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  1. http://bigrednation.com/2017/11/adam-rittenberg-espn-nebraska-informed-ucf-want-scott-frost/ Might not be before end of season but this would indicate he is definitely gone.
  2. I'm sorry but that is crap. I have seen plenty of schools do a great b*******. Iowa does one every year and it usually looks great. You can't tell me that Nebraksa is any whiter than Iowa and those black stripes are solid. The problem with Nebraska doing a b******* is there are too many people like my family who wear red because to do anything else to a Nebraska game just isn't done in their opinion. There is no way they are going to change what they have been doing for 40+ years. I just laugh.
  3. Iowa's claimed national title

    As far as I know, Iowa doesn't actually "claim" that national title as a national title. It is in the media guides buried in the list of all of the rankings through the years but I don't believe any special attention is given to it. No Iowa fan that I know would ever claim that as an actual national title either.
  4. Unfortunately we only have 2 games against the SEC unless OSU makes it to the title game against Bama. Iowa vs. Florida in Florida and NE vs. Tenn in Nashville.
  5. To be fair - in the 90s they would have.
  6. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    That was my first thought on seeing that post. I think this thread is great!
  7. Moving Past Notre Dame and Texas?

    Considering Notre Dame just lost 21 wins from their 2012 and 2013 seasons that should get you to number 2. eta: and Glory beat me to it apparently.
  8. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    You must be from Iowa Lincoln for 18 now. Grew up in Iowa and went to Iowa. Like both teams but so far Nebraska is still 2nd Get to put Iowa gear on my friends when we win and somehow ended up in a Nebraska cheerleading outfit a couple of years ago. That wasn't pretty. This information was in response to the chatter about who should be Nebraska's rival earlier in the thread. Just got me curious where Nebraska stood in relation to the rest of the Big 10 after 6 years.
  9. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    That's not stupid. You just put all of the Ms before the Ws and then if you are really ambitious you sort them by color!
  10. Good quote from Mike Riley here: “It seems like a really great natural rivalry that will just do nothing but grow and become bigger and bigger. I mean, just the proximity, kind of the like-mindedness, I just think it’s a perfect fit that way,” Husker coach Mike Riley said. “The guys in this program see them as, they’ll be a constant competitor for this Western Division deal. So every game will be big, and you know, I think the rivalry part of it will be great for all of us surrounding, the fans, and I think it will become more and more real.” http://hawkeyenation.com/football/preview-prediction-plenty-line-hawkeyes-huskers
  11. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    Sorry - just had to post this one
  12. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    Team W L Close Blowout W Blowout L Illinois 3 1 1 2 0 Iowa 3 2 3 0 1 Minnesota 4 2 2 2 0 NW 4 2 3 1 0 Purdue 3 1 1 2 0 Wisconsin 1 5 3 0 3 Indiana 1 0 1 Maryland 1 0 0 1 Michigan 2 1 0 0 1 MSU 3 2 3 1 0 Ohio State 1 2 0 0 2 Penn State 3 0 0 Rutgers 2 0 0 1 You could really make a case for any of the Iowa/Minnesota/Northwestern trio as being your closest rivals in the Big 10 so far. Michigan State would have been an option if they hadn't been moved to the other division and Wisconsin could get there if you can win a few years in a row. If Iowa wins a close game this week then we become tied with a majority of the games being close. Not nearly enough data there to be meaningful, just a snapshot of how your first 6 years in the Big 10 have played out. eta this was nicely formatted!!! Will try to format it again... ok - formatting is better at least.
  13. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    More fans of each program dislike the other program more than they dislike other programs. It's pretty easy. I don't know if I would use dislike. Maybe hate, loathe, detest...
  14. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    So, basically the same thing we have with Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue.... Don't forget the trophy! (The ugly corporate trophy.... WHY DID I BRING THAT THING UP!?!?!?!? Now I want to go cry)
  15. Iowa Hate Week - Please post to show your love

    I honestly think that was as much to try and make Nebraska feel more at home in the Big Ten. We have some truly great rivalries in the conference, but they didn't want Nebraska to feel left out so they just started pushing sh#t instead of letting it develop. Well, that definitely made us feel at home since we already had that happen with Colorado. And I know how much you hated Colorado for it so obviously we are doing something right