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  1. Fast Food Chicken

    Isn't that all "Fast Food Chicken?" It is also made-to-order, not sitting under a heat lamp for an unknown period of time.
  2. Fast Food Chicken

    Cane's Zaxby's Popeyes Church's Chick-fil-a KFC I've heard Slim Chickens is good and want to try it soon.
  3. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    Obviously, that is your bias and perspective.
  4. Mandel's Mailbag: The State Of Nebraska

    Good stuff in that response. I was concerned about the trend we've experienced the last 9 games (3-6, 3 blowouts, NIU, almost Arkansas State). He mentions the 2006 season where they went 10-4. The previous year, they lost 4 of their last five (3 blowouts). They then started 2-3 (2 blowouts) before really turning it around. That gives me a little bit of fleeting hope.
  5. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    Did he say he was happy with the status quo? If so, it must have been in a different quote you didn't include. It is a fact that Bo Pelini won the division several times. That doesn't mean I was happy with the status of the program when he left.
  6. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    I don't think anyone said that. But I'm MORE unhappy with the current status quo, if that is what you are looking for.
  7. ESPN: Can Riley Fix Nebraska?

    Little to none of this seems steeped in reality.
  8. Landlord's first sentence was "I don't know if you applied the same logic to the OSU years." By the OP's criteria, he did. I don't disagree that there are other criteria that can also be added to analyze how sh*tty some other Mike Riley and Bo Pelini performances were.
  9. I don't think anyone is "moving the goalposts" here. You can call it whatever you want, but the OP's analysis is still the same. And troubling. EDIT: And if you disagree with the OP's definition of bad losses and want to add some embarrassing blowouts, don't stop in 2014...
  10. He defined "bad loss" for his analysis in the OP and applied the same logic to OSU.
  11. DOJ Initial Russia Hearings

    I have not done much research on presidential pardons, but aren't they issued after a conviction? If Manafort is convicted, the deed is done.
  12. Ken Burns' Vietnam documentary

    I will say, I don't like the flashbacks. Jumping from 1917 to 1967, back to 1945, forward to 1967, and on and on. I would rather see it purely chronological.
  13. I was at both. Wisconsin was very embarrassing, but I'd never say it was worse than NIU.
  14. Ken Burns' Vietnam documentary

    I've only made it through the first part that premiered on Sunday night. I enjoyed it. As a counter-point to the complaint in the article, maybe it is an attempt to combat the fact that "history is written by the victors." The first part didn't make a hero out of Ho Chi Minh, but it did explain his background and rise.