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  1. The Talent Debate - 2017 Edition

    Been saying for years, ranked 20-35 in recruiting classes is not cutting it. We talk about wanting to win the BIG championship...we need top 10 recruiting classes, simple as that.
  2. Quirky article. Their argument is Scott Frost doesn't want to leave the comfort of easy Florida recruiting? What? Frost doesn't strike me as a person not up for challenges. If the Nebraska job is something he always saw as a mission for himself, then he strikes me as one with a drive to have success. It won't be overnight but it would be the type of competitiveness and football we all crave.
  3. To me it's still simple. Win or at least be competitive. Look at our trend... We escaped Arkansas St. Oregon thrashed us...final score was much closer than actual game. NIU actually beats us. Riley has to win...he's under crazy adversity so let's see what happens. I think his chance of success is low but we'll see if we win. The fact that we have several key players injured is not helping his cause though. The thing can just come apart if Rutgers comes in here and wins.
  4. ***Rutgers Prediction Contest***

    Nebraska 34 Rutgers 20 Air 228 Ground 146

    Good stuff by JP. I like it. Some of you can't handle the truth (someone insert a Jack Nicholson gif).
  6. Who should we hire

    Good post. Agree on Les. He underachieved. I'd only take him in some consultative role but not as head coach or one of the coordinators.
  7. Scott Frost

    These Frost stories are interesting. They are like the small early makings of what could be legend. I think why so many people like Frost is that deep down they know he is with us, right there in the foxhole, win or lose, dying after giving it our all or winning glorious battles. Look at our coaches. Cally...aloof NFL X's and O's guy. Pelini...f you fans. Riley...nice guy, but aww shucks has no idea how to win or fight. I don't know if Frost is going to be great coach or not. But he strikes me as a guy who bleeds Husker Red and we could all go to battle with proudly for several years. He just has something no other candidate could ever have. And the stories about how he still talks Huskers while working and recruiting for Oregon is making me smile.
  8. The Unfathomable

    The bottomline is we have to see how the season plays out. If we get to 8 wins that means we have beaten some pretty good teams and the storyline would be Lee got better and the defense got better so they''ll see if they can improve next year. No way he is gone if 8 wins. I think that 8 wins is very unlikely and we will probably end up with 6. Things that could really be bad: Losing to Rutgers or Illinois (these are the worst teams left on our schedule). We must win these games. Suffering another major blowout or two to really anyone (not just OSU). Watch out for Purdue and Minny to want to make a statement in the West on us. I can also see a languishing losing record team pull a Riley upset special (like beating Penn State) and then that may save his job that we are on the rise. Or what if he changes the QB and we start winning? The storyline will be we have found our QB for Riley. I think these next 2 weeks are very telling...we have to win them both. If we do there will be some more kool-aid flowing and then see how it goes from there. I think it is 6 wins with probably at least one more total dud and maybe a shocking upset. Riley's teams are usually inconsistent this way.
  9. WR Chase Cota

    Final 7 of Alabama, Cal, Georgia, Notre Dame, Oregon, UCLA and USC.
  10. Nebraska tops this weeks Misery Index (USA Today)

    Don't sleep on Rutgers. It could be over that fast.
  11. Circling the Wagons

    Practice finding ways to put pressure on the opposing QB...from the DL as well as bringing LB's and DB's. This creates the opportunity for sacks or hurries into bad throws which lead to INT's. Roll the pocket more...Lee is a statue getting crushed. Maintain a run game and control clock. Keep our defense off the field so we have the energy to attack when we need. Re-boot on our punt return. Put pressure on the punter (who smartly holds the ball and lets his players get downfield) or actually set up for a good return. We do neither...choose one each punt return. Set up for the return or rush the punt so punt is not good. I just got two turnovers, added 6+ minutes to our time of possession, lessened the hits on our QB meaning less INT's and fumbles, and greatly increased our field position after punts. Not too shabby.
  12. Eichorst is the piece that will need to fall first. If he goes I think we have something. If not, there is likely nothing to see here and most will see progress at 6 wins and a bowl. Fans are fickle...beat a top 10 Wisky and see how winning will cure not all, but most. I'm skeptical so we'll see.
  13. WR Kobe Smith

    This guy looks like great hands/possession. He may fit like an athletic TE is what he looks like to me if he gets bigger.
  14. Scott Frost

    Looks like thus is the guy you are referencing as the DC at UCF. Not too bad. I think we can find room for him on defense. I still like my Frost/Aranda duo. http://ucfknights.com/coaches.aspx?rc=920&path=football