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  1. mrandyk

    The Republican Utopia

    Yeah, I remember my mother telling me about this. Something about how it's better to get out of the way younger so they'd try to get kids chicken pox intentionally. I think I got mine naturally, happened too young for me to remember. What seemed logical then sure seems messed up now.
  2. mrandyk

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Websites dedicated to investigating facts are the biggest liberal sites. Another confirmation that facts have a liberal bias. Go back up and read TGHusker's post. Take his words to heart. Just because you hold conservative ideals doesn't mean you have lose your mind along with the party.
  3. mrandyk

    Stress - Is life more stressful today?

    I work in a credit union (you can call me a banker) and opened a simple savings account for one of our part-time tellers who was also going to grad school (straight from undergrad, so probably 21-22 years old) so that her wages could be easily accessed right there. She repeated a few times "wow, I'm adulting so hard right now" while filling out the one form we required, which only asked for contact info, SSN, and driver's license info. Maximum of 90 seconds to fill that thing out. Somehow that task was a spectacle for her, and very much fits your given definition of 'adulting'. I'm sure this phenomenon isn't new to this generation but still it's astounding to me how poorly a parent can prepare their children for the world.
  4. Not a movie, but: https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/411a098e-79b6-44b7-8b33-75d7182dc4bf
  5. mrandyk

    House Judiciary Committee Investigation

    Still on the track Obama put it on when he lead us out of the 08 financial crisis.
  6. mrandyk

    Trump's America

    Consider the foreign governments doing the same and it absolutely is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Title_of_Nobility_Clause
  7. mrandyk

    House Judiciary Committee Investigation

    Bulletproof defense.
  8. Worse yet, they discovered what it's like to have someone challenge their beliefs.
  9. You posted articles calling your viewpoint fake news. What else is there to even say?
  10. It's probably best to just keep quiet when your only rebuttals are along the lines of "I know you are but what am I?", or "Nuh-uh!".
  11. And how do you defend a view that doesn't conform with any sort of evidence?
  12. Did you even read these? The Snopes link repeatedly states that there is no evidence to backup the claim that 3 million illegal votes were cast. The MercuryNews link has it right in the URL that Trump's claims about voter fraud are preposterous. If you want to have any sort of discussion you have to bring something other than fake news to back up your opinions.
  13. He lost by 3 million votes to freaking Hillary Clinton last time, and now has the distinct disadvantage of having had everyone watch him f#&% up for 4 years.
  14. mrandyk

    DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I'm late to the party, but the person who said "open minded GOP voter" is just that. TG isn't the only one present either. It might not shine through in discussions like these, as defending the GOP on this is olympic-level mental gymnastics, but they do walk among us.
  15. I think people in low populated areas get more than enough representation in the senate. States like Wyoming have more than triple the voting power for POTUS than they should.