in this state. Being the largest populated state, that should carry a lot of weight. I want to see Nebraska play this year as bad as anyone else, just want it to be safe for everyone. It appears to me things are moving positively in that direction, but I think a lot will be decided in the next couple of weeks, due to the opening of all the states.
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