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  1. are you joking? p5 coaches dont have egos or narcissism? hahahhahahhahaha
  2. exactly. urban wins everywhere (except NFL).... could be like Saban to Alabama..........
  3. 15 million/year. that will pay for itself with 1 playoff appearance.
  4. any of the impact players will most likely be moving on. im sure Ajay Allen's email is very full right now
  5. do you blame them? 18 transfers into a s#!t storm of a football program?
  6. the fighting frankies of ohio getting worked by iowa state. 24 - 0 beginning of the 2nd
  7. give urban 15 million/year or this thing aint gonna be back a while. 15 million is low investment for what will be changed
  8. the media licks balls because they are scared to lose their access... then the coach is fired and they start trickling out just stupid character issues to get clicks. they are lame
  9. heres my take.... Matt campbell would be a bad fit. his style to impact the lives of players (build good men) and win some games along the way.. that will not play with nebraska fans. this fanbase is over the cultural and improving of lives players. winning is all that matters now. offer urban meyer 10+ million/year. would be DUMB not to. the dude just wins. morally and ethically he is fairly bankrupt but the fans do not care and the media wouldn't report on it anyways. any hire other than meyer is second teir.
  10. but they didnt report it.... they waited until frost was fired to pile on. complete pu&&ys. the media that covers UNL football has some serious issues.
  11. come on dude. its gonna be close and maybe UNL finally gets the monkey off its back and wins a close one
  12. it will probably be 5 wins. people will call it progress and he will get another season.
  13. sounds like they couldn't find the ~ $20million to get rid of him
  14. I actually think big programs looking for HC will help Nebraska....... USC, LSU, Florida?, Washington?, Penn State? Nebraska shouldn't compete with big name hires. hire a young up incoming coach.
  15. the program has been meh for 20 years after very high. old people dying off. Omaha and Lincoln aren't small cities anymore. lots of people not from Nebraska here. they dont give a s#!t about nebraska football. young people haven't seen success. the world changes and thats ok.
  16. chili and cinnamon rolls in western iowa schools 90s and 00s
  17. people acting like the big10 west is the sec west. holy crap. mn? illinois? purdue? lol
  18. its gonna be year 10. frost is going to have 35 career wins here and people will still be saying he needs more time.
  19. this is the most undisciplined team i've ever seen
  20. Iowa +4.5 against ISU seems like the easiest money in the world????
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