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  1. Wisky already has two 4* OL for 2021 in Top 150.  Solid.

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    2. Toe


      Iowa is at #9, we're sitting at #14, and Minnesota is right behind us at #15. Interestingly, Michigan is at #22 and Penn State is #27. It's like those two have switched places with the top four West division teams. Ohio State is still #1, though.



    3. swmohusker


      This early team rankings dont really mean much. Iowa has 6 commits (.88)and Wisconsin has 8 .(88).  Michigan has 2 with an average of (.97) Penn State has  3 (.87) but they with a star average similar to Iowa and Wiscy.  

    4. BIG ERN

      BIG ERN

      It helps when you always get good in state OL...last two years 3/4 are 4*. Kids are massive and all from WI


      6-8 / 320
      6-7 / 273

      6-7 / 260

      6-6 / 270
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