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  1. F*ck it, bring in McKenzie Milton. If we want a competent QB and want to win more than two games next year, he’s the best option. Wins don’t care about hurt feelings.
  2. I hear you, it’s just completely unrealistic. On every play, players are lowering their heads. It’s a natural reaction when getting hit and when hitting someone.
  3. No way that’s targeting when looking at the context. QB begins to lower his head in anticipation of getting tackled by the LB who is incoming. Cam can’t instantly adjust his helmet level to account for this. F*cking simp announcers and refs.
  4. Nah, more Kade Warner and walk on WRs please! But but but...they know the playbook and can block better! /sarc
  5. These are beta plays from a coach who shows little fire or want to. SF shows no emotion, just mope a dope on the sideline. Weeeeeak.
  6. Damn straight, stuck on playing guys who know the playbook better vs. playing talented but less knowledgeable guys. This is definitely Pelini-like, e.g. Sean Fisher playing ahead of Lavonte David, until he got hurt and then David became a star.
  7. The Texas “full hospital” thing was due to the way the hospital system in Houston was reporting. They’ve since corrected it to 100% of their base operational capacity, not total capacity. Although they may get to max level at some time, but it’s worth clarifying in the time being.
  8. Yes, although I recall Warfield was second string that season. All played in the league with Williams and Minter having longer careers. Loaded as hell, all three levels of the D had NFL caliber players.
  9. Yes! He was my favorite DB in the mid 90s, big bodied and physical. That late TD he gave up in the national title game was garbage, the Florida receiver was out of bounds when he controlled the ball.
  10. I still haven’t come to the realization that effing Rutgers is a conference rival. Rutgers!!!
  11. Exactly, Cornell Burkhalter. He’s also the nephew of Grant Winstrom and friends with Luke McCafferty!
  12. Bo Pelini, Monte Cristo, DeAngelo Evans, and Shevin Wiggins baby!
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