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  1. Did they just say we have 0 first downs? Will watch the half time "we suck, bring on Frost" commentary then turning this off. Just think a week from now this will all be over. Only good news I got.
  2. Another game on FS1 over in the first half. FS1 must hate us as all the TV's turn over to better games.
  3. ***2018 Recruiting***

    After watching more of this defense, if I am looking at NU I have to be saying OK I am going to hear what the new coaches are going to say about defense. It's a combination people...it's bad coaching but we don't have really any talented players on defense. I like Kalu and that's about it. Freedom and the Davis twins should have been more of monsters right now and they are useless. LB's are slow. The secondary it's a mess. Bookie come on back...starter from Day 1. At least the offense under Riley has shown flashes at times. What has the defense ever done under Riley and whoever has been his coaches.
  4. ***2018 Recruiting***

    I think we keep many of our recruits on offense. Frost is the hottest name on the offensive side of the ball. Young up and coming coach who will be with us a long time. Why wouldn't these recruits want to play in this offense. The defensive recruits too...not sure where they stand. If they are tied to a relationship with a coach I could see that. But we all know Diaco is not the answer. If you like the program then there is no better time to come in. Frost is going to start fresh so if you can play good news for you.
  5. Hopefully...

    I actually think it's a pretty good metric. If this PSU game goes the way everyone is predicting I will be watching for who is still running hard and wanting to make tackles. Would be interesting to see the RB's against a stout defense and who can emerge and to me we have a lot of similar guys in the secondary. Someone needs to step up as Kalu graduates and he is typically only one who seems to be into the game the whole time. Also, somebody please make a sack...McSorely will be rubbing it with his homerun swing so somebody please knock him down.
  6. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I actually think quite a bit and this is one of the main reasons you will see SF offered a long contract and a big consideration in our next coach. We are going to make a statement that SF is our coach for the long term. He's young and we will rebuild the program. I think we are all tired of the constant "next coach" talk. It happened half of Bo's tenure and immediately for HCMR because he was such a random pick that once he showed he was way in over his head there was no way he could overcome it. The bright side being MR is a nice, professional guy so hopefully this can all end amiably and we can bring on the Frost era! I really like Speilman and Gebbia for Frost's offense. Gebbia strikes me that he is mobile enough, smart, and could be a gamer that we will need to get some W's against teams that are ahead of us in the BIG. I hope Gebbia stays (he is from my high school so I have an interest rooting for him to do well).
  7. Hopefully...

    Yep...we need to find some other players than just JD.
  8. Wow is Minny bad.  The fact that they crushed us says a lot about how much we need to rebuild.  

  9. Alex Grinch

    Don't know much about Grinch. I suspect it is Chinander all the way unless he is staying at UCF to take the top job.
  10. Craig Bohl

    Bohl would solidify a permanent place for us in irrelevant land. Please no.
  11. ***Penn State Prediction Contest***

    PSU 62 NU 24 Ground 94 Air 216
  12. Turn Around - How long?

    Pretty much agree with this. Year 1 is setting the culture and system. I actually don't think we'll lose many of the current recruits on offense. With Frost you get to still play at Nebraska with a major upgrade on offense. From what I know about Chinander he likes to attack so I want recruits to fit that defensive system and bring some swagger back to the Blackshirts. My biggest concern is we are leaving the OL and DL cupboard bare with really no depth in recruiting these positions right now for 2018. That is going to take some fixing. We need to build the trenches and I think Frost is smart enough to know that...if you can't dominate the LOS in the BIG, then you can't play for all the marbles. This isn't the Pac 12 or Big 12. I'd be looking for some stud OL and RB's to start to create that identity. Need to desperately find some playmakers on defense. Parsons would be a great fit.
  13. LB Eriq Gilyard [Central Florida Commit]

    And I like our chances pulling this kid when Frost is announced as the next coach here.
  14. ***Minnesota Prediction Contest***

    Neb 31 Minny 20 Ground 142 Air 260
  15. ** Scott Frost megathread all things SF***

    I agree and this is why I think we should absolutely have the edge over Florida. If Frost does not do well at Florida he will be out...there is no loyalty to him. McElwain had 2 pretty good years getting to the SEC championship and they didn't even let him finish this year (can you imagine us running Frost out mid-season?...that would never happen). At Nebraska, I think he automatically gets 7-8 years or double what he'd get at other high profile schools. We'd put up with less immediate success because we are building towards long term stability with a young coach we want to run the program for 20 years. We can offer similar money to Florida with much more security/stability. It's his home state and team. We have to get this...I would be shocked if we did not get this done.