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  1. Guessing if he hasn't figured out how to snap the ball after two full years then year three isn't going to be much better.
  2. Would you stick around if you were sitting behind Falck and Warner? How many snaps do Betts and Fleming get a game compared to these two? Warner has 4 catches for 35 yards and 2 dropped TD passes on the year as our #1 WR. Freaking pathetic that as a major P5 school this is what we trot out there and we expect these young kids to just sit and watch this mess?
  3. Would be OK if literally 100% of all plays went to Robinson.
  4. The only thing that can save this season is covid. Need the rest of these to be cancelled.
  5. Where does getting blown at home by a terrible Illinois team rank in the abysmal failures of this team over the last 20 years?
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