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  1. Wonder if Bateman opts out again now that they started 0-2
  2. I have been following the Omar Manning fun around the internet the past couple days. He posted a picture with Husker gear yesterday and apparently did an Instagram live video with other Nebraska players Who knows
  3. https://huskers.com/sports/2020/9/29/sea-of-red-sellout.aspx?id=3189 They have a FAQ at the bottom. Looks like yes, it will be there the entire season.
  4. I really hope that Frost and Co’s offensive line recruits pan out because what we have now is an absolute nightmare.
  5. Most football coaches and analysts say football is a game of matchups. Last night our lack of pass rush on an elite offensive team with one of the best dual threat QBs was a massive mismatch. Same was our still developing OLine versus an elite DE. I see Nebraska’s skill players being a problem for the opposing teams and our defense not getting exposed like last night because we are on a level talent playing field. I personally think we go 4-0 with MN being the only team giving us trouble with their passing attack.
  6. How is that a blueprint to stop our offense? With the exception of maybe NW I don’t see us having any problem scoring a pile of points in the 4 games listed above.
  7. Unless they have Chase Young on their team, they don’t
  8. Anyone know if any reporter will be streaming the announcement live? Slow Friday here at work
  9. I still think he needs a couple more years to build a legit offensive line and hopefully get us some NFL caliber pass rushers. Unfortunately this has been the story for a long time.
  10. Until we have a solid O Line and can run the ball consistently, we are hosed as a program.
  11. We really can’t run the ball, that’s really sad
  12. I wonder if Benhart gets ready at RT they move Farniok to Guard
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