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  1. I can see why Tom's pissed. Watching Mack Brown embrace his former coaches players and go bowling while Frost acts like some Bilderburger elitist to what was here.
  2. Nobody wants Frost to not succeed. I think he is a promising young coach with potential, but he was not ready for this. Now lets see if he can adjust and find time his mistakes.
  3. The fans. You think we are mad now???? Wait. Osbourne will be one of the first to bail. He was always a politician first.
  4. Small school with talent. Old Purdue coach Darrell Hazel went 12-1 at Buffalo......yuck yuck. It's easy to turn around the mid majors of college football.
  5. Frost's mentor Chip Kelly is in a similar situation at UCLA. Gotta wonder if Knight didn t create that illusion at Oregon.
  6. Iowa doesn't blow people out. Frost refuses to win.
  7. Ok, Mrs Frost, stop ghost posting......7 years......right.
  8. Either progress or face termination. This is a results based business
  9. Basically 3 games where I felt we just weren't on the level and 4 games were we just didn't get the job done and should/could have won. That is where improvements are needed.
  10. Just a really tough first 2 years for Scott. He is learning on the job. This isn't a little school where you needed a small infrastructure overhaul like central florida. I really think he was not prepared for the job. Now he gets it. Purdue and Cincinnati will tell us if has made the adjustments.
  11. Iowa's offense is dismal. You can't let them come out and do that......we had more talent.
  12. That game against Purdue is sooooooooooooooooooo important
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