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  1. I guess I have always felt people go to where the jobs are. My brother graduated UNL back in 1985 with an electrical engineering degree. Not a ton of those jobs for a recently graduated person in Nebraska. He got a job working for the Navy in California. Moved to Chicago after about 7-8 years doing the same thing for McDonald-Douglas. Got out of Chicago and moved back to the same job with Navy after 3-4 years. Figured it was better to live where it was warm all year round if the pay was the same. Is now "retired" and working for a consulting firm out of Florida doing the exact same thing. I mean if you have a degree in a high tech field you are moving to the high tech area. If you have a degree in food science you can work for Conagra in Omaha.
  2. Unpopular Opinion

    That's because Billy Corgan is a self righteous wanker.
  3. Unpopular Opinion

    I don't have a problem with you not liking Prince, or Nirvana for that matter. Everyone has different tastes in music. I also get that you can not like some music and realize the person or act is talented. It always bugs me when someone says that so and so sucks. Well just because you don't like them doesn't mean they suck. Contrary to what a lot say Nickelback is not the worst band ever, and they don't suck. The fact that they sold out shows for years shows that someone likes them. My whole point really wasn't directed at you it more at the guys that couldn't believe you don't like Prince and how not everything that a great band or artist puts out is great. Not a Smashing Pumpkin fan at all. Billy Corgan is a self righteous wanker. Almost all of their stuff sounds the same, and I don't care for that sound, except for the 1 song of theirs that I like, 1979. Of the era my faves are STP, and Soundgarden. Pearl Jam has a lot of good stuff, but Eddie Vedder is even more of a wanker than Billy. REM's first 4-5 albums are really good, the last one that was good was Life's Rich Pageant and it came out in 1986 or 87 I believe IMO.
  4. Unpopular Opinion

    Prince is like any other musician/band he has good songs and bad songs. All of the Beatles songs are not great either. On XM Radio the lithium channel they play a lot of Nirvana that really isn't that good. Just because the station is named after one of your songs and you had some good music doesn't mean everything you did was great. Every band/musician produces some stuff that is just not that good. ... and yes Prince was a great guitar player.
  5. Unpopular Opinion

    I would say that is probably correct.
  6. Unpopular Opinion

    Brook was a very solid option QB, but he was actually a good pro prospect. He was expected to go 3rd 4th round before he was killed.
  7. Movie Reviews

    OK, I might have to give it a view.
  8. Movie Reviews

    No, it really didn't interest me. Not into the multiple personality kidnap girls movie I guess.
  9. Movie Reviews

    The Sixth Sense is a good movie, but after you have seen it once, there is no use in seeing it again. Signs was dumb, the Village was OK, but the twist at the end was dumb. His best movie is the one he did right after the Sixth Sense and that was Unbreakable. Sam Jackson, Bruce Willis and Robin Wright. It is good, but it moves really slowly. It doesn't really have a twist ending.
  10. Jamal Lord vs Taylor Martinez

    Very good write up. I was basically going to write the same thing about Martinez but there is no need now. TM should have been shut down the day after he hurt his ankle against Missouri and not practiced again until the spring of 2011. His ankle/turf toe problems really caused him to change his throwing mechanics. Martinez was an odd duck. He wasn't very good with the media and I don't think he was much of a leader.
  11. Movie Reviews

    Accepted is a great going to college movie. The South Hampton Institute of Technology, (S.H.I.T.) is the school they go to. There mascot is a sandwich.
  12. Movie Reviews

    Saw it this weekend with my 2 sons 21 and 14. They have both read the book. The oldest didn't like it as much because it didn't follow the book as well as he liked. He is high functioning autistic so that plays a part in it. The younger one like it a lot. I thought it was great having not read the book. I don't think it got too deep into 80's references. It was a good ole fashion Spielberg popcorn movie like he made in the 80's. Not going to win any awards for best picture, but very entertaining.
  13. Redux you boiled it down to why people don't like this movie in one sentence that is a good trick. I want it to be new and something I haven't seen before, but I want it to be exactly like the original 3 and be exactly like I have been envisioning in my mind since RoTJ came out. It didn't meet that criteria and that is why it sucks.
  14. It depends are you talking about being optometrist which is a doctor that prescribes glasses or an ophthalmologist an MD that specializes in the treatment of eye disease? I would pick Dentists they do very little of the day to day work any more, it is almost all done by the dental hygienist and the dentist just checks it. My son doesn't even see the orthodontist that much anymore, he goes into have his braces tightened and the hygienist does all the work.
  15. With limited media coverage of practice...

    I agree that it was 2 sided, but one or the other side should have taken a high road. Dirk didn't do that. As I said I think he is very capable of writing some good stuff, but I also think he can be pretty petty. BP is also petty and vindictive, but he wasn't going to take the high road.