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  1. Trump's America

    To some extent, POTUS should lead by example, and that includes marital relationships and health. He is fat, has diagnosed heart disease with very high cholesterol, doesn't exercise, and doesn't eat well. He has cheated on every wife he has ever had, brags about it, cheats on pregnant and/or new mother of his child with a porn star, and pays said mistresses off. I think it all kind of goes into the bucket that shows Donald Trump is a POS.
  2. It is interesting for me to see La Casa on this list. My in-laws rave about the place like it is God's gift to pizza, but I've never tried it.
  3. It doesn't surprise me to see Raisin' Canes on this list, particularly because Dan is very vocal about his views on Canes and this was a vote on his Twitter. We've discussed this before. You're not a fan of Canes. I am, but that's just my taste and preference. I believe Raisin' Canes is fresh, never frozen chicken, marinaded for 24-hours, battered in-store, and then fried upon order. I would never considered it the same as something you can get in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store. I'm in a food brokerage family that sells those frozen products to grocery stores and fast-food restaurants, I get those frozen products from them often, and I would choose Raisin' Canes every day and twice on Sundays. (Also, Dan's comment about the frozen aisle in the article was aimed at the Texas Toast only.) I'm especially surprised to read that it "falls short of what Chick-fil-A or Popeyes serves." Personally, I'll probably never eat at Chick-fil-A again; I think their chicken is much worse than Raisin' Canes (and many others), and their soggy waffle fries are not my preference. Dan Hoppen also declared he "Settled the Chain Burrito Debate: Chipotle v. Qdoba," and picked Chipotle; so it is fair to say our palettes differ drastically. It is almost like different people have different tastes. Weird.
  4. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    Apparently anything goes when Nunes (and Ryan) are at the helm. That garbage politics shouldn't fly with Mueller.
  5. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    No it is not, at least not on the Congressional front, because Nunes, King, et al have no spine. On the Mueller front, yes.
  6. 2018 mid-term

    Panic may be setting in:
  7. I guess it could be worse, you could live in Kansas like me.
  8. Fine, I will try not to be entirely dismissive of The Federalist and respond to the quoted article. But I will not entertain this again if you come back with Breitbart drivel or the like. It appears that link is broke and certainly doesn't direct me to any quote from Obama accusing whites of "white privilege." A quick Google search finds no such quotes. If he did recite this phrase, I'd like to hear the context. That representation was in response to Obama's speech regarding police shootings: I thought that was an eloquent statement that showed the utmost respect and support for law enforcement but did not turn a blind eye to "problems across the criminal justice system." There are plenty of examples of systemic racism within police departments and the courts. For context, Michael Brown, Freddy Gray, and Tamir Rice died around this time. In Ferguson, the Justice Department found "direct evidence of racial bias and stereotyping about African Americans by certain Ferguson police and municipal court officials." SOURCE In Baltimore, the City Police Department (BPD) "engage[d] in a pattern or practice of conduct that violates the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution as well as federal anti-discrimination laws. BPD makes stops, searches and arrests without the required justification; uses enforcement strategies that unlawfully subject African Americans to disproportionate rates of stops, searches and arrests; uses excessive force; and retaliates against individuals for their constitutionally-protected expression. The pattern or practice results from systemic deficiencies that have persisted within BPD for many years and has exacerbated community distrust of the police, particularly in the African-American community." SOURCE In Cleveland, the Police Department exhibited a "pattern or practice of using unreasonable force in violation of the Fourth Amendment, including the unnecessary and excessive use of deadly force, including shootings and head strikes with impact weapons." SOURCE Are you disputing the facts that led to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act signing? And how exactly is believing women should be paid the same as a man for the same work in any way similar to Donald Trump's racist actions? The article in support for this representation is so circular and convoluted, I'm having trouble following and seeing how it supports this position. It does thoroughly attack Don Lemon, "left-wingers," and "The Left" and says nothing about white Christians. There, I've played your game. In that entire list, the one thing Obama directly did was the speech regarding police shootings, and I don't disagree with it at all. Like he encouraged, I support our law enforcement. But I also recognize it can have problems and won't ignore them. Please never, EVER, try to analogize Trump's overtly racist actions to Obama again.
  9. That is not an answer to my questions. That is Whataboutism in the way of an opinion piece in The Federalist, which routinely gives a platform to controversial click-bait views thinly-veiled as conservative politics.
  10. Do you disagree that “Trump is Racist?” Should a racist be in charge of immigration policy?
  11. I started the "Trump is Racist" thread. It took me a very long time to research and write. I supported my position with 40 years of quotes, Court orders, tweets, etc. If you would like to rebut my position with any of your own facts to counter that, I'm all ears. But so far, your silence is deafening.
  12. Presidential Vacation Days

    Would this be a good time to revisit this thread? Trump is playing golf for the third straight day. I believe this is his 51st week as President. According to TrumpGolfCount.com, it is his 91st visit to a golf club and 77th time he's likely played golf (speculative since he blocks press access to confirm). Cumulatively, they have documented 869 hours. By my calculations, hat is more than 10% of the total hours since inauguration. By their count, it has cost taxpayers over $47M (and we know some of that money is being funneled back to Trump properties). In itself, this is quite a lot of time golfing. For comparison and full disclosure, I play competitive amateur golf. Other than retirees, I play more than anyone I personally know. During the season, I'm practicing/playing almost every day the weather allows. During the winter, I'm lucky enough to travel to Florida or Arizona and try to take my sticks when I can. I played in quite a few sanctioned events and then the casual rounds with buddies. I posted 65 rounds in the last 12 months; that is the most I've ever played in one year, and it took hard work to juggle with my family and job. And I'm not President of the United States. Out of these 77 times golfing, most have been with Athletes, Business Executives, and Politicians, in order. He has only played with 2 World Leaders (Shinzo & Abe). Usually when I'm playing, I have my iPhone handy and will be checking on work emails. Not this President. When playing with Professional Golfers Fred & Taylor Funk, they confirmed he didn't take any calls. "No, it was all golf. He was fully in the moment ... and wanted to play good golf." Recently, we've seen that President Trump starts his morning religiously watching and live-tweeting Fox News, Fox & Friends, etc. "Executive Time" as it has been coined. Reports show he starts his workday around 11:00 AM. Now, how much is too much golf and "executive time?"
  13. Breon Dixon LB

    Class of 2017 4* 0.9055 257th in class 12th ILB Offered by pretty much everyone: Bama, Georgia, Auburn, Michigan, USC, etc. Big time pickup!