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  1. Warrior

    there's no reason to lose to purdue...

    1. I agree there's a hype factor that doesn't translate to a the overall ability as well as a youth factor 2 While. I think in the last couple of years the best highers for FBS Programs have been Brohm and Frost.. I think that this statement is false, Frost in year two with a program was light years ahead of Brohm in year 2.. 3. I think the learning curve & depth have shown our flaws, but that's going to happen when you open yourself up to the Coaching Carousel. Having said all that.. Frost and his staff are the right guys and I'm looking forward to seeing all the things that are ahead.. I think we beat Purdue and winning cures many things! GBR!!!
  2. Warrior

    *** Official Michigan Game Thread ***

    Dang that would have been 6!
  3. Warrior

    Let Us Pray

    We will stand by the road
  4. Warrior

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    He's your 5th sting QB going back to when Frost took the job.
  5. Warrior

    What did we learn? -Game 2- Troy

    As frustrating as it was to lose... 1. It would have been a ton worse with last years group coaching.. 2. A Non Scholly QB turns the ball over.. Shocking.. He Still wasn't terrible there's a reason he's not on scholarship 3. Mis-alignments by LB's were costly.. Still enjoy a Defense flying around 4. Special Teams Ouch. They flipped the field so much in the punting game. 5. Clean up the penalties which I think all are fixable and the results will come.
  6. Warrior

    Dirty Hit on Adrian Martinez?

    The Initial hit looks fine. It's the extra-curricular activity after the play that is the issue.
  7. Warrior

    Navy SEAL Damian Jackson

    Long Snapping is a skill that can be learned and at his size and strength there's a chance of getting on the field.
  8. Warrior

    Huskers to Have Area Codes on Helmets

    Reppin' the ATL 404/678/770 Cell,Work, Home...
  9. Warrior

    Solich - couple questions

    Edited... This is why Males don't Multi-Task!
  10. Warrior

    Solich - couple questions

    Osborne in many of his books said he would step aside for Frank. Actually stayed an extra year when Wistrom, and Peter asked him to stay. Solich went 10-3 after a staff change over. He deserved more time unless some of these rumors are true. You can say what you want about his record at Ohio, but they have gone to levels they had never seen before he took over.
  11. Warrior

    Worst Loss of the Riley Era

    2016 Loss to OSU.. 7-1 and had played Wisconsin to Overtime. Still reason to drink the Kool-aid Then Smacked by the Buck's and all the flaws were exposed even before TA was carted off.
  12. Unreal. This could get real ugly!
  13. Warrior

    Most intriguing bowl matchup

    Most story lines.. UCF or UCLA.. Big 8 or 12 bring up stories of days gone by. Not as intriguing as the others.
  14. Warrior

    Stan vs Bell

    I went with Bell, but once this season is over that might change. Anytime I think of bell I think blocking for some reason!
  15. Warrior

    Helu Jr. Vs. Burkhead

    Both are great, but for overall value I have to go with Rex.