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  1. let's face it, we are way short of skill players with desire. SF talked about toughness, but that was it, just talk.
  2. whoa!! too many commercials on this site!
  3. clearly OU has much better talent. we just have no talent or very little.
  4. interim coaches are usually bandaids for the rest of the season, in most cases, few continue on. this hire would seem to follow the trend. experience is critical.
  5. we couldn't beat the Omaha school for the blind i want Frost gone at half time!!!!!!!!
  6. agree. the culture under Frost has not developed.
  7. a quality, known coach is not coming here. best hope is for a young rising hopeful. money alone is not going to get us a top notch guy.
  8. a lot of Frost's thoughts make no sense , i want him gone, he can take Trev with him. this was a piss poor experiment, Frost still behind the wheel, obviously.
  9. nowhere to run to nowhere to hide. a close win today would be welcome.
  10. SF has been beating himself for the past 5 years here. No way to paint a different picture. i am pretty sure Trev told him that it would take .500 or better to stick around. a lower bar would be hard to see.
  11. yes, we need more cup cakes to make us look good.
  12. people are tired of Frost. close games don't mean s#!t. win or go home
  13. there are few honorable men left in sports.
  14. NU has turned into a revolving door. only a lesser, unaccomplished young coach would take a chance with us. Trev will have to roll the dice before year's end.
  15. yup, you can't win in the Big w/o a run game.
  16. as soon as SF stops coaching we might have a chance in some of our games. please Scott, sit down and STFU!!
  17. agree, we are burning daylight with Frost. need to act swiftly, excuse show is over. the Trev experiment can't last a whole season.
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