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  1. I think on Thanksgiving my county (over a million residents) posted zero new cases and deaths, and I jokingly announced that we finally beat this thing. I agree that it's very notable that deaths have dramatically declined these past two months, even while new cases have not really declined. It's alarming to me that cases have not declined despite 20% of our population now being fully vaccinated (with tens of millions more partially vaccinated), but it should seem that the vaccine is effective at keeping people alive. Still not done though. Wear a mask and convince ever
  2. Go ahead and tell us what you think the Trump administration did. Act like a bunch of profit driven companies only made vaccines because of him? All while actively undermining anything that would mitigate the pandemic? We all know Trump famously went on TV to get the vaccine to help convince his cult that it's both safe and a responsible thing to do.
  3. Yes, Trump notably even went as far as to use the Defense Production Act to ensure that we used our resources to produce vaccines as quickly as possible. You also have to laud the guidance provided to states to assist in the rollout and logistics involved. And how could we forget the massive PSA campaign he underwent to convince everyone that the vaccine is necessary to achieve herd immunity? One thing we can be sure of though, is that Operation Warp Speed produced the modern miracle of a vaccine. It is simply a coincidence that multiple companies driven by
  4. I can't imagine seeing this type of imagery created for Biden. I wonder what the difference is.
  5. That's the bill that Trump signed, right? Find any reason to be mad at Biden though.
  6. Something on my mind the past few weeks is that 9/11 was a resounding victory for Bin Laden. I believe he aimed to destroy us from within, likely via financial means that would lessen our status on the global stage, but that one attack shifted this country down a path so radical that we are tearing this country apart with glee. The insurrection on the capitol feels like a culmination of that, but I'm not so blind as to ignore that it's just one more milestone.
  7. Your source has a front page implying CNN is against free speech, transgenders being allowed to serve in the military is a PR stunt, a feature piece saying that teachers unions are holding the nation hostage, two different negative pieces on a second Trump impeachment, loads of ridicule on Biden, and one more piece saying you aren't a real journalist if you enjoy the new press secretary. I don't know how you expect us to trust this article when there wasn't even one focus piece on Obama or the Clintons at the top of their front page.
  8. Anyone who made $75,000 or less in 2019 gets the full amount, or $150,000 for married couples. $600 was never going to mean anything to the people who make more than that. Go on spewing s#!t everywhere though.
  9. How many of those vaccinated work in facilities that can easily administer a vaccine? How many of those vaccinated are incredibly high risk and eager for a shot? It's going to get a hell of a lot harder to vaccinate 1 million Americans in any given day when you are trying to get the general public at large to do this. You are fighting exponentially more complicated logistics, peoples' work schedules, accessibility concerns, and perhaps biggest of all, the apathy and beliefs of the American people. Let's set aside the tens of millions of anti-science and political cultis
  10. The issue is letting transgender individuals participate as the gender they identify with, correct? I haven't followed closely and just want to clarify. I think it's a complete non-issue. There are going to be so very few willing to even try competing as women due to the magnified scrutiny of an already maligned identification, coaches/teams aren't going to accept them if the athlete isn't completely earnest in their endeavor, and I'd wager most don't make this transition until they are adults beyond any opportunity of athletic competitions. If someone bucks all of these, I say rew
  11. I work in banking. Now that Biden is president, can I stop accepting the current stimulus checks? All of them are stamped "ECONOMIC IMPACT PAYMENT - PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP". Seems like a fraudulent item to me. (Seriously, how insecure does one have to be to make sure their name is stamped on each check? Some have vigorously scribbled out that memo on their check)
  12. Listening to the radio on my lunch break today I heard them say that the president was signing numerous executive orders. I immediately shuttered, then remembered that cheeto hitler is gone and nearly got emotional. This country is still broken beyond belief, but I at least have hope again that we may make it respectable.
  13. If Twitter can ban the president for misinformation why can't we ban this?
  14. He should be executed for treason on national TV to reject his attacks on our democracy. Political correctness will keep him a free man though. Holding him accountable for anything would be perceived as a spiteful partisan action. This nation's media will forget the damage and crimes in order to pander to viewers rooting for "their team". The Democrats have no balls and want to save face, so they will never even pursue legal action. SDNY is the only way he gets time.
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