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  1. From Initial Pool of 25 Candidates... From Basnett's article... 25+ candidates... Closely looked at 8... Alberts always considered in top group... Only candidate interviewed... Search firm and search advisory committee utilized...
  2. Always calculated the time to Iowa City as about 5 hours from Lincoln. So about 4 hours from Omaha... and that was typically in the day when the limits were still 65 in Iowa. (Wife went to college in the Quad Cities, and I visited her several times... had the cities mapped out as progress points. ) Would be a fun trip, depending on ticket price, place to stay, and getting someone to go with me.
  3. First off, my preference is Zoog's fun option. 16, all conference champs and 6 wild cards. Allow for the Cinderella story. Barring that, 12 with 5 Power 5 conference champs and 1 or 2 guaranteed slots to the other 5 conferences and the rest wild cards or 8 with 5 Power 5 conference champs, one guaranteed spot for the best of the other conferences, and 2 wild cards. Either of those would be a good alternative. And regardless of number, like it or not, the weekly rankings/show is here to stay. Viewership is too high and creates too much good drama to not do it.
  4. I'm sure others have a bigger list: Memorial Stadium, Lincoln Arrowhead At the following: Kansas Kansas State Missouri Iowa State Oklahoma Old Orange Bowl twice in '82 and '84.
  5. Folks, I agree with those who think that we don't really know because we haven't seen the committee pick. I found it interesting that on a show on ESPN the other day, the one sports lady who had actually talked to committee members said that in those conversations the ones she talked to stated that they were NOT taking conference affiliation into account in their rankings and selections. Leads me to believe that any thinking that 1 loss Nebraska wouldn't have a shot at the playoff isn't basing that on anything but unvalidated logic with no real basis in the new system. Without any prior selections yo go off of... any guesstimates are wild speculation at best.
  6. Disagree. Crooked Creek is okay. Highlands is more challenging and more fun in my estimation.
  7. Better question for the morning: Who didn't stay up, :-D
  8. Wow... Loaded the bases twice... And only give up one run in the inning. Nice salvage by DeLeon!
  9. Watched the game with my Dad yesterday, and that's pretty much what I said to him. This team is young and will learn from this, and will find a way to win in the postseason from it. As for making the tourney, most upset possibilities are past at this point to bump us out. All bracketologists that I followed basically stated at the beginning of the week that the only thing that could keep Nebraska out would be a loss to Purdue in the quarterfinal and when Ohio State won, I really wasn't concerned about making the NCAA tournament, but where our seed would be. Still not concerned about making it. Only if we'll have to play on Tuesday. Perk up Nebrasketball fans! We'll be dancing this year!
  10. Was surprised this hadn't been noted in here before now, but grats to the lady Huskers, 2013 regular season champs for womens soccer! Now on to the tourney championship and the NCAAs! What a turnaround for a team that had trouble finding its footing since Jenna Cooper's death. Good to see John Walker getting the ship righted!
  11. And FWIW... on the NHL side, I root for Colorado, Minnesota, St. Louis, Dallas, and the Ducks... on the college side, UNO above all others, and then a couple of UNOs future conference mates... Minnesota-Duluth and North Dakotah...
  12. Av's have been hurting since Sakic and Roy left. They've been less than mediocre since then. I also like the Wild and even happier that Parise is on a team that I don't hate... Yeah, to me, one of the big mistakes the Avs made was letting Chris Drury get away. I think Drury could have been (and to me was) the heir apparent to Sakic for captain, but for some reason, the Avs didn't think they could keep him. They need to get their head back to where they can get the guys in to compete again. Hopefully, that'll be sometime in the near future.
  13. Since nebula's already been nominated, I'll nominate HuskerShark.
  14. The Journal Star's Ground Zero section still gives out a prize for Best Ribs, and I think there are 3 or 4 people doing the judging, usually Korbelik (sp?), the food guy for the paper, and a couple others, typically at least one chosen from the public. Always interesting to see what their pick is.
  15. I agree with most here... in that the 'missing' piece of the Big 8/Big XII was in fact that first part: missing aspects of the Big 8, the Oklahoma game on Thanksgiving Day/day after Thanksgiving being the key one. I miss the old battles with Missouri (always seemed to have something for us in Columbia, no matter how good we were), spanking Kansas, for the most part (and even if the only thing it had going for it was the longevity of it, it's still not something you discard overly lightly), Colorado to a certain extent (I know my father has talked to me several times about how in '71, even though Nebraska and Oklahoma were the highlight, Colorado also finished #3 that year, so they weren't quite the flash-in-the-pan we make them out to be sometimes), Kansas State throughout the 90s and 00s. Those are the teams that I miss. While I liked A&M and Tech... I don't really miss them. Those others had a familiarity that bodes for a sense of loss. But I was very excited for the potential of the B1G when we moved, and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us here. The stability overrode all of what we might have had in the Big XII, and the fact that we're treated like an equal in decisions. That's the key, and it makes any sense of loss that much less so for the bright future we have now.
  16. Just joshin' ya a bit. The alternate striping sounds like fun, though it would seem to be a tad bit difficult to organize. But ultimately, this is a very winnable game for this team. Should be interesting to see which corresponding teams for both sides show tonight. I think the guys still have the potential for 6 wins in conference, but they have to take advantage of every opportunity, and they've really let a couple get by them already this year. Still, having fun this season, for sure.
  17. What I find hilarious about this is when he got a question from a Nebraska fan on the Big XII Q&A he does in the Big XII blog on ESPN questioning something to this extent (I believe this was last Fall during the A&M and Missouri dustups while they were considering, then announced they were leaving), he basically said "Nebraska left. Move on, and we'll move on." Interesting how some like to revisit even after they've said something like that.
  18. I'm partial to Famous Dave's for the most part. But the atmosphere is fun, and I have yet to find a rib I didn't like. Lots of people go just to enjoy themselves at a different event rather than going to a restaurant or movie or other similar event that you can go to any time during the year. I'd say that's why it's popular. The ribs are good... but it's about it being an event more than anything. You (generic you, not anyone in particular) can find similar things to complain about regarding any event if you really want to. I enjoy having events like that in downtown Lincoln over the Summer when we have the time to enjoy them. Hopefully, the development of the Haymarket and nearby areas downtown will promote having even more such events in the future. Certainly looks like that's the plan from the people running the show.
  19. Careful, Comish. Your Freudian slip is showing. ("stripping")
  20. And again, to back up the point I made up above about repeat vendors... every one of the vendors listed was here last year. Only one I wasn't sure about was Willingham's, and they tied? for LJS's Best of Show. Love that they have vendors that are loyal and like the event enough to sign on year after year, but makes it tough to add new ones in a place with such limited space.
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