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  1. 100% agree with the bolded part.
  2. Domestic dogs and wolfs are the same species. FYI
  3. I predicted 7 for the season at the beginning. So, I say they win 2 of the 3. Most likely MD and IA.
  4. Sims is the better runner, but not by a lot. If he can manage his passing better (more like HH), than he would be the better choice going forward.
  5. The Big 10 has had an eye out for NC and Virginia I believe. If Clemson and FSU join the SEC, I could definitely see the Big 10 going after NC and ND. Honestly, I could see them going after Clemson and FSU
  6. I'm not saying we should have kept Bo. He burned the bridges on his own. I just remember that most people thought anyone could win 9 games a year at Nebraska (I thought it was easier than it seems). Ruhle was not my first choice for the new coach, but I'm not disappointed by the hire. He was near the top when he became available. I have a better feeling about him than SF. just my two cents.
  7. If the former is the case, then why has it only been done once since Bo was fired? Legitimate question.
  8. Where? I've been teaching for 26 years in three different states, K-12 and college. The only teachers that ever made that were professors at universities (and this is only bigger institutions) or administrators (not teaching). As for only working 9 months. Many teacher work on professional development (have to to stay certified), plan, and prep for fall classes during the summer. Most teachers have to get second jobs during the summer to help make ends meet. They don't get paid for the summer or any holidays/breaks.
  9. And the higher ranked team hosts the first round.
  10. UCF just had a QB enter the Portal. He sat out Saturday's game to preserve a redshirt season. Started last year. Don't know much about him or which QB it is exactly.
  11. If Bo would have gotten a real DC, he would probably still be here(maybe). People might have put up with his anger issues if he had performed better on D.
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