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  1. Pelini to OSU

    Urban's days are numbered...
  2. Scott Frost Caption Contest

  3. New Tunnel Walk Ideas 2018


    They chose six because it sounds the most like sex, and the coaches want them to make love to the end zone.
  5. POB...still in the QB room?

  6. POB...still in the QB room?

    I've got some juicy goss that fits with this narrative.... I have a sibling at UNL, who said the first time they "met" POB (met in quotes because when he sat down at the table of 2-3 people he wouldn't acknowledge said sibling) he referred to himself multiple times as "The Savior of Nebraska Football" before even going through a season.... I also heard a rumor that Uncle Rico is his life coach. I know the first rumor to be true, the second I am 50/50 on
  7. Frost’s QB Room

    Sipple is saying there was no class conflict. I can’t believe Callahan would do that. I bet Sean says “that bus was being a real a**hole to McGreggor, fr fr” too....
  8. Frost’s QB Room

  9. Frost’s QB Room

    At 1:43 Callahan says POB had a class conflict, which is why he didnt speak with the media. Do we trust Callahan or is this just one Irishman sticking up for another??
  10. Post-Practice Presser - April 10

    Bunch talks and POB doesn't............ Lets speculate the sh*t out of this!
  11. Spring Ball Video Recaps

    I know its baseball season so there probably isn't anybody on this forum interested about football yet, but here is some boring Spring Football video. Apparently the Hooskers got a new coach, Steven Frust or something, who cares.
  12. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    You guys caught me. I'm ousted. I belong to the hate group of psychotic demon possessed smelly people that cure their erectile dysfunction over tweets of athletes going to the hospital for rhabdo. Didn't realize I posted in the Willfully Ignorant of Humor thread. I looked for gifs that said "it is obvious that the previous coaching staff had this team woefully unprepared for the entirety of the 2017 season, in all facets. It is clear that the new administrations approach resulted in quite the opposite for a team in central Florida. Now for those who have the mental capacity to ponder the likelihood of two things being correct at once, the following conclusion shall be more than adequate. Riley's football team is not acclimated to work out at a championship level and Duval overestimated the stamina of some of his participants given the handicap of training under an insufficient regime the previous year. That doesn't mean that the new staff is doing something systematically incorrect but instead made a mistake" but I thought that might be a little on the nose, don't ya think? And to the second post, I will use this analogy. Imagine if Rosie O'donnell posted a video, telling her youtube subscribers that she hates when people make fun of her weight in the comment section. It is guaranteed that the first comment will be "When Rosie walks in front of my television I miss 3 shows" or "Rosie so fat she gave Dracula diabetes" -- Everything is a joking matter or nothing is and the best way to ensure that something IS joked about is to say that it shouldn't be. Now, back to keyboard warriors beating the crap out of straw-men they constructed. MUSH!
  13. Lindsey and Owen Hospitalized

    BREAKING FROM GOOGLE --- big, if true