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  1. Effort lacked last year, but it has to be difficult working for a lame duck head coach. The buy in will produce effort and the coaching staff can get results based on that effort.
  2. This is just awesome all the way around. Handled by the program with class and he handled the entire unfortunate situation with class. He couldn't be "the Man" so he became the best teammate he could!
  3. Huskers to Hold Walk-On Tryouts

    This is what I'm thinking.
  4. Huskers in the Super Bowl

    Ouch! LOL
  5. Hearing others guys (UCF) talk about how hard it is, but how much they appreciated it in the long run really gets me fired up!
  6. NCAA Looks to Adjust Transfer Rules

    I worry more about the kid on scholarship at the school accepting the transfer losing his scholarship. Your the 3rd stringer at any given position and a stud wants to move in and the school is at 85 who goes? I currently like the red shirt for a transfer rule. Grad transfer are good IMO they have a degree from that school they've held up their end of the bargain so to speak.
  7. Team Meeting

  8. JD Spielman named Freshman All-American

    He's going to be fun to watch in the new system!
  9. Same City, New Era

    Everyone loves a comeback story!
  10. Charlie Mcbride podcast on Big Red Cobcast

    I could listen to McBride talk football all day!
  11. Tre Bryant

    Spielman and Morgan in this system will be fun to watch if Stanley stays.
  12. Frost's Contract

    Careful with the lifetime contract idea!
  13. Frost's Contract

    5 Million a year I think they might be able to afford the other trips they might want to take!
  14. The Scott Frost Diet

    SCOTch should be part of the diet plan!