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  1. He should be executed for treason on national TV to reject his attacks on our democracy. Political correctness will keep him a free man though. Holding him accountable for anything would be perceived as a spiteful partisan action. This nation's media will forget the damage and crimes in order to pander to viewers rooting for "their team". The Democrats have no balls and want to save face, so they will never even pursue legal action. SDNY is the only way he gets time.
  2. The steal is in! Look at how they keep finding votes! The president asked them to find votes the other day, but somehow out of these millions of votes found none are the ones he asked for!
  3. I'm glad you can find a way to console yourself?
  4. I'm seeing some calling both races for the democrats. Can anyone say senate minority leader Turtle?!
  5. I thought I remembered those predictions being for if we didn't do anything to stop the pandemic. I could be thinking of a different source but 500k is the number I've held in my mind since mid-March. I used that number to try and convince my mother that the pandemic is to be taken seriously. Funny how we are rapidly approaching it and half the country doesn't care.
  6. And yet the resident Trump apologist who lives on these forums has no opinion to share on the president threatening a state official if he won't "find" votes to change the certified results of their fair election.
  7. I could maybe see a day where the GOP is largely kept out of the white house if the democrats ever grow some balls and initiate electoral college reform when they get the chance. I'm turning 30 in a few months and the GOP has won the popular vote one time in my life - which had some unique circumstances in the shadow of 9/11 and Iraq invasion. The EC is horrible at representing the will of the people. The lightly populated states get more than their fair share of representation in the senate, which as you mentioned will always keep the GOP relevant. I've shared before that my hope
  8. DING DING DING Deflect until you've been told how to process the situation!
  9. Just another poster pointing out how ridiculous your talking point is.
  10. You do know that McCain and Romney were running against a black man, right? That seems incredibly relevant. The GOP should continue to work with minority groups by...keeping minorities off the ballot?
  11. Put him on trial for treason then execute him on national TV. He is attempting to illegitimately seize control of the government, how is that not treason?
  12. I will not be surprised at all when in 2021 states are sitting on surpluses of the vaccine despite low inoculation rates. I envision a combination of this country being unable to coordinate such a grand effort and the masses of people who don't think it's important to get the vaccine. This s#!t show is so far from over.
  13. Please provide evidence of Trump ever answering a hard hitting question.
  14. There's posing a faithless argument, and there's trolling. This is squarely trolling.
  15. It really does seem like we are a hop, skip, and a jump away from a Republican autocracy.
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