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  2. I am able to recognize the difference between civil disobedience and actions that destroy and steal other people's property or unnecessarily put people's lives in danger. If you guys prefer virtual anarchy.....well, have fun with that. We can only hope the next rioting breaks out in your neighborhood or near your places of employment.
  3. This country was founded by people who didn't follow lawful orders. Not every order is right or lawful because it came from the police.
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  5. F these rioters

    1. knapplc


      There's a forum for these kinds of comments. 

  6. Well, I liked the examples knapp gave a whole lot more than your video which obviously was pushing an anti-police anti-Trump agenda. Sure some of those interactions appeared a little more aggressive or unnecessary than any of us are comfortable with. But how many were taken out of context? How many didn’t show the mobs actions that led up to the moment force was used? The one thing they all did appear to have in common is large numbers of people who weren’t following lawful orders to move, leave certain areas or disperse. There is a very easy way to NOT have an altercation with police....do what you’re asked or told to do. Maybe even abide by legally issued curfews. Or, you can get in their face, push back and ignore their orders and you’ll get a result that guy can edit down and make another hit piece video out of. I’d feel pretty safe saying all of those people had numerous prior chances but they chose to press their luck. I’m not claiming all cops are saints. That is obvious from incidents like the George Floyd deal or numerous others. The surest way to not garner almost unanimous agreement against the real problem is to conflate it with angry mobs not doing what reasonable law abiding citizens should do in those situations.
  7. Why doesn't he just tell the protesters his bone spurs are acting up? That's gotten him out of conflict before...
  8. Republicans and Trump have spent the last several years demonizing the Press. Why? For situations just like this. Stop falling for this "enemy of the people" crap, you stooges. They want to operate in anonymity. The Free Press prevents this.
  9. knapplc


    Feel the same. He's a Grade A asshat. But he's a hell of an athlete and one hell of a competitor. One of my favorite sports moments was The Look, where Armstrong was in a tight competition with Jan Ullrich (also guilty of doping) in the 2001 Tour, going up L'Alpe d'Huez, an unrated climb, and Armstrong looks back as if to say, "I'm going. You coming?"
  10. Living in West Omaha, I'd agree. White flight is real. We talk a good game out here, but I've seen the neighbors react to the kids from North O trying to sell their candy bars. The kids even know it! They are flabbergasted when I cut them off of the script, they just seem to expect to go through the motions and get their "guilt cash".
  11. Protestors in Downtown Des Moines asked officers to take a knee with them for 2 minutes and they'd then leave and abide by the 9pm curfew that was enacted today. Officers agreed and it was 2 minutes of unity between the groups and then the protestors left like they said they would peacefully. Unfortunately there are several other protesting groups throughout the metro that aren't as friendly.
  12. I'm not sure if openly racist people are better than secretly racist people who profess to not be racists. But I agree with his more general point that proclaiming to be liberal isn't a guarantee someone isn't racist.
  13. default_28


    Watching the 30 for 30 on Lance Armstrong. He is a jerk of a level few will ever attain. Arrogant, a bully, competitive to an unhealthy amount. I recognize that he cheated to accomplish his victories. He’s one of my favorite athletes of all time. I loved watching the Tour de France when he was at the peak of his abilities. His competition were doping too and he beat them. I couldn’t do what he did if I used the drugs he used. He sucks as a person in a lot of ways, which makes him an easy target to hate. But I think that what he was as an athlete should be remembered differently.
  14. It's like you have a sensor to post things that make "just enough" sense to stick around.... I'd agree with your thought. I think that is why Trump is trying so hard to stoke the flames, it will be good for him. Now, I see that as disgusting. But the average voter will most likely see him standing up to looters and nothing more. I need to remember that I'm jaded and a significant portion of the electorate isn't viewing through the same lens I am.
  15. It will take off all the sting, and then some.
  16. What are your thoughts? I'd agree with him. Proud racists are idiots and have no real power in the world outside of a few exceptions.
  17. They were big plays all the time at UCF. As for the clip, it really makes Hixson look bad. Late in the season and he gets whipped. Hope whomever plays LG does better.
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