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  1. The Trump Regretters

    The Trump supporters that I know think that any Republican is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  2. What fads did you take part in?

    Bellbottoms, granny glasses, lava lamp, Beatlemania
  3. Trumps Education Reform

    If private schools are smart, they will reject vouchers. Govt money usually comes with strings
  4. Trump's America

    My DIL tells me that the kids were throwing out the good food and eating the slop when she worked as lunch lady.
  5. Nebraska Budget

    That's what they wanted when they voted Trump.
  6. 1968 & 1972 Nixon 1976 Carter 1980 & 1984 Reagan 1988 & 1992 Bush 1996 Clinton 2000 Gore 2004 Kerry 2008 & 2012 Obama 2016 Johnson 9-4
  7. CFB Coaching Carousel 2016

    San Jose State fired Ron Caragher
  8. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    My step-son is a Iowa fan so we always poke fun at him. He attended Iowa, but dropped out because of $$ and he discovered partying.
  9. Who's to blame for Trump video

    I think Sanders would've done a better job of getting people out to vote and keeping them from voting third party.
  10. Repealing the ACA under Trump

    I agree JJ, this is a huge undertaking and needs to be fixed. I saw that AZ was increasing the cost up 115%. That is not a typo all, 115%. I do not want to emulate Europe but some where rationally would be good. I believe there is a county in AZ that doesn't have any obamacare insurers.
  11. What occupation do you wish you pursued?

    Freelancing. Would have been nice to set my hours. But I wouldn't have been able to retire at 60.
  12. Back In My Day...

    I spent most of my childhood outside. Ringer washers. Walked home for lunch instead of eating it at school
  13. Favorite Pop-Tart?

  14. The Dumbing Down of the US

    It seems that they might as well get their HS diploma when they start kindergarten. From what I've read, in some districts children can't get F's or zeros. Never heard of such thing in my day.
  15. *****Official College Football Thread - 2016 Edition*****

    Perhaps Northern Iowa and South Dakota State should be invited to the Big12