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  1. I would like to add that in addition to Cdog923's sentiment of "Don't Tweet. At. Recruits." Please, no matter what your initial intentions are... Don't. Tweet. Croots. (seriously, just don't do it)
  2. Thanks for the updates and meme consolidation! I've been playing since last season (still 0 MVPs grrrr) and recruited at least one buddy this morning to get on board. Hoping on another. GBR!
  3. Staff killing it w/croots!  #nohype

  4. That badass is Frankie MacDonald and he is actually from Sydney Nova Scotia - he just loves weather. I am going to say something nice about Iowa now....here goes.... "something nice."
  5. Please don't screw up this board new owners.  We all love it the way it is.

  6. CFBRisk is back on over @ Reddit!  Join the Red Alliance and help us conquer all!  (until they turn the game into Pandemic that is)  

  7. This seems way too high for a consecutive 4-8 team even if they seem like they are on the upswing. I would have preferred to be ranked outside the top 25 and earn our way into it. Regardless, is it September yet? Go Big Red!!
  8. #1 Duke #2 Kentucky #2 Michigan State #6 Villanova #6 Buffalo #12 Oregon #12 Murray State #13 UC Irvine #14 Yale
  9. Our $5 Bits of Broken Chair trophy has FINALLY!...come home, to NEBRASKA!


  10. At the very bottom there is this tidbit that seems pretty pertinent: Quick notes ***For all the excitement around Jurgens, he was seen on crutches with a walking boot following Wednesday’s practice. Beckton wouldn’t give any specifics on Jurgens’ injury.
  11. Good luck POB. We hardly knew ye.
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