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  1. Huskers looking to add grad transfer at QB?

    Sorry for the side note. Keithen McCant is the QB in question, went in the 12 round to the Browns, some guy name Nick Saban was their DC..... Looks like he played 3 years of Canadian ball. I was trying to figure out if he made it to the preseason but I can't find stats for the preseason that go back that far, anyone know ?
  2. 2018 NFL Draft

    It's getting really painful seeing on the wrong end of so many guys highlight reels. I'm glad I didn't make a drinking game out of it. That center from Iowa's reel was brutal.
  3. POB...still in the QB room?

    Okay, just me then, fine.
  4. POB...still in the QB room?

    Did anyone else find the clips from yesterday's practice report about POB leaving a little terse? The weekend at bernies qb coach kept saying "It's up to you guys to piece that together" and the OC starts off by saying he doesn't want to comment on it but adds "He just wasn't there, and we have to work with guys that are there...." No well wishes, no "he's a good kid with a bright future,..." or other typical coach speak. I read a statement from Frost that sounded more typical of what you hear when someone transfers, this one just feels different for me. Am I alone? And for the record I do look forward to watching him succeed elsewhere and wish him the best of luck.
  5. No More BTN on Comcast?

    That sounds interesting, I might have to look into that. I hate paying for cable an only using it for sports.
  6. Huskers @ Wichita State

    Yes it does. Can I still listen to game three via huskers.com? I missed the first two games, just wondering.
  7. Poll - Cornhuskers vs. Huskers

    Don't forget the monocle, the monocle is key.
  8. Tanner Lee Declares for NFL Draft

    Usually 3
  9. Sad time of the year, finally had to take Mickey's Christmas hat off. 

  10. Top 5 Nebraska players to replace

    Tanner Lee on the list is almost meta. He wouldn't be on the list if we weren't getting a new coaching staff. This year is more about getting the returning players to adjust to a new system than replacing players from the old system anyway.
  11. NCAA Looks to Adjust Transfer Rules

    Like most people here I like the idea of letting a kid transfer if he loses his coach but other than that things need to be left alone. I find the idea of a free agency version of college football to be really damaging to the sport and just another nail in the coffin of the sport I used to love.
  12. Pre-Callahan so ineligible Edit: I mean, if someone wants to expand the post beyond it's initial scope nbd. Just explaining why.
  13. $5 says I'll have to listen to at least some of the basketball game on the radio like it's 1992 because the other game (whatever it is) will go long. #IHatePlayingSecond I hate BigTenPlus

    1. RunMickeyRun02


      48.3 game seconds, 7 real life minutes to tip off....gonna be close...

    2. TonyStalloni


      It does happen quite often.  GBR!

  14. Huskers Announce Future Non-Conference Opponents

    Yes for as long as I can remember the formula has been 2 or 3 gimmie's and 1 home and home. The only thing that's changed is whether we have 3 or 4 non-con games.
  15. History of Nebraska Offenses

    Alvarez a former Husker patterned the Wisky program from top to bottom after Nebraska's. Sure it's a little more Big Tenish, but also makes the losses more painful. Being beaten by a team dressed in red that uses smash mouth football to wear down your defense.