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  2. RedDenver

    The Republican Utopia

    Kudos for probably the most mature post in P&R forum. Maybe the whole board.
  3. gorp512

    QB Peter Costelli

    Sarcastic or no?
  4. Day by Day

    The 1st TD - The 1st D game changer

    I am really hoping we can use the TE like we saw at UCF. Hoping they are improving as much as we have been hearing about.
  5. seaofred92

    2019-20 Season Notes

  6. seaofred92

    2019-20 Season Notes

  7. Husker from Kansas

    QB Peter Costelli

    Makes a guy wonder why he is considered a pro-style QB
  8. Today
  9. huKSer

    ***Official 2019 College Football Thread***

    This just in: Texass owns the Big Little 12
  10. 7-5 08/31 - South Alabama - W 09/07 - @ Colorado - W 09/14 - Northern Illinois - W 09/21 - @ Illinois - W 09/28 - Ohio State - L 10/05 - Northwestern - L 10/12 - @ Minnesota - W 10/26 - Indiana - W 11/02 - @ Purdue - L 11/16 - Wisconsin - L 11/23 - @ Maryland - W 11/29 - Iowa - L At least we make a bowl game.
  11. Hans Gruber

    What will our defense be good at this season?

    What will Nebraska's defense be best at this year? Making everyone look forward to seeing the offense get back out on the field.
  12. My feeling is the offense improves leaps and bounds and the D reacts more then thinks. Step quicker. I hope the conditioning leads to better tackling. Just want to see NU hit QBs but doubt it happens.
  13. Mavric

    QB Peter Costelli

    Took recent visits to LSU and Utah in addition to his visit here. Definitely spoke most highly about his Nebraska visit - to a non-Nebraska interviewer which I put more stock in. Visiting Stanford and Oregon later this month. Not planning to commit this summer. Planning to take some OVs after this season.
  14. 08/31 - South Alabama - W 09/07 - @ Colorado - W 09/14 - Northern Illinois - W 09/21 - @ Illinois - W 09/28 - Ohio State - L 10/05 - Northwestern - W 10/12 - @ Minnesota - L 10/26 - Indiana - W 11/02 - @ Purdue - L 11/16 - Wisconsin - W 11/23 - @ Maryland - L 11/29 - Iowa - W I thinks it's going to be a weird, up and down season. Nebraska loses to Ohio State but beats most of the other teams that fans really want to win. I don't think either Minnesota or Purdue are great, but I think Nebraska loses both on the road in a shoot out. I don't know about Maryland. It just seems like an all-timer of a trap game. Sandwiched between the two division games Nebraska wants to win the most and it's on the road. Just a gut feeling.
  15. Minnesota would have been in a good situation even without a strong finish due to playing so much youth and having that experience this year align with a favorable schedule. When I could finally watch those last four games, though, I came away unimpressed despite impressive results. For all the talk of a defensive turnaround, they still gave up high completion percentages. 66% or higher to all but Georgia Tech. That was a big problem all year. The thing with their run defense is it wasn’t always horrible. Yes, Illinois was a disaster, as was Nebraska, but before those games they held Iowa and Ohio St to under 3 ypc. They held 6 opponents under 100 yards, and all but two of those were before this defensive turnaround. I think they caught their second wind, but they also caught some teams who had given up by the time they played them. Some improvement, but I didn’t see this cureall that launches them into the next season. Whereas with Nebraska it is much more of a binary change from the first half to the second half.
  16. I agree. Think we may have the upper hand on coaching this year, at least offensively for sure. I think we’ll keep it close and maybe even win but like I said, not sure we can overcome the stacked talent. If the gap was closer I’d be picking us to win for sure.
  17. I'm surprised they stopped at putting us 6th...this is supposed to be Illinois year!!
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