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  1. I'm a damn good plant manager. Set watering schedule, good attention to fertilizer and pests, I even talk gently to them Am I hired?
  2. I seem to remember that it was called a penalty.
  3. I dunno - I think I've been there once in 20 years - used to go a lot when I lived in Lincoln Tacos?
  4. Probably sea sick from going up and down so much to catch the high snaps
  5. Welcome aboard - get your thumb ready to go through thousands of pages in the thread of "what is your favorite Koolade" (hint Kool-ade was invented in Nebraska) (New ownership of the thread went from 50 posts per page to 10ish)
  6. Anyone at Granfalloon on the Plaza at KC?

  7. You mean we will know mo' about Mo, if he a no show for now, fo' sho'?
  8. Half an hour until I go to a KC sports bar and watch the game with my son GBR
  9. Colorado-Colorado St are in weather delay


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    2. brophog


      That interception is a joke, too. What hit the ground after the catch?

    3. GSG


      CU biting hard on any play-action

    4. ColoradoHusk


      NU will have RPO’s and zone read plays open all day long against CU. 

  10. Or could it mean that the Pac-12 is not a Power 5 conference?
  11. I remember reading that back in the 20s or 30s when teams ran the full house backfield one college team had the center face the backfield so he could hike the ball accurately to any of the backs. And NO I DIDN'T SEE IT MYSELF!
  12. Did he run the Belly G? (When he did color for one of Nebraska's games
  13. Sounds like that Ryan Leaf guy
  14. Night games are exciting but 1:00 games have a more college footbally feel to me for some reason. And get off my lawn!!! What is this Netflix you kids are talking about
  15. What happened to blackout being an altered NSFW word?
  16. State employees parking lot south of the capitol building - free
  17. I know several people who are big exceptions to this
  18. Do you know what his doctoral thesis was?
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