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  1. I think the problem is Frost hitched his wagon to AM. He's going to live and die by him. I'm not an AM hater or anything, nut he does lack some accuracy and makes some questionable decisions some times. It doesn't help that the OL hasn't improved either.
  2. I work with a PSU grad. I told him i wanted Iowa to win last week so that the Huskers could be the ones to beat them.
  3. I was just out in that area this summer. Went through Chadron to the Black Hills. Beautiful areas.
  4. I only lived in Nebraska near Lincoln for four years in the 80s and have been a Husker fan since. Go back to visit school friends or game once in awhile. But everywhere I go, if I have Husker gear on, I find fans, even in other countries.
  5. I heard on a sports radio show a few weeks ago that he was a really good DT QB. Hadn't heard of him or seen any film.
  6. Adrian could ask to Oline "Do you realyy want to hurt me?" by Culture Club
  7. at least it's not "when we lose this game". So that is an improvement.
  8. I better have another kool-aide just in case.
  9. I'm not saying AM will be in the NFL or good/great in the NFL, but remember Kordel Stewart. He wasn't a good passer, decent runner, and he played quite awhile in the pros.
  10. https://tenor.com/view/beavis-and-butt-head-laughing-gif-19758205 you said.....
  11. I'm with Dogs In A Pile and Hilltop. ST will be better, but that's not a high bar. OL will be more disciplined which means better. Johnson will have the majority of carries, but others will contribute. With these small improvements, the Huskers win by double digits.
  12. Barring a complete melt down this year. I agree with Undone. There have been improvements on the offense and defense (more here). Just clean up special teams and the dumb penalties and this could be a really good team. Remember, some wanted Chin gone last year,. Most wanted him gone prior to that. I still think Frost can be a good coach, just have to be patient. Others have posted his attitude coming here, and that probably did hamper his coaching. It does appear (albeit slower than we want/like) that he is making improvements.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. It might be the best option?
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