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  1. Where? I've been teaching for 26 years in three different states, K-12 and college. The only teachers that ever made that were professors at universities (and this is only bigger institutions) or administrators (not teaching). As for only working 9 months. Many teacher work on professional development (have to to stay certified), plan, and prep for fall classes during the summer. Most teachers have to get second jobs during the summer to help make ends meet. They don't get paid for the summer or any holidays/breaks.
  2. And the higher ranked team hosts the first round.
  3. UCF just had a QB enter the Portal. He sat out Saturday's game to preserve a redshirt season. Started last year. Don't know much about him or which QB it is exactly.
  4. The last good RB coach was Ron Brown.
  5. If Bo would have gotten a real DC, he would probably still be here(maybe). People might have put up with his anger issues if he had performed better on D.
  6. Or the "anyone can win 9 games a year here"
  7. Michigan got better when Harbaugh started focusing on running the ball. Last year, they hardly threw the ball early. They REALLY focused on running, then later started working in some passes as the season went on. They basically did the same thing this year. Establish the run and the rest will/should fall into place. To Harbaugh's credit, he realized that this is what he needs to do. It's how he was successful at Stanford. I believe Neb's run/pass ratio favors the run, but they haven't established the run. I'm not trying to say why or how, just that they need to establish the run game. I'm not really concerned with the run/pass ratio. I think this is what all the run first people mean.
  8. This is the thing that scares me the most about hiring a new coach.
  9. Unfortunately, most people thought that it would be when SF was retained. I know I was worried that it would be. Hoped that SF would turn it around, but still worried that it would be wasted.
  10. My best and honest answer is his personality. I kind of put him in the same category as L Kiffin. I didn't like him when he was in college or the pros. He was a great player, but that's not enough for me. Maybe I'm getting to old. I have done some recent research on him and he does advocate for players and coaches. Maybe he could be good at Nebraska and if he was to come here I would support him. Hell, I supported BC and MR and I didn't want either one of them either.
  11. Urban is the only "available" coach that could do this. sure, a few other established coaches could do it, but they definitely are not leaving they're jobs. Do i think Urban is coming here, no. Prime might be able to get some recruits here, but i would not want him here. Just my opinion.
  12. If the offense can get going again, three wins is definitely a possibility.
  13. We could hire him and be like Urban and Fickell at OSU.
  14. I'm OK with Rhule. If it is him, i kind of want him to keep some of the current staff (MJ and Busch for sure)
  15. I think the offensive output has been affected. Frost was/is a pretty good OC. The real problem was Chin's Defense. Bush has them playing MUCH better. Granted it hasn't been against great offenses, but they are playing better.
  16. I would be willing to take a chance on Kalen Deboer.
  17. I don't think there is much smoke for this hire (Gundy), but he would be intersting.
  18. O'Brien is not my first choice, but I would take him as well. He has proven that he can win in college. Maybe not a NC, but will compete for division and conference champs.
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