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  1. These are good points (except for the "terrible take" part), and I don't think we are that far off from one another. I'm sure the journalist was attempting to go down some sort of gotcha path, and the questions were dumb and clumsy. I'm all for calling out stupid questions and bad journalism; fact-based questions would be very refreshing indeed. But he came across as very petulant and chose to make a stand in refusing to discuss a topic that everyone should be against. There are smarter ways to engage. I agree that he is a clown on many levels.
  2. Ah, that wasn't so hard, was it? No, this is a load of total bull$h!t that your right-wing media has sold to you. If you truly believe this and want to make the argument, then please support these sweeping claims with facts, evidence, and/or logic.
  3. Oh! So he couldn't answer a simple question about white nationalism and instead claimed that white supremacy is a myth and some insignificant part of our country's past? And so he embraces endorsements from douchenozzles like Stephen Miller and tries to parrot Trump's rhetoric every chance he gets. And he doubles down with an even more idiotic tweet of his own that you were good enough to share with us. "Punctuality" and "the written word"? Interesting to see what sort of characters appeal to you. How would you personally answer such questions: Devo and Archy, do you condemn white supremacy and white nationalism? How about a bonus question: What was the cause of the civil war?
  4. What question was he responding to with this word salad, and what did @DevoHusker, @Archy1221, and @teachercd find so impressive about it?
  5. For the past decade 100% of the time that I actually have a chance to watch NU basketball, I have found the game early in the second half when we have a lead, and that lead immediately evaporates. It didn't happen this time. 2024 is gonna be a good year for Husker sports.
  6. Has anyone heard any updates on Johnson and Ervin coming back from their injuries? I know Rhule said in October that Johnson planned to be back, but I don't think I've seen anything else since then. Our RB depth seems dreadfully thin, but the coaches don't seem to be too outwardly worried. I'm especially worried about Ervin's hip injury, I have no idea how severe it was but I'm still traumatized by how Bo Jackson's career ended I guess.
  7. I know we've all been down on Haarberg's QB play, but if your 3rd string guy has already been on campus a couple of years, is a local boy, has nine starts under his belt, and is a good teammate to boot, that's a pretty good QB room.
  8. Part of the quote in that first tweet said: What? What would happen to any of us in our workplaces if we threw hands at a coworker?
  9. Nebraska might just finish GT before the Creighton/Louisville game is actually over. First set was dominant.
  10. Guy, I respect you a lot, and I am reading all of your points and the arguments and rationale put forth by the committee, but it's still a bunch of horse$h!t. These committee members are talking about "who would you rather play" and "their offense looks different without their QB," but these arguments still do not speak for the actual results on the field. Of course strength of schedule makes a difference, but it's far from the only factor. In this case, everyone other than the selection committee does not find the strength of schedule to be more compelling than...the actual games that were played. Bama had a tougher schedule and beat some good teams, but they barely squeaked by some mediocre teams as well. Yet another, more direct, piece of evidence relating to results on the field, was the fact that FSU and Bama played a common opponent this season. Bama won by 14 against LSU. FSU won by 21. Objection: relevance.
  11. Even Deion's fiancee is entering the portal. https://www.wbrc.com/2023/12/04/deion-sanders-fiancee-tracey-edmonds-split-after-nearly-12-years-together/
  13. that is one f&#ked up knee injury!
  14. He's the only QB who has not thrown a game-killing interception.
  15. These are republicans? One of them probably would have just pulled a gun, shot a bystander, and blamed the Dems for not stopping them.
  16. Since the pandemic, people seem to be less considerate of others in public, and they also lack self awareness, spacial awareness, and generally move slower while combining these irritating traits. Why is it so hard to be aware of other people around you and to get the f&#k out of the way? I've b!^@hed about grocery store behavior in this thread before, but good god this $h!t happens everywhere. People walking across parking lots, people in restaurants. Just standing around, taking up space in the middle of a walking or driving lane, moving like a snail, walking backwards or sideways without looking around. WTF? MOVE!
  17. That is clearly not blackface. This sort of horsecrap pisses me off because it only devalues real racist incidents that actually do occur, and gives fuel to people who like to pretend that racism isn't prevalent.
  18. We've got some top-notch message board engagement here, guys.
  19. You logged into Huskerboard today so you could make fun of a teenage girl's name?
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