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  1. Was it KState? This was Kstate 09.
  2. Just opened our book drive for the Children's Hospital and Medical Center.  Please consider helping out your community with a donation!  https://www.youcaring.com/omahachildrenshospitalandmedicalcenter-1039420

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    2. In the Deed the Glory

      In the Deed the Glory

      I will forward this to my wife.  She is in cardiothoracic surgery at Children's.  This is awesome.  Children's is an amazing place.

    3. Danny Bateman

      Danny Bateman

      This is very cool of you to do man. Great idea!

    4. epocSoN


      Thank you do everybody that helped.  We got over $3000 on our final day of the drive.  After the book company match, we will get over $4500 bucks donated!  You guys are awesome!

  3. So I'm not going to dig through 306 pages.  But, my info says we finalized with Frost in writing on Tuesday.  Happy day.

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    2. ZRod


       Things really seemed to die down Tuesday.

    3. Horace


      The contract is signed and the ink is dry? Frosty is coming home. Yes!

    4. knapplc


      The reason there hasn't been any "noise" in the Nebraska coaching search has more to do with attention focused elsewhere than anything.  Florida's search got messy, Tennessee's became a generational disaster, Florida State's situation became precarious, and the the need for eyeballs on articles really took care of itself. 


      If this had been a quiet year for coaching changes, the Nebraska "story" would still be churning out headlines. But the reality is that our situation has been taken care of for weeks.  The media has just turned their attention to other, easier-to-sell stories.

  4. So I'm not going to dig through 306 pages. But, my info says we finalized with Frost in writing on Tuesday. Happy day.
  5. Dude, how do you go through the world with this attitude? I'm just hoping that you're young and misunderstood on how the real world works. This thread is delusional.
  6. This is going to sound like hyperbole and I promise you it's not. Are you an adult person, or a young person that lives with their parents?
  7. What planet are you on dog?
  8. And Tenn is hiring Schiano. Gonna be a VERY Merry Xmas for Husker fans.
  9. Agreed. Frost would be a uniting force from r fans to rally around. His background would give him more time to turn the ship. He may not be our coach for 10+ years, but I think he’s the right medicine we need for our 20 year long illness.
  10. Honestly Florida is in a bad spot if we land Frost, Kelly goes to UCLA. That leaves them with flash in the pan risks of up and comers with high end buyouts, hiring a coordinator, or taking a risk on a known commodity like Leach that’s never really been to the top. Not a great spot to be in while also competing for coaches against Tenn, Ol Miss, and Arkansas. im just VERY thankful we might get out of this with our guy.
  11. Good catch. Go leach for the 6th spot is my guess. Scratch Venables.
  12. Are these a current top 6? We already got turned away by Kelly and Peterson, so I didn’t put them on there. Beilema is clearly not on the list thank Jebus.
  13. Frost, Fuente, Mullen, Sumlin, Campbell, Venables or Leach maybe?
  14. Would it be out of the ordinary to announce the hiring but let Scott finish out his season?
  15. I’m guessing firing today. Announcement Tuesday for Frost
  16. Change the title of the thread. Go to buzzfeed if you want clickbait.
  17. Seeing some speculate that Frost may stay at UCF. That’s insane. It’s a coaches market with many high profile P5 teams looking for coaches. His name is hot and he’s sitting on the winning lotttery ticket. If he doesn’t cash it now he’s a crazy person.
  18. Well of course we are. I’m just assuming it’s going to be Frost. The point is I’m guessing we aren’t going to hear anything until we have our next coach in writing. From what I’m hearing there’s about a 99.9% chance we end up with a coach F, even if We lose on Frost.
  19. A part of me thinks we don’t hear anything until he has Frost signed on the dotted line. With so many programs looking for coaches this offseason I just don’t think we fire Mike before we have our ace in the hole.
  20. From what I have heard we have a verbal commitment from a coach everybody would be pleased with as a backup if the Frost deal falls through.
  21. Nebraska already has a backup plan in place if Frost doesn’t accept, and it’s not Bohl
  22. Well he’s not currently on the team, so.... he can do whatever he wants.
  23. Respectfully nobody is N until I see him at a podium. I've followed enough recruiting to know that nothing is certain until the ink is dry.
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