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  1. 1. Lower the donation price for season tickets. For the product they’ve provided is within the last 20 years especially the last 7 years, the price of donations should reflect the product on the field. Reduce the price substantially, more fans will buy season tickets and we won’t be having this discussion when it gets close to week 0 again.
  2. I agree we need more OL (have 1 maybe 2 if the Okie State OL picks us) out of the portal but we do need 2 QB’s from the portal though. Frost should’ve took a QB from the portal last year with McCaffrey leaving and having 0 experience behind an injury prone Martinez but typical Frost it takes him too damn long to make the right decisions
  3. According to Sipple #1 Jake Haener #2 Miles Brennan #3 Kedon Slovis
  4. Probably would’ve seen some more fight had Frost coached as if his job was on the line this year
  5. Frost will be done after next year anyways, go after Dave Aranda and give him a blank check.
  6. 1. You stated that Frost never recruited Keegan which in fact he actually did. 2. I’m not butt hurt just find it weird that Clester recruits harder for Iowa than he does his own Alma Mater
  7. Tell you that you didn’t pay attention to recruiting without telling me that you didn’t pay attention to recruiting….ColoradoHusk will go first
  8. Dave Aranda and Luke Fickell would be my top 2. Both coaches have experience coaching in the B1G while having success at their current HC gig so just throw the checkbook to them and have them write out their own check
  9. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if this is true
  10. Having the best facilities doesn’t mean anything if you’re not producing results
  11. Yes…have you seen the basketball program though? Lol
  12. When will this f#%king nightmare end?!?! Why can’t we have nice things?
  13. So Pelini couldn’t win the ranked games so let’s fire him and retain Frost cause he’s so much better
  14. Nebraska was screwed the moment they fired another winning coach to replace said coach with someone who had no right sitting foot in Lincoln.
  15. That would be believable had Kyle not run toward the cops and I’m pretty sure those gunshots were behind Kyle. One could even argue that they were directed at Kyle
  16. Couldn’t the same thing be said for the rioters….umm I mean “peaceful” protestors? If they weren’t there rioting burning the community up nothing would’ve happened. Couldn’t the same thing be said for the POS’s that assaulted Kyle and tried grabbing his gun while pointed their weapon at Kyle? Had they not chased after him, assaulted him with their legs and skateboard while trying to disarm Kyle while pointing a gun at him as we was fleeing toward safety, this wouldn’t have happened. It goes both ways The only reason this went to trial was because of the wide spread coverage CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc of misinformation of said incident. The misinformation of supposedly facts the lame stream media fed the nation which most of the left gobbled up turned out to be lies when presented in court. Cause that’s what the left does
  17. I have little interest in renewing my season tickets. I’d say it’s 70/30 I don’t renew them
  18. This…which was the point I was making
  19. Frost passed on Burrow because Burrow doesn’t like cinnamon rolls with his chili #facts
  20. I honestly believe that it’s due to players not having the mindset and lack football IQ. Week in, week out, year after year we see the same penalties and turnovers happening at the most crucial times during games.
  21. Trev would be stupid to do that. My parents have had season tickets since ‘92, don’t pay a donation fee and would not renew those tickets if they would be force to pay a donation fee. Nebraska has had a difficult time selling tickets going back to the Pelini era BUT gotten worse during the Riley era. The University should re-evaluate the donation price making it more affordable and this wouldn’t be an issue. I know numerous Husker fans that would get season tickets but it’s the donation fee keeping them from doing so. I used to officiated football with an Iowa fan who’s father had season tickets for decades who never paid a donation fee. I can’t remember the year ‘15 or ‘16 but Iowa wanted him to pay a $50 donation fee resulting in him not renewing his tickets. I laughed at him & told him that I would gladly pay that instead of the $250 per seat I pay. I’ve had season tickets since ‘13 but I will not be renewing my season tickets because of the product on the field for the past 7 years and the arrogance of the University thinking it’s still the glory years and that fans will continue to show up to games considering the product on the field is dogsh#t.
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