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  1. SilentTreatment

    What did we learn? - Game 1 - Colorado

    This game was fun. I saw 2 good teams fighting out there. We saw how good the Cornhuskers could be, and they still have a way to go. I loved seeing the defense record 7 sacks. I feel in the next few weeks there will be massive improvement.
  2. SilentTreatment

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    Lets go D
  3. SilentTreatment

    *** Official Colorado Game Thread ***

    High drama indeed! Going to the end here!
  4. SilentTreatment

    Do we still miss the Big 12?

    Feels like old times! Going to the end here!
  5. SilentTreatment

    Husker Vision Against Colorado

    That was epic when Suh ran over Hawkins. One of the best endings in my memory.
  6. Bump. Wasatch Devastator double bock.
  7. SilentTreatment

    Husker Dream Team ... On a Budget

    The 99 defense for a dollar is a steal.
  8. SilentTreatment

    What gifts are you asking for this holiday season?

    AR 15 at the top of this guys list. If i cant get thar a new microphone will do for this underground MC
  9. SilentTreatment

    Conference Move Struggle

    Agree with jack of all trades statement. I really think if we were more "in your face" we would have been much more successful on O this year. Especially against MSU
  10. SilentTreatment

    FSU v Auburn for the natty

    How can you call yourself a Husker fan and cheer for the Noles? Are you not at all aware of our history? Im aware of the National Championship in the nineties. I was four..... So its moot point. Dont get me wrong i was raised to bleed husker red but i do like FSU. Its not like im rooting for texas or OU.
  11. SilentTreatment

    you guys remember Bret Bielema?

  12. SilentTreatment

    Conference Move Struggle

    We have now been in the Big Ten for a few seasons. Even tho we have reached the conference championship, it has been far from easy. Changing conferences has to be hard to deal with. Playin against different styles of teams, recruiting a different type of player. No doubt, we have been bruised up in the black and blue conference. HOWEVER, when Penn State switched to the big ten didnt they have a struggled transistion? Im not old enough to remember but thats what i have heard from certain people so please correct me if im wrong. Nebraska has struggled to find an offensive identity the last few years yet still manage to be competitive and even reach a conference title. I realy believe there is a reason for hope for the future of nebraska football. Im not big into Doom Porn and am not an excessive kool aid drinker. I just enjoy crackin open a bottle of budweiser and watching my favorite team play. Our defense looks very promising and if tommy armstrong can continue to progress (dudes a freshman) we look to be scary next year and 2015. Just trying to keep things in perspective. Conference changes can never be easy. Miami hast been to fantastic since the big east days. Some do alright (a&m, mizzou) but mostly its a difficult transistion. Just some food for thot. As always go big fn red.
  13. SilentTreatment

    FSU v Auburn for the natty

    Glad my second team i follow made it (noles). They dont compare to the love for my huskers but at least a team i like can stop the freakin SEC madness! Go Noles!
  14. SilentTreatment

    Will we be hungry for the bowl game?

    Wingstop baby. Thats some good wings. If i go BWW i get a burger and some beer
  15. Im saying three years or less depending on how Armstrong (hopefully) or Stanton take to learn and grow. Yes im a koolaid drinker and show lota of support. The defense the next couple of years should be nasty good and the offense will hopefully improve a ton as well. Heck even next year sky is the limit. Go Big Red.