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  1. I prefer the New Era 5950 (flatbill) with my own curve: (Random fanboy moment)
  2. Dems Rebuild

    She explains it was not meant to be a burn, but I think it is an indictment of Favreau who is throwing stones while he was part of the problem. Downballots were somewhat ignored by the Obama Administration (Favreau). I agree they shouldn't just hang their hopes on anti-Trump sentiment. But you have the one of the most corrupt and awful human beings ever in the White House. It would be gross negligence to not use that as the #1 argument and catalyst for these midterms. Their messaging for the next Presidential Election needs to be much better.
  3. Dems Rebuild

    On that topic:
  4. Healthcare Reform

  5. Gun Control

    I'm convinced most people (including self-declared constitutionalists) couldn't tell you what the Second Amendment actually says, let alone the rest of the US Constitution.
  6. POB...still in the QB room?

  7. Paul Ryan not running for reelection

    Stay, take your whoopin' like a man.
  8. 2018 mid-term

    Oh, the irony:
  9. Gun Control

    Just spit-balling here, without repealing the Second Amendment, we can regulate it similar to driving: Licensed (w/ Background Checks) Mandatory Gun Safety Training Mandatory Insurance Coverage Liability for Negligent Entrustment
  10. Gun Control

  11. Austin Bombings

  12. For comparison, here is a team that spreads the floor and shoots a lot of threes. Recruiting Rankings 2014: 59th 2015: 69th 2016: 44th 2017: 25th 2018: currently 28th In that span, they have zero conference titles.
  13. Tony Bennett has UVA playing at a VERY high level, despite relatively little talent. Recruiting Rankings 2013: 53rd (Nebraska #56) 2014: 32nd 2015: 62nd (worse than #27 Nebraska) 2016: 7th 2017: 98th (worse than Georgia State, South Alabama, and Nebraska) 2018: currently 78th (worse than #63 Nebraska) As evidenced by their historic regular season, their scheme works. When a Cinderalla catches fire, sh*t happens. They made the Sweet 16 in 2 of the last 5 years, including the Elite 8 in 2016.