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  1. you lost me at the first sentence. Have you ever benn to Eugene?
  2. Being a good person and winning arent mutually exclusive. Frost is a great guy and knows how to win. Again, id rather be 4-8 under Frost than 10-2 under Pelini.
  3. Some things in life are more important than winning college football games. How you treat others (refs, players, fans, administration, etc) says a lot about a person. I'd rather be 4-8 under Frost, than 10-2 under Pelini.
  4. He thought he was clever and pulled a Mizzery hat out of a bag.
  5. Im happy with Frost and co recruiting. That being said, Pelini, Riley and Callahan's later years doesnt really set the bar very high
  6. I wonder if McCaffrey ends up at WR. He can play very soon and wouldn't be sitting behind Martinez for the next three years. He hasnt played a lot of QB in HS. I think the next starter after Martinez will be brought in on the next recruiting cycle.
  7. Most boosters dont blindly give away their money, most have some sort of expectations or say in how that money is spent. But you are right, may boosters have ruined programs. See places like Tennesee. Frost came back because Perlman was gone. He would not have came back no matter who the AD was under Perlman.
  8. I didnt realize that the top 20 recruits in AZ are all leaving the state! That is crazy
  9. I miss my chats with dr Stark, he payed a much larger roll in Nebraska’s achievments in the 90s than most realize
  10. If you ever been a boxer or training for boxing, youd think differently
  11. he was SE's 2nd in command, not surprised to see him go. I am more surprised he wasn't let go before now.
  12. Chip doesnt like OU as much, which is why he turned down the job last year. Phil is not easy to work with, and he essentially runs the AD department. I dont see any way they can pay Chip enough to want to return. Pederson isnt leaving UW. THe expectations are lower, and Seattle isnt near the fish bowl Eugene is. On top of that, UW medical center is one of the top notch facilities in the US. Because of his sons condition, I doubt he will leave. They are stuck with Sumlin or trying to steal Leach if they want anyone with a pulse.
  13. Good men do the right thing now matter what is best for them or how hard it may be. I think it speaks volumes about his character and I am happy that man like him is representing my team and home state.
  14. SE wanted to be involved with football like Barry. He tried to run it like a pro team where he was the owner, Devanney was the General Manager and Riley as coach. Alverez has Wiscy doing very well on this model, but SE is no Barry Alverez.
  15. Melby


    Pelini and his staff are F'in idiots and thought because he was a NU homer that they could get him to walk on.
  16. He brought subpar assistance with him, then let SE hire his assistance. Diaco is a cancer that turned an 8-4 team into 4-8.
  17. You can have the best S&C in the world, but if the coaches wont make the players attend or work hard, it does absolutely nothing. Mark is a hell of a trainer, but there is no accountability from the players. A few players think they are so good they dont need to workout, or if they do its "half-assed" then they leave.
  18. Have you seen IMG players or who they play? He is playing against guys who will be starting at P5 programs next year or the year after. IMG could probably beat a handful of low level P5 programs, imo.
  19. I highly doubt most players or recruits give 2 s#!ts about what fans are wearing. I havent heard a single person say they want to go to Iowa because they alternate colors....maybe i am wrong. I dont mind trying new things. At the same time, whats wrong with wanting to see the Sea of Red? IMO, start a new tradition in a place that doesn't already have one (ie. sea of red). The Boneyard is F'n awesome, that was a great idea. I am all for the student section being all black, just personally like the Sea of Red over the Black-Out
  20. I never understood the black-out stuff. We have ZERO black in our team colors. IMO, Id rather see the sea of red.
  21. Why does no one have an issue with Mullen being 4-29 against ranked opponents?
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