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  1. Herbert group up 6 blocks from the stadium. He wasn't going anywhere else. Oregon is nothing like it was under Kelly and Frost. Most physical team in the Pac 12 is his goal. I would be very happy to see Nebraska look like either of them though. Time will tell if it can happen. A long ways to go.
  2. After watching the first game this year, I made the comment that Adrian did not look right and felt it was the extra weight he put on. Adding a shoulder injury to the deal and trying to compete in Division 1 Football it is easy to understand. I read somewhere that Coach Meyer walked by Burrow and said D3. Possibly one of the better coaches in the country did not know what he had. There was no indication that Joe Burrow would do what he did this year, not a clue. Coach O made the comment he was a game changer in pre season interviews, but I don't think the media had any idea of just how good he was this year, after last years performance. He would have struggled here. LSU 2019 may go down as one of the best of all time. Still think it is fantastic for the kid. Some things are just meant to turn out like they do. Will be rooting for him and Coach O.
  3. Cy, it amazes me at how easy the Big 10 was going to be with Nebraska speed, how we would show people who the Big Red really was and how we ended fighting to show people who truly wore the N on their helmet. We lacked respect for the conference and now show less to the Big 12. This has been one of our problems for a long time. I know we make lots of money in the Big 10, but leaving the Big 12 has hurt this program in recruiting no question. losing the Texas pipeline hurts more than most want to admit. I know I have lost interest in the games with Illinois and Indiana. Playing Kansas, KState, Oklahoma and the rest was history, just throwing it away hurts in some ways. We talk the talk, but the last 10 years have failed miserably in walking the walk.
  4. From what I hear it was a tough sale to get Coach Frost here. If Tom had not told him to come, I seriously doubt he would be here. Frost gave up a lot to come here, and I don't think he really knew how bad it was when he agreed. Moos and Davison did a great job no question. But the deal sealed when Coach Osborne said he would have time to fix it. I don't know if he can, but his recruiting is a step in the right direction no question. Hopefully he has who he wants on the team, and those that were problems are all gone.
  5. I missed many games this year. Could have seen them all, but just really didn't have interest in them. After driving from SoCal to the Ohio State game, I realized just how piss poor we are. I have been a fan for over 60 years, used to decide my week by the outcome of the game. Followed the Huskers closely until Pelini became the head coach. Started to walk away and didn't watch the games. Had hoped Riley was the right hire, but realized he wasn't. Glad we got Frost and think he has a chance of turning this mess around, but I am honestly getting tired of his teary eyed press conferences, and excuses. If you lose, you man up and say you did, you don't blame the guy before you, the kids not being good enough and how we need to recruit better. If you have players that have not bought in, they don't fing play period. It is your job to win, do the best you can at it and move on. I never expect to see the mid 90's again. The conference is so much tougher, we have lost our Texas connection for recruiting. I just want us to be respectable. We really haven't been for many years.
  6. I think it is an honor to be in the top ten. Coach Osborne accomplished a lot at Nebraska, no question. Coach Saben has accomplished more and in a much tougher conference and on the National level. I am not a Saben fan, but you have to give credit where credit is due. Saben it the GOAT hands down and isn't finished yet.
  7. I thought I had read on the forum that Washington was involved with the Crips. If he was, he still is, you never get away until your dead. I don't think this trial messed up his life. I think he is completely responsible for that, and as far as I can see he has made every effort to make it worse with the way he has reacted to the team and Coach Frost
  8. Thurston, thanks for the many laughs. This site needs them no question.
  9. Yes he can see it, but in no way is he helping the program. Recruits read this stuff, social media and normally everything they can find about a program before committing. Having a legendary Husker, and he is, make derogatory comments does far more harm than a dozen internet coaches. I said the first game this year that something was wrong with AM. I think he put on too much weight and took on too much pressure with the Hypsman crap. I hope he can come back, but we do put things way out of proportion sometimes. He is a good kid, he is taking responsibility and that is always a good step in the right direction. But as a fan base we need to slow down on the Frost is lost, the kids are not buying in. I saw a team Saturday that wanted to win. Football the ball bounces funny sometimes. I am hoping in the next few years we are looking back on this a growing pains. I feel confident that is what it is.
  10. The comment was about Tommy. I don't think you will find a negative comment from me about Coach Riley. Now Pelini, and the things he did prior to taking over the program, that is a different story. Plus personally know the piece of crap did little to help in my thoughts about him, to this day.
  11. If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all.
  12. Things are a lot different in college football and the world than they were 20 years ago. Things you do and say today, carry harsh penalties, then it was a just a good old boy having fun, and men being men.
  13. Not meant as an attack, but just wondering if you think Burrows would be in the Hypsman talk with Nebraska's Talent surrounding him?
  14. I say we all chip in and pay for junior49449's flights, hotels and rental cars to get to all games going forward.
  15. We have been heading down hill for 20 years, nothing truly has been right with the program since Coach Osborne left if you want to look at it that way. Solich was my high school idol, Callahan brought something new, and still feel if he hadn't been so loyal, he still might be here. The NFL keeps him around. I had my down years, I despised Pellini, and it made the board miserable for me. I wanted Riley to do better, but alas he didn't and according to most takes the responsibility for where we are at. I don't buy that, these kids have played ball most of their lives. They weren't quitters, or loafers when they were recruited. I think some have better motors than others, but hard to tell from a distance. We only see what we want to see. If we want to see positives we can, if we want to see only the negatives, there have been plenty. But were not seeing everything. Only Coach Frost really knows what is going on. Why he does the things he does, and for what reasons. I never felt this would be a quick turn around, maybe a little better than we are now, but not a lot. Flipping the roster was a major upgrade and set back at the same time. I see Freshman that are making a difference on the field. I see a Juco player that was doing pretty good last week, and a lot of people wanted him gone the week before. Never focus on the negatives, always look for the positives, is what has been ingrained into me along with Semper Fi. We need to calm down and give the coach some time. He knows how it is supposed to work. He needs fan support, not snipers shooting at him from afar.
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