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  1. mrandyk

    The Shutdown

    You want them to give credence to his bulls#!t diversions? Interesting.
  2. Pensions give me the same feeling that Social Security does. Fund it my whole life, then find it's not there when I'm supposed to collect it (I'm 40 years away from the current full-benefit retirement age). Please just give me the money instead so that I may be responsible with my own retirement.
  3. Did you read the report? Me neither, but I still believe we can change courses away from the future where everyone dies a global warming/pollution related death.
  4. mrandyk

    The Courts under Trump - Mega Thread

    Correct. The major outlets have a ton of obituaries written up for when someone suddenly kicks the bucket. From time to time these get published accidentally, or based on false info, but it makes sense for them to have these prepared as very little is going to change between now and when they are needed.
  5. mrandyk

    Tim Miles Hot Seat Watch

    This should just about do it for Miles. It's going to take an insane tear down the stretch to save his job now.
  6. mrandyk

    2018 NFL Playoffs

    They gave a second chance to the one team you can't give one to.
  7. mrandyk

    2018 NFL Playoffs

    What? You don't like the anti-climatic finish of only one team having the opportunity to break the tie?
  8. NFL overtime rules are absolute garbage. Why would you put so much weight on a coin toss?

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    2. Toe


      Yep, it's retarculous.

    3. mrandyk


      They allow the game to go on if the first possession ends in a FG. They recognized that it's unfair to not give both teams a chance, and still f#&%ed up that rule change.

    4. Moiraine


      They should have just copied the college OT rules.

  9. Enrolling in a pension seems like a gamble for so many reasons, when investing for retirement is never supposed to be a gamble. My employer merged into a different company starting on January 1, and instead of offering any sort of reasonable 401K match (capped at $1,000 annually, when I was getting 6% previously) this new company has a pension plan. It has me looking for a new job. Basically no one in the private sector has a pension anymore and I managed to get stuck with one of those few employers.
  10. mrandyk

    Trump's America

    Wouldn't a better deterrent to illegal immigration be to make it feasible for people to immigrate here? Every account I've heard of immigration to the US has sounded like an absolute nightmare. We would avoid the cost of a pointless wall, gain tax revenue from those who would have come illegally, and foster a stronger sense of community across our population.
  11. mrandyk

    The Republican Utopia

    I assumed this would be the logic, but we could make the peace sign or any number of other hand gestures into anything we want by this logic.
  12. mrandyk

    The Republican Utopia

    Someone's going to have to explain to me how that is a white power symbol. It's a very common hand symbol, one I use frequently, and I've never once heard it associated with white power before.
  13. mrandyk

    The Republican Utopia

    Let's assume I don't know anyone that is an employee of the federal government, how long would the government have to be shut down before I ever notice? How long would it take for an average citizen to be impacted personally?