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  1. https://www.huskerboard.com/index.php?/profile/11980-redux/&status=65655&type=status LOL
  2. I saw a recommendation to buy gift certificates from your favorite restaurants, effectively giving them a loan during a time of hardship.
  3. Time for America to adopt the bidet.
  4. Irresponsibly, I went out last night in Minneapolis and every bar I went to was packed. Even the arcade bar, which has to be about the absolute worst place to be right now with all the games being touched by countless individuals all day and minimal hand santizer in the building. If they don't force bars/restaurants to close my generation is going to infect the entire population.
  5. That number seems very excessive at this point. Seems like some flawed math to me.
  6. If there's any justice in this world he will come down with the virus.
  7. I wonder how long they would have done the "no fans" approach, had none of the players tested positive. I definitely went to work sick today. Had two employees out sick, someone had to go in.
  8. We are staring down a full-blown pandemic in this country. Don't get on your high horse about paranoia. Also, use spellcheck if you're going to try acting smarter than everyone.
  9. Anyone else annoyed that we've got a (presumptive) center-left candidate against a insanely right candidate in the general election? Why do we have to skew everything right? Best case scenario in 2020 is we get a geriatric slightly left of center president who enacts no change.
  10. Joe gets upsets in Minnesota and Massachusetts, and won all the southern states he was expected to (Texas is ongoing but it's not a part of that group). It's looking safe to call Biden the presumptive nominee at this point and one could make a strong argument that we've taken a step backwards from Hillary here. It would have been nice to get a breath of fresh air, but instead it's another Obama cabinet retread whose campaign theme may as well be "status quo".
  11. The establishment is rallying around the same exact type of candidate that gave us Trump. Literally nothing has been learned since 2016, and if it seems like Bernie had a better shot this time it's only because the establishment took longer to prop up the chosen candidate. It seems hopeless that this system will ever produce a presidential candidate who isn't deep in someone else's pockets. It's not over and things could change drastically today, but 538 heavily predicts a contested convention and lord knows if it comes to that the superdelegates will again overwhelmingly side with their establishment candidate. I hate political parties so much.
  12. Somehow, it now feels like Biden being the nominee is a foregone conclusion. The system is broken.
  13. It's nothing short of astounding that a dips#!t of this level is able to hold any sort of public office.
  14. Pete and Amy dropping out to rally behind Biden and defeat an outsider is precisely why I hate American politics. Someone's threatening our money and the establishment? Can't have that.
  15. If the average voter would listen to Bernie speak they would more often than not be won over.
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