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  1. ***Official Penn State Game Discussion Thread***

    I haven't watched a minute of the game today, just mad I didn't put down money on this game. We all knew how this was going to go.
  2. ***Official Penn State Game Discussion Thread***

    Moral victory if they don't give this up in the second half?
  3. Non-Scott Frost Coaching Options

    There are no other options, it must be Scott Frost. However, I'm almost to the point where I would rather just grab an option guy and go back to the good old days. Niumatalolo or Johnson type, with Paul Johnson being probably too old. If we are going to be mediocre, I wouldn't be opposed to going back to the good ole days. It is at least fun to watch and something different rather than be a mediocre spread team.
  4. Turn Around - How long?

    You are living in Banana land if you think there is a small margin between this team winning 4 games or winning 9. This isn't Mike Riley year 1 with heart breaking losses at the end of the game. This is getting taken behind the woodshed and physically beaten up type losses at the hands of bad teams. Riley took over a program that had won 9 games 7 straight years in a row. I was in the camp that anyone could win 9 games at Nebraska, but ole Hip Hip Hooray Mike proved that incorrect. I'm all for whomever we bring in next getting more than 3 years to build back up the program no matter what but a 61 year old .500 coach isn't going to get it done here. He's a turd that needs to be flushed.
  5. Mike Riley

    NO ONE is a better evaluator of the appropriate number of "hips" in hip hip hooray than ole Mike. Never once did a I question whether it should be three or five hips after a W, you just knew Riley wouldn't lead me astray. I will always be proud of that.
  6. Tanner Lee updates?

    I think he had a case of it's cold and we are getting curb stomped by Minnesotaitis.
  7. Shatel: Parrella for Interim DC

    I would like someone calling defensive plays to realize that sending more than 3 or 4 guys is allowed and encouraged sometimes. These extra defenders rushing the QB sometimes results in sacks, which are negative yard plays. I know it has been a while since we have seen those, but might be worth trying every now and then. I've never coached football though so I guess sitting back in coverage and hoping the QB makes a bad throw or the WR drops it might be the better approach. I think lost in the atrocious rushing defense yesterday is that we allowed a like a 30% passer to complete at like a 65% clip when Minnesota decided that running for 8 yards at a time wasn't getting it done.
  8. A decision could be made sooner than we thought

    Every coach we are after is still going to be coaching their team the next 3 weeks so I agree. It is not like we are going to fire Riley today and announce coach whomever it is going to be is taking over for the last two weeks. So in reality, what coach on this current staff do people want coaching this time in Riley's absence, and how is that going to make things better? We are going to have to beat Penn State on the road to be bowl eligible and there is no coach on the current staff that is going to magically take over and put out this dumpster fire.
  9. ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    Who hasn't smoked NU. Act like you have won a game a game before. You coach a s#!tty gopher team that is less s#!tty than Nebraska. Congrats.
  10. ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    Their coach is such a tool. At least we don't have that douche roaming the sidelines.
  11. ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    On pace for a 40 piece nugget from bad Golden Gopher squad. This is just sad.
  12. ***Official Minnesota Game Discussion Thread***

    Wilborn goes down against a light breeze, but lets ram it up the gut with him in a slow developing run on 4 and 1.
  13. So let's say Riley stays ...

    People seemed to forget Riley didn't take over a dumpster fire. He took over a team that had won 9 or more games in 7 straight seasons. 2008 Bo Pelini9 Big 12 North T–1st10 9 4 Won Gator Bowl (Clemson) 26–21 — — — 2009 Big 12 North 1st 10 4 Won Holiday Bowl (Arizona) 33–0 14 14 22 2010 Big 12 North T–1st11 10 4 Lost Holiday Bowl (Washington) 7–19 20 19 18 2011 Big Ten Legends 3rd 9 4 Lost Capital One Bowl (South Carolina) 13–30 24 24 20 2012 Big Ten Legends 1st 10 4 Lost Capital One Bowl (Georgia) 31–45 25 23 16 2013 Big Ten Legends T-2nd 9 4 Won Gator Bowl (Georgia) 24–19 — 25 — 2014 Big Ten West T-2nd 9 4 Lost Holiday Bowl (USC) 42–4512 — — — 2015 Mike Riley Big Ten West 4th 6 7 Won Foster Farms Bowl (UCLA) 37–29 — — — 2016 Big Ten West T-2nd 9 4 Lost Music City Bowl (Tennessee) 38–24 — — — 2017 Big Ten West 4 5 — — — Comparing WSU to Nebraska really isn't an apples to apples comparison. 2008 Paul Wulff 2–11 1–8 2009 Paul Wulff 1–11 0–9 2010 Paul Wulff 2–10 1–8 Pac-12 Conference (2011–present) 2011 Paul Wulff 4–8 2–7 2012 Mike Leach 3–9 1–8 6th (North) 2013 Mike Leach 6–7 4–5 5th (North) L New Mexico 2014 Mike Leach 3–9 2–7 5th (North) 2015 Mike Leach 9–4 6–3 3rd (North) W Sun Bowl 2016 Mike Leach 8–5 7–2 2nd (North) L Holiday Bowl
  14. I have to question Fitzgerald's football acumen.
  15. Terrible call, but Lee has to get rid of the ball.