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  1. Asking for a friend but will Rhule retain Ron Brown in some capacity.
  2. I vote for Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas.
  3. Sounds delightful. Add some hot sauce and thats a meal in my book!
  4. If I'm being honest, not this year. Its just been a junk year all around.
  5. I can just see it: Breaking News: Trev Alberts names himself HC. Imagine the fallout.
  6. 'Lil Red still exists...should have kicked him to the curb with Frost.
  7. Badgers 28 Cornhuskers 10 Pass 120 Rush 105
  8. That and if your kicker sucked, risked taking a ball to the a$s. Fun times, not.
  9. And all the players could swag out their Crocs with thosw gem thingies...I like it. And they got those faux lined ones for cold games. I think were on to something.
  10. Maybe were going after Zac Taylor...
  11. Wolverines 48 Huskers 10 Pass 110 Rush 75 When will the madness end...
  12. Minnesota 28 Nebraska 3 Rushing 110 Passing 120
  13. It stunk when they showed the Osborne years vs. everything since then comparison. Absolutely brutal. Hard to explain to kids why NU sucks so bad.
  14. We stink, all around stinkiness.
  15. Matt Fries OL Nike OL...way to be original buddy.
  16. ' Ben Clawson WR allegedly. Slingblade...guilty.
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