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  1. Micromanage is a little strong to say about Barry Alvarez, but I am sure when he is hiring he is looking for someone that will do things the way he would. If you want to call that micromanaging than I am OK with that. Does Barry like to watch practice, most likely. Does Barry like to give advice about the team, most likely. BA probably just like TO did retired too soon. He probably misses a lot of the coaching aspect. He knows what has worked for Wisconsin and knows it will continue to work. Most likely BB and Anderson chafed a little under his thumb, that is why he left. You have to remember though that Anderson brought Dave Aranda to Wisconsin so that was a good thing. Chryst is a Wisconsin guy, he played there, coached there under BA and BB and understands the formula, he isn't going to change it too much.
  2. Chinander on Sharp & Benning

    He was definitely a project coming into college, but very athletic. Hopefully he is a contributor.
  3. Chinander on Sharp & Benning

    Yeah, I forgot about DeSean Neal who I think will be in the mix, if he is half as disruptive as he was in the spring game he could have a good year. Some linemen just take longer to get going. Some guys take till their Jr year before they really contribute.
  4. Chinander on Sharp & Benning

    Yeah, I guess that is the big question, will they do more when they are allowed to. Stolt is a space eater that is what he does, but the Davis twins are very athletic and I loved what Stille did when allowed to rush the passer.
  5. Chinander on Sharp & Benning

    It was good, the next segment with Mike Schaefer I found interesting also. Not so much what he said, but more what DB said. They were discussing position groups and best and worse type stuff. Schaefer really felt the D-line had a long ways to go, and Benning pretty much disagreed with him. I take that to mean DB feels the lack of production out of our d-line last year was more to do with scheme than personnel. I agree with that assessment. I am not saying that the d-line is going to be lights out great, but I expect it to be solid and improve throughout the season.
  6. Chinander on His Defense

    Very good points. The complete shutdown only giving up 10pts a game is most likely a thing of the past, just by the nature of the way teams play offense today. To add to this, don't expect miracles in year 1. The defense was terrible last year, ranked in the 100's, don't expect to be top 10 or even top 25 next year. It they can statistically move into the top 50 that will be a great accomplishment. I expect to see a much more attacking defense, we saw quite a bit of that in the spring game. They are much more willing to take chances and that will pay off to the tune of more sacks, TFL's and TO. You will also see them get burned sometimes, it is going to happen. Getting burned 2-3 times a game for big plays if mixed in with 8-9 negative plays is much more preferable to the slow death of 7 yards per play we saw last year.
  7. That schedule is almost as tough as Nebraska's this year. They are assuming a lot if they find 8 wins. They are saying Iowa and Nebraska are wins for them, which I don't think is any kind of a foregone conclusion. They needed OT against a 4 win Nebraska team, and they should have lost the game if they just play it safe and kick a FG. Thorson is coming off ACL injury they don't have the RB. There defense should be ok but lots of ifs. I could see a 5-6 win season, which is has been their MO a lot, good season followed by a mediocre season.
  8. Someone Hired Shawn Eichorst

    He was probably a great asset to Alvarez at Wisconsin and Alvarez thought he would make a great AD. SE probably did a lot of s#!t work that Alvarez didn't like doing and probably did it very well. It doesn't make you a leader though. You can't lead from behind a closed door.
  9. Someone Hired Shawn Eichorst

    This is probably a very good position for SE. He is a lawyer/accountant that likes to work in the background. That is why he was a poor AD you can't work behind the scenes with your door closed looking at a spread sheet. You have to be the face of the athletic program, he didn't like doing that. There is nothing wrong with being an assistant AD and doing a good job at what you are good at. He just aspired to be something more than what he was comfortable doing.
  10. It's a little too soon to call Frost a QB whisperer. I do agree that part of Harbaugh's success at Stanford was due to running a somewhat unique type of offense in the PAC 12, while it is nothing special in the B1G. Most seem to forget that he was only the HC at Stanford for 4 years 2007-10. He really had only 1 great year there his last one at 12-1. He had 2 losing seasons and an 8-5 season in 09. He did build the program, and I will give him that, but he was doing it when the PAC 12 wasn't all that good either. Shaw has been the HC at Stanford 2x as long as Harbaugh was. Hiring Ed Warinner could be a great addition to Michigan if Harbaugh lets him do his thing. That is a big question though. I think Harbaugh wears thin after a while, he is just an odd dude. Good QB play is essential to almost any successful team. This year having a solid QB will be the difference between NU going 6-6 and possibly 9-3.
  11. Unpopular Opinion

    The only thing I ever buy for my wife are shoes, usually tennis shoes and flip flops. She refuses to spend any money on shoes so the only decent shoes she has are ones I buy her. I quit buying my wife cloths a long time ago, because she never likes anything I buy her.
  12. best QB to ever run the option at NU

    My wife always felt Crouch was a ball hog. I tried to explain to her that pitching the ball is the last option in the option game. If you don't have to pitch you don't pitch. Crouch was by far the fastest and could really accelerate through a gap and because of that carried the ball a lot more. He also didn't have the surrounding cast of Gill, Frazier or Frost for that matter. It is all about preference.
  13. Unpopular Opinion

    MLB season goes on way too long. They should not be finishing the World Series the first week in November. I remember reading an opinion piece about this sometime ago. The piece said that if each MLB team played like 7-8 double headers throughout the season they could cut like a month off of the season. I think they should just cut the season back 10 games, same goes for NBA 84 games is not necessary.
  14. Unpopular Opinion

    This I would agree with I would rather watch 2 MAC teams play a game than any NFL game. I will casually watch the Sunday night game on NBC during the NFL season and that is because there is really not anything else I want to watch. That is the extent of my NFL watching.
  15. Unpopular Opinion

    I do know one thing for sure the NHL and NBA playoffs are wayyyyyyyyyy to long. Oh, and the NHL is a nitch sport.