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  1. Clemson is 67-4 over the last five years (potential to be 69-4). As impressive as 93-97 Nebraska? If they win the natty this year, they would've been one Syracuse loss away from 70-3. Wow.

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    2. jaws


      @MLB 51 You could say that about a lot of coaches that have brought in talent. A HC #1 job is to recruit and hire great staff around them. He has done that along with winning a lot of game, and it makes him a great HC. 


      @The Dude Don't sound like Michigan fans and make excuses. Long ago Nebraska put the resources in place in areas such as S&C, they were mentally and physically stronger than most teams they played at the time, and they took advantage of the rules that were in place. They simply invested in key areas which other schools weren't at the time. Other teams are doing the same things now and have surpassed what Nebraska built long ago. 

    3. Landlord


      He's recruited at a clip similar to Osborne. That is, not as elite as you might think especially compared to Bama and others:


      2011 - #10

      2012 - #20

      2013 - #15

      2014 - #16

      2015 - #9

      2016 - #11

      2017 - #16

      2018 - #7

      2019 - #10

    4. The Dude

      The Dude

      @jaws it appears you've missed understood me.  I'm saying Nebraska had one the greatest dynasties in the history of the game despite having natural disadvantages that don't exist at places like Clemson and Alabama.   


      It's kind of like an excuse, except the exact opposite. 

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