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  1. Back in the late 90's the dorms would actually serve Runzas as part of the buffet meal plans. You could take as many as you wanted. They were individually wrapped. We would wear cargo pants and snag entire min-freezers full of Runzas for the next week. Even reheated, they always tasted great. Made for some excellent pregame-tailgates in good old Abel.
  2. Let's see top 10 spring game attendance along with weather and ticket prices. I'm willing to bet a few of those other games were free admission with 70 degree temps.
  3. There are plenty of topics about our coach and athletic director, but I can't recall seeing much about our university president or the board of regents. Aren't these are the people are in charge of UNL? While they have many obligations, one would think that a profitable, multimillion-dollar sports department headlined by football would be high up on their priority list. Anyone who wants to debate academics vs sports can look the other way now. It seems I keep hearing about leadership on our team, and in the athletic department. What about their leadership? Why does't the finger pointing ever go higher? After last night, and my initially apathy wore off, I started thinking about the board of regents specifically. Who are these guys/gals? Do they know what the hell they are doing? Are they the problem? The regents approve all, and seem to have gotten some pretty poor results lately. Not only that, I feel like things are getting worse. Can these people even be replaced if they are part of the problem? Should they be replaced? There have got to be people our there that can put out a great academic product, while still being capable in the sports departments...
  4. Don't let the door shut on someone who is closely approaching the door. Walking faster than me, around 5 steps. Walking my speed or slower, 2-3 steps. Basically, don't let it shut in their face. If they are in any way infirm, carrying something heavy, with kids, etc., basically figure out if holding the door would help them, even if they're pretty far away. If you can help, hold the door.
  5. Thought you were on another site, eh? Whoops! My bad. I hate it when I accidentally type my search inquiries on discussion forums. Happens more then it should You meant DVDA right? Like a thanksgiving turkey!
  6. At work & not able to watch or listen. Cliff's notes on the half pleeeeaaaase?

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    2. Cdog923


      Everything sucks, and no one wants to be at the game.

    3. Bradr


      Well damn. The score doesn't look terrible. Those stats tho...

    4. NUance


      RB Newby injured. Out for the game.


      When it rains it pours.

  7. I'm in agreement with the above. Get to the free weights as soon as possible. Many/most machines limit range of motion. Machines Are better than nothing though, especially if you need to build up some confidence with your lifting. Stick with compound movements - squat, bench, row, deadlift. There is an excellent program called AllPro on the bodybuilding.com forums. There's lots of good info on there. There is a good slow steady progression of weight that works very well for many people. Start with low, easy to lift weights. You want to develop muscle memory and begin strengthening not only your muscles, but your central nervous system and your tendons, joints, bones, etc. Lift with good form. Control the weight on both the concentric and eccentric part of the lift. Two seconds up, two seconds down. Compare weight lifting to long distance running. You wouldn't go run a 20K without going on a few 1Ks, 3Ks, and 5Ks. Don't expect to throw around heavy weights the first day either.
  8. We've got to be getting close to Texas in all time wins. Anyone know how many we've got?

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    2. VectorVictor
    3. NUance


      And both Texas and Notre Dame are likely to make coaching changes. They might get worse before they get better.

    4. VectorVictor


      We'll likely catch the 'Worns at the end of this season, and pass Notre Dame next year (assuming our own transition doesn't fall on its face).

  9. Thanks for the hard work. Very cool stuff!
  10. With parking pass: Completely worth it. Show up 3-4 hours before game time, bring a folding table, chairs, food, booze, and lots of red solo cups. Without parking pass: Nope.
  11. I sometimes wonder if the government even thinks these things through. Businesses only have so much money. More money doesn't just magically appear to satisfy the needs of these laws. Not without raising prices. Or eliminating costs. And the cost of labor is quickly becoming the most expensive part of running a business. I believe we are going to see "unintended" consequences before these laws actually help people. Businesses are going to increase the use of automation, business owners will eliminating overtime in many positions, additional non-overtime employees will be hired at a lower salaries, and businesses will reduce salaries to compensate for increase in new overtime wages, which would in effect give the employee the same pay rate as before. If you want to help people, have government take a step back and quit wasting taxpayers money on special interests and bureaucracy. Also, forcing wages on businesses as a blanket law across the country is irresponsible and reckless. At the very least, let each state decide, so that there can be some sort of local accountability. At least with the minimum wage laws, on a state level, there is some form of local input to offset the enormous discrepancies between standards of living from state to state.
  12. I know you are trying to be funny, and it actually was a successful attempt. However, this is legitimately the dumbest most profound "decree" I've ever heard. I was actually starting to think it'd be a good thing if Obama was elected for a third term. After this, he's back in the dumpster, never to be revisited again. In all seriousness, while I was trying to be funny, I'm also illustrating that with every law, there is a trickle down of unintended consequences. Even those who fully support a law might just find themselves regretting aspects of the law one day. Even with laws that have the best intentions.
  13. Seriously people. At what point, at Memorial Stadium, does a large segment of women decide to spontaneously and temporarily re-designate themselves as male to take advantage of shorter bathroom lines? Those women's restroom lines are a mess! The men's line moves much faster. There may be only thing protecting us now. Thank god for urinals. But do we lose those at some point too!?!?
  14. As I've aged and seen my little slice of this universe, I've decided to believe the infinite universe theory. I guess playing video games, having a fairly scientific mind, and not being particularly religious got me here. I figure my interpretation is as good as any other I've heard. My perspective figures that as we evolve, we create our own little universes in the simulations and games we create. Whether it's the Deep Blue Computer and chess, a game like Dwarf Fortress, or a forecaster's weather simulation. These all have their own rules, physics, and structure. And we create countless more every day. In the scheme of things, these are pretty damn simplistic, but some appear advanced to us. I figure we ourselves, and our universe too, is just another simulation created by some entity. As that entity lives in their own simulation. And so on. Where it gets heady, is where did it all start? Now that makes a good drunken conversation.
  15. Strangely/Against all logic, I believe Trump supports transgender bathroom access.
  16. Reminds me of the Abel dorm down at UNL. We didn't need no stinking' bathroom designations! We went where we wanted! And sometime that was in the hallway... On a sidenote, I wonder how access to Sandoz Dorm would be handled? If I recall correctly, back in the day there were restrictions for males after a certain time each evening. Is this still a thing?
  17. I have mixed feelings about this. I love the balloon release and the tradition behind it. It still gives me chills. On the other hand, there's no way this isn't negatively impacting the environment. In the scheme of things there are much worse things happening. But thinking this way is definitely a slippery slope. Every little peice adds up to making this place called earth more polluted. Definitely conflicted. There's not much evidence of lit cigarette butts starting unintentional fires either. Probably still not a good idea to throw one into dry brush.
  18. Throwing in my 2¢, but it's always a good idea to have safety pins in a power rack. These are the long bars that catch the weight from dropping from your back during a squat, or from crushing your chest during a bench press. Here's one on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Titan-Power-Squat-Deadlift-Bench/dp/B00P9WLFMG/ref=sr_1_4?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1461714409&sr=1-4&keywords=power+rack Regarding lats, if you think you can push through it, don't get a pulldown apparatus, get a power rack with a pull up bar. I couldn't do a single pull-up. Now I can do 11 because of this video. The guy is a little different, but his method worked very well for me. Good luck!!!
  19. No, never. Neither are teams like Iowa State and Kansas State. But the point of the article is, that when big money comes calling, the big schools are going to vote with their wallets. And little teams will get left behind. Current deals are looking to pay the BIG members upwards of 30+ million a year after the new round of negotiations with Fox and ESPN. Imagine when it's 50 million. Or 60 million. Or higher. The big boys from the power 5 are going to care very little for the bottom-of-the-pack teams, or those team's votes - which likely won't even matter. When that kind of money is on the line, the 70-80% block of fairly stable mid-major to major Power 5 teams are going to jump at the money. No one else will have a choice, because these teams will control the TV markets. If the other teams even want to sniff the television market, they'll have to play along. And because I was interested, I went to ESPN and looked back on our conference record. Even during the "catastrophic" years we had, we still would have been completely safe from relegation. The new system would just rotate the bottom dwellers of each conference in and out. With the very occasional, and very very entertaining prospect of a mid-major being bumped every once and awhile. I'd be more likely to watch those games, than the championship! The system still allows cinderella teams to ascend, and even win big, but they would have to put together a multi-year run. One good year by a team will get them bumped up, but the next year that team may look very different. There is always the potential that their team would be depleted by graduation, injuries, and the draft. This would make putting together a multi-year run by a lower tier team that much more difficult. I'd imagine status quo would remain pretty much the same in each league.
  20. Saw this earlier and feel it's appropriate. No necklace! We need answers!!! (There were other PG pictures without Podrick, but this pic makes me smile.)
  21. Now I'm really missing binge watching whole seasons until 2 AM. This is the first episode I've seen where I couldn't watch the whole season all at once. Thoughts: The Lannisters are going to be doing some very unreligious things very very soon. Dorn is about to go postal. And would probably still hit it. Seasons 7 & 8 have been confirmed. Both were renewed together.
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