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  1. proud of the kid, showed his skills when he had an OL to work behind. he talked about the player/coach culture at K state, we didn't have that at NU. our OL is crap, CT is stuck with them too, sad. need to fire our OL coach and get some real recruiters and coaches. we got egg all over our faces. congrats AM!
  2. so true, most of the proven coaches are set, back to a crap shoot on a new HC, no one wants a dumpster fire.
  3. MJ got here just in time for the implosion. any new coach will only come with his own guys. no desire to enter a toxic atmosphere as HC?
  4. my hope, hope is the team wins a couple games, lots of distractions to overcome. who replaces Chins???
  5. firing Chins is nothing more than a symbolic move. who on our defensive staff is qualified to replace him? this is like dominos, forfeit games next?
  6. sounds like the cancer has spread. might as well can them all now and let the women's VB coaches take over.
  7. Ronnie Green, the regents
  8. i am sure we will lose some players over this now. lots of guys will transfer, going to be ugly. Chin kept us close last season, now he hits the road with Frosty. Trev on thin ice now, chickens headed for home.
  9. Trev pulling the strings now, MJ and new DC will simply be along for the ride. survival, not rebuild.
  10. excessive bloodletting at this point will kill the season and the team performance. yes, the system in place can't be trashed. close your eyes, Trev going overboard.
  11. i doubt it. the whole coaching staff in an uproar. no trust. who is next? why?
  12. at least casey thompson didn't get hurt
  13. other teams/coaches adjust, we don't?
  14. winning is every thing, after losing for so long.
  15. i learned we are going to lose a lot more games
  16. let's face it, we are way short of skill players with desire. SF talked about toughness, but that was it, just talk.
  17. whoa!! too many commercials on this site!
  18. clearly OU has much better talent. we just have no talent or very little.
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