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  1. HoustonSker

    Worst Call Ever In A Husker Game

    Watching that play, IF McCoy isn’t running for his life from Suh, I think he might have ran more time off the clock, pass goes out of bounds and it’s truly game over. Can’t be mad at Suh for trying to kill a man!
  2. HoustonSker

    Guy Thomas gone

    Another of Riley’s 2017 recruits gone. It’s unfortunate as he was highly rated and had an impressive offer list. C’est la vie
  3. HoustonSker

    WR Wan'Dale Robinson [Nebraska - Signed LOI]

    For sure. I recall Tevin Mitchell (CB from Texas) flipped to Arkansas because his mom suddenly got a job there.
  4. HoustonSker


    That ejection of the SC player was garbage. The UT QB had a loose helmet so it looked bad when it came off. If it “looks” or makes a loud noise, those soy refs throw the flag.
  5. HoustonSker

    Adrian Martinez Injury

    I agree with turning it over to the league offices, notice how #44 Jacob Callier holds on to Martinez's leg (fine, no biggy) but then starts to roll his body over twisting it in the process. Dirty, eff that guy. It reminds me of an incident in the early 2000s against OU, I think it was Rocky Calmus twisting Crouch's or a RB's leg.
  6. Watch party in Houston!
  7. Does Tyler Gabbert have any eligibility left? /sarc
  8. HoustonSker

    Fall Camp

    Good to see Grant was back to teach the importance of pounding nerds!
  9. HoustonSker

    QB John Rhys Plumlee [Mississippi - Signed LOI]

    I was just down in Mississippi yesterday and saw the I 59 exit for Hattiesburg, it’s a sign!
  10. Damn it, there was some serious talent on that D, mid 90s level talent.
  11. HoustonSker

    DT Otito Ogbonnia [UCLA - Signed LOI]

    Don’t worry guys, I live down the street from Taylor High, I’ll close this out yelling Husker Power as I drive by the high school tomorrow morning.
  12. HoustonSker

    Peyton Newell Transferring to Kansas State?

    Well, he didn’t produce much so I’m not too miffed. I checked his rivals profile for fun...holy sh*t, his offer list was ridiculous.
  13. HoustonSker

    QB Matthew Tago [Oregon State - Signed LOI]

    Travis Lewis perhaps? From San Antonio if I recall correctly. He was a Callahan recruit who flipped to OU towards the end. He was great for them, I remember he was fast as hell.
  14. HoustonSker

    AP: Eating Better in the Power 5

    Hell yes, look at effing Eric Anderson, has that 40 yr old suburban dad vibe with definite dad strength. Jesus, those guys were beasts.
  15. HoustonSker

    CB Chase Williams [USC - Signed LOI]

    Best of luck to Chase, I was excited to see him as a Blackshirt on the field and rocking that sweet ass retro 90s windbreaker off the field. I guess he’ll put it back on eBay.