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  1. skersfan

    Purdue 49 Ohio State 20

    One thing that Nebraska fans seems to forget or give credit for is the other team improving. Purdue, Iowa, Northwestern and even Wisconsin used to be thought of as automatic wins when we started in the Big 10. Teams get better and today is proof any team can win on a given day. I don't expect a win at Ohio State, but what I do realize is that Purdue is not as bad as some have thought. This is a powerful league, that is getting stronger. Most likely will eat itself out of the playoff it looks like. Hoping for another win next weekend, but realize this just really pissed off the bear.
  2. skersfan

    Who's Had Their Husker Moment?

    Spot on young lady, you nailed it. Be about the team, wrap up, make the tackle and the team celebrates with a victory. Rather hey look at me, look what I did!!! Too bad you can't see the crap running down his pants leg, because that is all he did.
  3. skersfan

    Call your shot: How many wins left?

    Never been a giant Kool Aid drinker, but I really believe they are about to turn it around. 5-1
  4. skersfan

    Northwestern Post-Game Presser

    As stated 94 I didn't watch the game, hardly got to listen to it. But listening to the interviews after the game. I did not get a defeated attitude. I saw leadership from a freshman QB. I saw determination in Seniors who know deep down the season is over with the last regulation game. All the hours in the weight room, the film room and carrying the burden of Nebraska on their shoulders for it to end this way has to be tough. But to me they seem to have a look of we are better than this, and we want to finish better than this. I am not qualified to question anything coach Frost does, or any of his assistants. My knowledge about football is minimal. But I have coached Olympic and World Class athletes and do understand that they had a major job on their hands. I never expected a lot of wins, but did not expect this either. I can not imagine how bad Coach Frost feels for the seniors. They have been thru so much, so many coaches, and have caught heck from a lot of the fans. Now this, it would be very understandable for them to just quit. But they haven't, so I won't. Normally what seperates good athletes from great ones is their desire to succeed and their attention to detail. Knowing everything about their sport/position, what it takes to get better and the ability to make the time for the details to be completed correctly everytime. Of course God given talent is a main factor. I like many others, hold Coach Riley partially responsible for our situation but the prior coach did us no favors with his us against the world attitude either. Most of those kids are gone and Coach Frost is weeding out the ones that do not have the drive in their guts to be the best. When you reach this level of competition, most have the talent, but don't have the motor to do what it takes. That is what he is looking for in the future, and overall what has been missing at Nebraska for awhile. I know there aren't a lot of Suh's out there, well there are a few but they all seem to be in the SEC. But if we give him time he knows what he is looking for and I think he can develop them in his image. I would be happy with a team full of kids with his attitude.
  5. skersfan

    Northwestern Post-Game Presser

    One more thing, we are questioning a coach that went 13-0 last year, and that team is now 7-0 this year. They are very close to being in Play Off consideration at this point. He walked away from that for Nebraska, that means you and me and his true love for this program. He deserves better in every aspect. He looks very disappointed, down and wondering, and has to be thinking why did I do this. Let's act like Nebraska fans and let him know he did make the right choice and we all appreciate it. Stand by him and the team, they need us more today than they ever have.
  6. skersfan

    Northwestern Post-Game Presser

    I am watching the USC/Colorado game. Realizing how close things really are. We played with Colorado, could have won the game and now we are 0-6 and they are 5-0. The positives never seem to be the important thing for us. Just the negatives. This team needs positives and needs to hear positives from their fans. We do not feel worse than any of these kids and certainly not worse than Coach Frost. Things will get better. We have play makers, we need to develop better lines on both sides. It is obvious that those players are not on campus, and in honesty have not been for quite awhile. IN FROST WE TRUST, right now we need to live it far more than just saying it. I didn't get to watch the game today. But it didn't sound like anyone quit, no reason for us to.
  7. skersfan

    2018 Season Record

    Michigan was out of our league, Ohio State will be to. Northwestern is winnable, but we like to point the gun at our foot for some reason. I am going out on a limb, as I have been hesitant on this team for all the reasons mentioned. But Coach Frost is indicating he is seeing some improvement. We lose to Ohio State, but not as bad as Michigan. If we lose to Northwestern this week, then BC will be the only win. We beat Northwestern, we stand a good chance of winning the rest, other than Ohio State. Be positive my friends.
  8. skersfan

    Be prepared for things to get even worse.

    I totally agree with this post. I have to admit I was a Mike Riley fan at the beginning, and will say I still like the man, not the coach. I could never say that about the prior coach. I have liked Scott Frost since he played here. Have watched him quite a bit and personally know the great running back from the Brawley area he recruited (Gawd can not think of his name) He is one of my employees nephew. He idolized Coach Frost, as does his family. And truly believe if he can't fix this mess, it is never going to be. I don't expect NC but a CC every so often would make me very happy. If he can get us to the Elite level of college football in my life time (71) I will die a happy man. As to boot camp, well it took me about ten seconds standing in the yellow foot prints, going how in the hell am I going to get through 16 weeks of this crap. I knew I was a maggot, but had no idea my mother was such a low life. I learned that in about the first 20 seconds. Never regretted it, after it was over. Thanks for your service gandpasknee.
  9. skersfan

    Lacking Swagger

    Take the names off the jersey's the area codes off their helmets. Make them represent Nebraska. I was so pissed after the Reed thing I walked out to the garage to calm down. This group needs to learn what a team is. Forget the big hit, make the tackle. Do your job so others can do theirs. But I did see things on offense that shows there is a future. I did not understand only 5 carries for ziggy. I am hoping for a win with BC coming to town, but the rest of them really look questionable. Afraid going to Northwestern is going to be embarassing. We now know who the real big red is, may learn who the real NU is next weekend. We need to really dig deep and understand what Coach Frost is going thru. He could be on top of the world right now with the way UCF is doing. He chose to give it all up to come here, we need to stand behind him until he gets it squared away.
  10. skersfan

    Riley’s Creampuff Recruiting

    Recruiting to Nebraska is and has always been a take what you can get deal. No question in my mind Coach Pelini and Coach Riley recruited the best players they could get. Whether they were developed or lacked the motivation to be a good player at the college level is the question. Pretty sure neither said, well that guy might work to hard so I won't take him as he might destroy the culture. Two/three bad coaches overall are what we have been dealing with for a long time. No reason to call out a player because he was recruited by a certain coach. It is Coach Frost's job to fix the problem. That is easier said than done. You only have so many players, and if there isn't some one there to replace the dead wood, you just have to keep using it unfortunately. I am sure he is quite depressed over this and that is not helping. Being 0-4 and UCF being 4-0 has to have an effect on him. The media seems to be very close to being on the attack mode, and some of the fans. This is a journey, we have been in this situation for a long time. For Nebraska, he needs to be given all the time it takes, because if he fails, no one will ever come. He is our best and only shot it seems to me. I think we should cut back on deciding what is wrong and right, and let him do his job. He wants to make Nebraska a winner for more than any of us can imagine. Let's just support him for a couple of years. Grin and bear it so to speak. I truly believe it is the only chance Nebraska has to return to the power we once were.
  11. skersfan

    *** Official Purdue Game Thread ***

    Seldom look at this thread, but today the kids did not look very excited to be running out of the tunnel. Maybe I missed the first group. Hope they are motivated. Looking a little better along the side line.
  12. skersfan

    We Suck "Megathread" All things Nebraska sucks

    Nothing wrong with being upset about the team, my guess is we are the least upset compared to most of the team, the staff and the head coach. This post serves no purpose, will do nothing to improve the situation. It may make things worse for recruiting if kids accutally come on these boards. I do not understand the intent or any gratification it could give anyone posting along these lines. JMHO It should be closed.
  13. skersfan

    there's no reason to lose to purdue...

    Sad situation here. Nearly every single one of us thought this was the greatest hire. All stated they would give it time to be turned around. Some felt that it would happen instantly and this would be like the second year at UCF. But steadfastly our head coach told us that it was going to be hard, things don't happen over night. I don't think he expected the quarterback debacle that ensued. Caugth off guard to say the least. Wondering if the non buyers are loyal to the one that left. But the real problem with Nebraska is out fan base. We expect too much, demand too much and put way too much pressure on the Head Coach, the staff and the team. This is a game, no one's life depends on the win or loss totals. Give the man the time we promised him. I have said for years we do not have the talent of a real top 25 team. If you really want Nebraska to be on the top of that list, you have to recruit near that level. Michigan has recruited at that level and it was quite obvious. All teams improve, not just Nebraska. We have our hands full with just about everyone left on the schedule. Step back, and look for the positives, enjoy what ever sliver of it to be found. I think Coach Frost stated it was journey, and never heard him promise any of us a joy ride. Things have been tough around her for quite awhile, I remember going to the Rose Bowl and watching the Miami team. Knew instantly we did not have the talent or speed to compete with them. Things really haven't changed much since then. We just want to believe they were. I think we have the perfect coach for Nebraska, but I think he is a very proud person. He won't handle the nay sayers very well. I am quite certain he feels the honeymoon is over.
  14. skersfan

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    By far, they had made a BCS bowl the year before. This game is about the Jimmys and Joes way more than the X's and O's. It is going to take time.
  15. skersfan

    We have a serious quarterback depth problem

    I drove from California to Lubbock to see that game. It was one of the worst days of Husker football. I felt so sorry for the kid. He was never the same