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  1. DE Ty Robinson

    Bump for this kid. Moving up my board and he is a spring game visitor.
  2. LB Ge'Mon Eaford

    Kid is moving up my board!
  3. ATH Jamie Nance

    Minny just offered too.
  4. RB John Bivens

    Film is pretty good and he is smooth with good burst and acceleration. Seems to get good blocks out of the wishbone and gets through first level quick. Intriguing prospect.
  5. JUCO DE Jermaine Johnson

    I don't think we get back to an elite D without some good edge rushers. Love that Chinander's D needs guys like this.
  6. POB...still in the QB room?

    Best wishes to POB. No surprise he didn't fit in this offense if you watched UCF. Yes, Oregon State is a likely landing place.
  7. Stan vs Bell

    Thanks for the Stan videos but these highlights here just confirm my Bell vote. Bell had big plays all over the place and that's what I remember about him. I'm pulling for Stan to have a big year though.
  8. QB Terrance Gipson

    Pretty good film. Definitely adds a true run threat to QB.
  9. Stan vs Bell

    Slight edge to Bell for ability to stretch the field. Could change if Stan has a good year. Stan is better on the underneath routes but Bell has more memorable big yard catches...not sure if that is even true but that's how I perceive them and to me Bell is thus a slightly more dangerous threat. I need to see Stan take those underneath routes to the house.
  10. Helu Jr. Vs. Burkhead

    I vote Rex. Rex was the junkyard dog as advertised. Got extra yards where there were none. Not the homerun threat Helu was but Rex hit a lot of singles and doubles and kept drives moving. Every team is better with a Rex. Consistently solid.
  11. Jamal Lord vs Taylor Martinez

    Not even close. KSU guy on far right at 2:36-2:38 is one of my favorite reactions of all time.
  12. TE Brayden Liebrock

    This kid is blowing up. Expect 4 stars soon. Big time weapon for our offense. Lots of competition from OSU, Bama, USC.
  13. Tyjon Lindsey

    From the 247 article. Walters said Nebraska has enough to compete right away. “We didn’t come here to be 6-6,” he said.
  14. Tyjon Lindsey

    De'Anthony Thomas was fun to watch in that Oregon offense. Would love to see some of that here at NU. #playmaker