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      *NEW* Nebrasketball Commit - 2018 PG Xavier Johnson   08/07/2017

      Husker Hoops land a commitment from Arlington, Virginia Point Guard Xavier Johnson   Profile   Get Up-To-Date on Basketball Recruiting
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      Fall 2017 Fundraiser   09/22/2017

      One of the things that was lost in the board upgrade is the way we used to give users the "Donor" tag that showed up below their user info doesn't work the same way anymore.  I have a new tag set up that will go to anyone who donates going forward.   I should get a notification when you donate but it is only tied to your email, not your username.  So if I don't get your tag on right away either PM me or send an email to Admin@HuskerBoard.com.


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  1. What amount of fan fiction can a person write and not be a nerd? Asking for a friend.

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    2. teachercd


      It is an art...write as much as you can.  I wish I was creative.  

    3. El Diaco

      El Diaco

      To be honest, I didn't really know what fan fiction was or what your name pertained to so I used the Google machine. It's pretty cool if you're creative like that. I am not creative at all when it comes to writing or songs. And I just learned that mistress Alys is a babe. I'll never picture you any other way again Moiraine. Although for quite awhile I have pictured you as Mila Kunis so not much of a change really.

    4. Moiraine


      Well, I'm fine with that. She's pretty hot.