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  1. OT Grant Treiber

    The Oregon power has moved to Lincoln and Westwood, just saying.
  2. OT Chris Akporoghene [Tennessee Commit]

    Nice. Lots of solid offers. Would love to have him . Have we landed recruits from IMG? I am thinking not and now have some Florida connections on staff. (Please no Bookie jokes and he was CA when we recruited him).
  3. WR Jameson Williams

    Looks perfect for Frost's offense. Shorter quick routes and WR screens where ball is out fast and then he makes everyone miss. He looks good. Some of his competition looks poor though. That or he just leaves everyone in the dust and runs right passed some slow cement feet defenders. Probably some of both,
  4. DE David Ojabo [Michigan Commit]

    Michigan is an early leader. https://www.landof10.com/michigan/michigan-recruiting-david-ojabo-greg-mattison-rashan-gary-camp-visit-wolverines-football
  5. QB Logan Smothers

    Other programs will be in on this kid. Good that we are early. https://www.landof10.com/nebraska/nebraska-football-recruiting-logan-smothers-unofficial-visit-recap-2020-class
  6. Huskers Road Schedule

    ESPN says we have the toughest road schedule for a new coach. I sort of like it...build perseverance and character early. I don't expect us to win many of these big road tests but will be interested how we play all 4 quarters. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/23775621/nebraska-tough-road-sked-tops-2018-college-football-schedule-superlatives
  7. WR Rashee Rice

    He really liked Minny so if he visits I think we can impress. If his dad liked Minny, think how NU will show. https://247sports.com/college/southern-methodist/Article/Texas-wide-receiver-Rashee-Rice-is-high-on-Minnesota-following-his-visit-118793807
  8. QB Terrance Gipson [SMU Commit]

    A bit surprised by this. I wonder if he has a good year if someone doesn't pick him off from SMU later on.
  9. OT Jack Buford [Missouri Commit]

    I liked this recruit but the video is cringe, dude. Meh-zoo.
  10. DE Ben Coleman [California Commit]

    "Nebraska, Cal, Utah, UCF, Oregon State, Arizona State, Washington State, Yale, Minnesota, UNLV, Colorado State and UTEP are recruiting me the hardest," said Coleman. https://247sports.com/Article/Three-star-OL-Ben-Coleman-has-a-long-list-to-go-through-118489965
  11. LB Nick Henrich

    This guy has to be a top priority, Would be surprised if he doesn't end up N.
  12. JUCO DT Tony Fair

    Run stuffer, film had some highlights. With some work he could be a good add.
  13. 2017 #1 ProStyle QB Hunter Johnson leaving Clemson likely for Purdue or Northwestern.  We may play this guy a lot.  #Blackshirts Party

    1. Comfortably Numb

      Comfortably Numb

      Time to start the Chinander Graveyard list?

    2. StPaulHusker


      This is a prime example of why a team should never skip taking a QB every year.

    3. Thanks_Tom RR

      Thanks_Tom RR

      Taking one QB per year is likely a big factor in why you see such a high QB transfer rate.


      Here is Clemson's QB recruiting from 2014-2019:


      2014: :star :star :star :star QB

      2015: :star :star :star QB and :star :star :star QB

      2016::star :star :star :star  QB

      2017::star :star :star :star :star QB and :star :star :star QB

      2018: :star :star :star :star :star QB

      2019: :star :star :star :star QB (committed)


      Now, they had 4 of these 7 scholarship QBs (not counting the 2019 commit) still on the roster and continue to take one per year. Imagine that if you are guy 3-6 on the depth chart and know that another guy is joining the team every year.

  14. DE Peter Mpagi [Texas Commit]

    We seem to be behind if we are serious with this kid. Says Washington and Northwestern are his leaders. Should add those two to the voting poll. Talks Washington as well as his tendinitis issues. Says wants to commit by end of June. https://247sports.com/college/washington/Article/The-Washington-Huskies-are-one-of-2019-George-Ranch-Richmond-Tx-DE-Peter-Mpagis-top-schools-now-that-theyve-offered-118113064