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  1. Michigan is supposed to have an up-tempo offense this yea because of a new OC. This has the pundits predicting a successful outcome.
  2. jager

    2019 Big Ten Grid

  3. jager

    Alternate Uniforms 2019

    I've never liked the all red. Traditional is best. just my 1/2 cent.
  4. Minnesota could be real good. Look at how they played at the end of the season last year.
  5. jager

    Colin Kaepernick & Eric Reid Settle With NFL

    If the amount is true, it's still less than it would have cost the NFL in bad publicity. I'm not saying that it is right or that they deserved that much money. It's the nature of settlements.
  6. jager

    OLB Steven Parker [Kansas - Signed LOI]

    My oldest son works at KU. They are going to pump money into the stadium and football to try and make it better. It's part of the reason they hired Miles.
  7. I agree. I just don’t want to water down the playoffs.
  8. That’s not what I meant. 2 loses should eliminate you though. Make it hard to get in.
  9. The more losses a team has lessens the importance of the regular season. Keep it at four. If you can’t win the games you play, then you don’t deserve the playoffs. Everyone always say prove it on the field. Let that mean something.
  10. I am big advocate for conference champs. If you can't win your conference, you don't deserve to be there. This is would make it like having regional champs.
  11. jager


    Enhance, you are making to good of an argument. You are actually getting me to rethink my opinion. Please stop
  12. jager

    NCAA Final Four - Huskers vs. Illinois

    I was nervous about Minnesota, they had our number this season. Illinois makes me nervous, but Neb should win in 4. Agree with dvdcrr, BYU would rather go against them than Stanford.
  13. jager


    Just to argue with you Enhance. Michigan wold be more deserving than Georgia. Both of their losses came from CFP teams in your scenario, while Georgia had a loss to a lower ranked team. To be open, I'm not a fan of expanding the playoffs. The more who get in water it down and lessen the importance of the regular schedule. I'm one of the very few who actually like the old bowl system. It made each bowl more meaningful and gave you regional rivals.
  14. jager

    B1G Looking to Change CCG Criteria?

    The BIG could force the CFP committee's hand if they pulled out of it. The criteria for getting in should be the same for everyone. Equal number of conference/P5 games and conference champs get to go. That would make the CCGs the first round like most people agree. It would also force ND to join a conference.
  15. I know some season ticket holders that live out of state. They can't make it to every game. Sometimes they give their tickets to other (local, out of state) fans who would like to attend but can't afford the price of tickets AND the trip to Lincoln. This is part of the reason for the difference between the sell out and attendance.