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  1. 1783 miles and 1 day, 2 hrs... Yeah! Suck it, Pam!
  2. I've actually always wanted a black jersey option and I know I'm not alone. Players think black uniforms are badass, just look at trends. Everyone is fine with the offense changing and being faster and flashy as opposed to the smash mouth football of yesteryear, but not the uniforms? C'mon now!! I love the idea of honoring the defense and if that helps improvement on the field, everyone else should too, even the state of our defense since 2009 or lack of...
  3. I had forgot about 2017's, but you are correct. They were also throwback. I love these.
  4. ...... Like last year??? Give me a break.
  5. A&M currently already has 2 CB’s, hope that helps us, probably doesn’t matter though.
  6. Aren’t him and Watts pretty close? Let’s hope so!
  7. I shouldn’t have said anything! Sorry WR!
  8. Is he even playing in this game??? Haven’t seen him once!
  9. Tell me how many passes were thrown Saturday that weren’t to Morgan (usually in double or triple coverage), or swing passes.... I’ll wait... Let’s talk about the offense when when have a quarterback that we aren’t afraid to have sling the ball around around. Get a freaking clue, Chad. ‘’Solid commit here...’’ “I think this kid is REALLY going to be special” I think you need to stop eating glue.
  10. Yeah... Because we didn’t pass to them at all today... Remind me who caught that big catch towards the end of the game that got us into the red zone? Oh, a tight end you say?
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