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  1. At least Purdue and Indiana are playing each other to go to a bowl game next week, might be a good game to watch, odd duck teams really.
  2. Well, that was a typical UM Indiana game. They always play UM so close.
  3. Exactly, though wow OSU gives up some big plays, but just when needed they get a nice sack.
  4. Mixed feelings about it, on one hand they loose, UM wins and B1G East is finally won. On the other hand without beating them it's a bit like cheating especially if they dont look that good record wise. 40 secs left and looks like a tie.
  5. A 5 win Nebraska would be a lot more interesting nationally then watching North-East Dakota State Christian play with 6 wins. Not only is it a known brand, but the whole story with Frost and winning 5 of the 6 remaining games would be far more compelling.
  6. D played ok second half till garbage time though. Most damage was done first half.
  7. Illinois should now just roll over and slow down unless they want 60+ hung on them.
  8. Well at least we got some semblance of checks and balances back and donnie's shenanigans can go under the microscope now.
  9. Well that was total murderdeathkill. Good to see them ranked in coaches at least. Have 35 votes in AP as well.
  10. Yea, really bummed about it, he could use the reps and would have loved to see what he can do, he looks like a total stud. That whole family is just an amazing gene pool of athletics though, so if you get one from that tree he should be something special.
  11. Impressive road game, special teams as mentioned need work,some receivers need Velcro on their gloves. Discipline is better. Team is starting to jell overall, hoping for some definitive identity next season.
  12. Yea noticed that, when it rains it pours.
  13. Might as well score another 7, dare I say.....Spoiler makers
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