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  1. Disappointing end to a very promising start of the series.
  2. Most likely he will coordinate through grad assistants having the direct communication with players.
  3. Preseason Honors and Big Ten Coaches' Poll Aaron Palensky, Spencer Schwellenbach and Gareth Stroh each claimed spots on the Big Ten Preseason Honors List, announced by the conference on Wednesday. https://huskers.com/news/2020/2/12/baseball-huskers-open-bolt-era-at-baylor.aspx
  4. Friday's season opener is set for 6:35 p.m. (CT) at Baylor Ballpark. Saturday's game is scheduled for 2:05 p.m., one hour earlier than the originally scheduled time due to Baylor's men's basketball team hosting a game at 3 p.m. Sunday's series finale will begin at 1:05 p.m. https://huskers.com/news/2020/2/12/baseball-huskers-open-bolt-era-at-baylor.aspx
  5. Anyone who is scared about this kid running between the tackles hasn’t watched his film or seen a pic of him without his shirt on.
  6. Wait... is this true?? Or were you being facetious?
  7. With the new season right around the corner, what do you got for lineup projections? Here's where I see it: 1 - Hagge - LF 2 - Chick - 3B 3 - Acker - CF 4 - Palensky - RF 5 - Schwelly - SS 6 - Roseberry - 1B (could see platoon w/ Roskam and others) 7 - Hallmark - 2B 8 - Roskam - DH (perhaps some Shanaman and others) 9 - Hellstrom - C Predicting SP also looks to be a toss-up but heres were I project: Friday - Gomes Sat - Max Schreiber Sunday - ????
  8. I like it! More national exposure by playing on a Thursday before the rest of the opening week games. Also, more practice/film time between week 1 and 2. Also, should allow us to open up camp earlier as well.
  9. Would probably fit as a need for an older RB to even out classes.
  10. I'm confused, is he (Grinch) a really good defensive coach or not? In fact, Grinch may be the next coach at WASU.
  11. Hmmm... it has everything to do with your post about Mike Leach not prioritizing recruiting assistants or any idea about defense. He had a pretty dang good defensive coordinator in Alex Grinch from 2015-17.
  12. Alex Grinch says hello. I know OU's D wasn't great this year but Grinch is widely thought of as one of the best young D coordinators.
  13. I think Corcoran will redshirt but it will be close as I think he will see action as a backup in 4 games. I got it as follows, with a battle between Wilson and Piper for the starting LG spot: 1st team Jaimes Wilson / Piper Jurgens Farniok Benhart 2nd team Gaylord / Corcoran Wilson / Piper Farniok Hixon Bando
  14. I’d probably have Travion Ford above Keegan Johnson - but otherwise agree.
  15. I like this kids film. Looks to be versatile and fit in at WR and Duck-R. Hopefully he enjoys his visit.
  16. Hopefully we're not waiting on another Twitter edit like we were/are with Fleming . . .
  17. Any idea on his eligibility and when he would get to campus if he were to commit?
  18. The transfer portal. He’s not in it.
  19. Could add a little weight but perfect fit for OLB spot in Chins D. Would finally have a piece similar to what he had in Griffin at UCF.
  20. My biggest issue with Martinez is he isn't making his reads properly - including in the run game. There are countless times he makes the wrong read to give or pull. Albeit, we don't know if its an actual zone read or a straight zone play. However, I know I annoy those I watch with by keeping a tally of bad reads in the running game.
  21. Very solid film! Will need to work on disengaging from blocks (when someone can get their hands on him). But has a natural ability to shoot gaps and timing, coupled with great closing speed. REALLY want this kid after watching that film.
  22. It might have to do with the max scholarships we can bring in this cycle.
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