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    OLB Wilfredo Aybar

    Dude looks 30.
  2. bugeater17

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    Never mind - gbr
  3. bugeater17

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Just skimming the report, the prosecution will have issues authenticating the video. It will be interesting to see who they put on their witness list. Mom states she’s never seen and can’t see her daughters face but “knows” it’s her daughter. Thats not based on personal knowledge and inadmissible. The prosecution will need to list someone who has seen the video or one the boys involved to authenticate it otherwise there’s not evidence it’s a minor. Mother also solicited distribution of child porn and appears to be driving the bus behind prosecuting it. There are multiple inconsistencies in the police statement that would make it an ugly trial for v1 and the mom. Based on what I’ve gathered as well is Mo’s attorneys have been granted continuances due to prosecution not making timely disclosures. This will continue to get dragged out and decent chance judge throws it out. However, I think a judge at preliminary hearing will allow to go to trial and at that point a plea will be reached before trial.
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    JUCO WR Omar Manning

    The thought of having Manning on the field with JD, Wan 'dale, and Mo Wash at the same time is enthralling.
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    CB Tamon Lynum [Nebraska Commit]

    Thanks for the insight!
  6. bugeater17

    ** 2019 Opponent Previews : Colorado (Game 2) **

    I'm guessing Frosty has clipped out that headline (and last two sentences) and put up on the 'ole bulletin board.
  7. bugeater17

    Maurice Washington Faces Charges

    Should not be charged until his court hearings are over? How exactly would that work?
  8. bugeater17

    Backups come up Big

    Got to think Lee will be the starting S this week, if not for a possible injury to Williams but due to his play and the game being in Colorado (his home state).
  9. bugeater17

    LeGrone, Hunt Suspended Indefinitely

    Mo is not being accused of a sexual assault. Also, Mo was not involved in the video which he had in his possession. So if this issue with Hunt and Legrone is a sexual assault situation, which no one knows yet, then the 2 situations are completely different and should be dealt with differently.
  10. bugeater17

    S. Alabama Depth Chart Released

    Good points Mav. Hopefully Tannor starting over Ferg is an indication in Tannor's growth and improvement over Ferg - instead of a indication of a not fully health Ferg at the moment.
  11. bugeater17

    ILB Jackson Bratton [Alabama Commit]

    I get the feeling he is interested but we are more of a back-up plan if something falls through at 'Bama, for instance if he is recruited over.
  12. bugeater17

    S. Alabama Depth Chart Released

    Very good points! D will have some depth concerns up front but hopefully the O will be even more experienced and high powered in 2020.
  13. bugeater17

    S. Alabama Depth Chart Released

    No - it actually doesn't. Perhaps you should sit down and have an honest conversation with kids 13-17 years old. I think you'd be shocked to find out what exists on their phones. Not saying its right but it certainly doesn't fit what I think most legislatures are trying to do by making child porn a felony.
  14. bugeater17

    S. Alabama Depth Chart Released

    First it was a hypothetical. Second, the child porn charge, which is the felony, is a trumped up charge. Its being used for plea bargaining purposes. The purpose and intent behind the statute is to protect children from being taken advantage of in a multitude of ways - not to prosecute high school students for having dirty pics/vids of ex-gfs/bfs.
  15. bugeater17

    S. Alabama Depth Chart Released

    So if the DA drags this out all season and then drops the charges in January 2020, you see no issue in sitting a kid who was wrongfully charged on trumped up charges?
  16. bugeater17

    S. Alabama Depth Chart Released

    The issue is going to linger out past Southern Alabama - so just sitting him for the USA game wouldn't fit with your philosophy. Frost is in a tough spot here and I'm sure he will have a reason for what he does, although such might not be shared outside of the locker room or his convo with Wash on the issue.
  17. bugeater17

    Fall Camp Pressers

    I am a big fan of the hat Ruud is wearing. Wish I could find it somewhere.
  18. The athletic continues to pump out great material. Chins seems a bit high but I think he belongs on the list - just a bit further down the list.
  19. Agree with all of this. 1982 was by far the better squad.
  20. bugeater17

    OLB Blaise Gunnerson [Nebraska Commit]

    Very impressive. Has he camped anywhere else recently or is the jump from his performance at Friday Night Lights back in June? I'm sure its more than just FNL but I haven't read where he's camped elsewhere which would warrant that big of a jump.
  21. bugeater17

    Other College Football Recruiting News

    Man, Jalen Milroe looks small in that picture. The football is about the length of his torso.
  22. bugeater17

    Dismuke & Stovall cited by police

    I think Frost's big issue and concern with marijuana has more to do with the sacrifice you have to make to your team to not partake. If you are going to choose to use, you are choosing your needs over the team. That being said, I have no issue with marijuana or with people using it for recreational or medicinal purposes.
  23. Would Spielman count? If so, I'll go with him.
  24. bugeater17

    Athlon Quarterback Rankings

    Maurice Washington, who would be our starting running back. He has revenge porn and child porn charges pending against him relating to a video of his ex-girlfriend engaged in a threesome (of which he was not a part of). There's already lengthy thread on this board on the issue.
  25. bugeater17

    Athlon Quarterback Rankings

    Sam Ehlinger as a top 3 QB is laughable.