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  1. I'm not even mad. Watching the end of the games is comical to me at this point. Only suspense is how they are going to lose at the end. Strip sack fumble? Bad interception? Horrible special teams play? Endless possibilities.
  2. Smothers struggles trying to run through lanes. Seems to always run into his lineman.
  3. If the last one was incomplete then this one is a catch.
  4. Team expects to lose. No way you constantly do this every game.
  5. Fair catching at the 6 with looked to be a line drive punt.......
  6. Here is where the team usually folds up and calls it a day. Perhaps one time they will take a punch and get back up.
  7. I just hope they give smothers an opportunity to run the offense and not some vanilla hand off 2 times up the middle for 2 yards and then a QB draw for a punt 50% of our possessions.
  8. Someone started drinking early today. Should be a first day draft pick then with that much potential. My guess he goes undrafted.
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