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  1. jager

    Troy Game

    The Valentinos on Holdrege has always been good to me.
  2. jager

    Troy Game

    Honest Abe's Burgers on 14th, their burgers were rated the 3rd best burgers in the country this summer. They also have adult milk shakes which are pretty good.
  3. jager

    Do we still miss the Big 12?

    I just miss the travel convenience of the Big 12.
  4. jager

    Primeknit A1 uniforms

    The uniforms we had when Eric Crouch was QB. Red top, white pants, red socks, black shoes.
  5. jager

    Against adding to playoff

    It’s nice to know other people feel that way too.
  6. jager

    Against adding to playoff

    I did too. It was actually easier to get a MNC because of bowl tie-ins. Proof is multiple champs in a year. It also sparks lots of offseason debates, which gives us more football pundits to listen to. Wait, that is that s bad thing?
  7. jager

    Against adding to playoff

    I agree with you. I’m just saying that stats can be manipulated. Look at when FSU lost their quarterback. After that they weren’t good, but it didn’t affect anyone’s SOS. How is that objective. Look at the SEC, it’s always biased. Yes, they have some tough teams, but the also have easy teams. Those teams affect schedules less compared to playing the weaker B10 teams.
  8. jager

    Against adding to playoff

    SOS is biased. It is based on your perception of a team or possibly the teams rank. Sometimes the preseason rank is used, the time of the game rank is used, or the most recent rank is used. Everyone knows the preseason rank is bull. Listen to pundits through out the year and they will use the ranking that best promotes their agenda.
  9. jager

    Vaha Vainuku

    Confirmation is more like a barmitzfa. It’s when you become an adult in the church. Missions are different. They are more like recruiting or helping others.
  10. ESPN is reporting that Frost IS the next coach at Nebraska.
  11. jager

    Football and Militarism

    The national anthem was written about and for a war. It’s already militarized.
  12. I wish our wide receivers could block better. We used to have the best blocking receivers in the country.
  13. Does this mean other schools are are use PEDs and we’re not? Or is there something more to it, because it does seem like our tackles get broke pretty easily.
  14. jager

    Schools making moves

    ESPN says Florida is not the best school to work at. They lack facilities. They do have a recruiting edge over Nebraska, but not Tennessee, TA&M, or UCLA.