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  1. Kalu Appears to Spit at Fan

    Our fanbase acts sooooooo stupid on twitter
  2. Aren't we set up to be too far down the APR list to even think about a bowl?
  3. Yeah, that's good. As I said earlier, I don't feel anything anyways
  4. Your feelings should be more hurt that this team couldn't beat their way out of wet paper bag. With two losses, psu has a tiny yet legit chance to still make the playoff if the stars align perfectly for them. They need to make statements. Our coaching staff doesn't deserve the mercy of sportsmanship if they suck this bad.
  5. The numb is calming
  6. Hopefully...

  7. B1G Week 12

  8. Was definitely the Rutgers game
  9. What did we learn?....Minnesota

    So, uh, I read that this was only the 2nd time since 2006 that Minny broke 50 points in B1G play. Is that really true?
  10. Making sure you have the right address?
  11. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    Come on man, you know that diet coke has to be a pepsi
  12. Chip Kelly

    Do you have to create a new thread everytime something comes up?
  13. There won't be empty seats. They'll be filled by Iowa fans.